We understand the value of finding the ideal location when choosing your seat on one of our flights to make the trip as pleasurable as possible. Major low-cost carrier Avianca provides various options for your flying travel. The Avianca seat selection lets you choose your seat inside the airplane for a fee. You won’t have to compromise and can sit in your chosen seats.

If you’re looking for possibilities to choose your Avianca flight, follow the simple instructions in this blog and continue reading to learn more about the Avianca seat assignment services.

Avianca Airlines Seat Selection Policy:

  • When checking in online or using the “my trip” option, you can choose your seat on the Avianca airline.
  • With Avianca Airlines, you can choose a premium, premium plus, or economy seat. 
  • You can “upgrade to business class” from economy to premium seats.
  • The travelers can also request an additional seat if you’d want to fly in a larger space. 
  • Before boarding, if you didn’t choose your seat, the airline would assign you one of the available seats.

How can I choose My seat on Avianca?

When booking at avianca.com, you may pre-choose your seat and select your favorite seat for yourself to enjoy your flight.

  • Website: You can skip the lines at the airport and save time by accessing “Manage your reservation” when checking in online and paying for your ticket at avianca.com 
  • Airport: At the desk in the airport, arrive early and request that your seat be added.
  • Customer Service: You can choose your seat by calling the Avianca sales offices or

How to Select Seats on Avianca Flights?

Passengers can choose the seats of their choice on Avianca. Additionally, the airline provides its customers with automatic seat assignments and top-notch services. When you make a flight reservation, the seats are automatically assigned. You can also choose a seat online through the website or call offline.


  • First, go to Avianca Airlines’ official website.
  • Then, click on “Manage Trips” to retrieve the travel details. 
  • Further, select ‘Find Flight,’ then move forward.
  • Select your favorite seat for the trip or flight by looking at the Avianca seating chart. 
  • If necessary, pay the Avianca seat selection fee in accordance with the Avianca seat selection policy. 
  • After picking the seat of your choice, you will receive a seat confirmation. 


  • To choose a seat, first dial Avianca Airline’s customer service line.
  • Then, follow the customer service representative’s instructions and ask them to choose a seat in your preferred cabin.
  • Further, give the specifics of your ticket purchase.
  • Inform the executive of your seat preference.
  • Lastly, if necessary, pay the seat selection fee.

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Avianca – Seating Options:

When purchasing a seat with Avianca, you may select your favorite seat from the list of given Avianca Seat Options. You can find the types of seats available on Avianca flights and the accompanied services below:

BUSINESS CLASS (FLATBED): The Flatbed seats on Avianca may recline all the way to 180 degrees. You also receive a personal room for a more private experience and an onboard entertainment system. On all American flights, travelers can choose an Avianca seat among the available twin-bed planes.

PREMIUM SEAT: The premium seats have a fully flat bed, direct aisle access, plus extras like an entertainment screen and in-flight food. When purchasing tickets on Avianca, you can choose premium seats for an additional cost. It is significant to remember that seats available and costs differ according to the route, kind of aircraft, and rate. LifeMiles, Avianca’s frequent flyer program, provides members extra perks, including free upgrades and seat choices.

ECONOMY SEAT: These are the standard seats in the economy class cabin. Depending on the type of airplane and the seat’s position in the cabin, they differ in size and legroom. Passengers can select the economy seats when making a reservation or checking in.

PLUS SEAT: These are found in the initial few rows of the economy class cabin and provide much greater legroom. Booking Avianca Plus seats will cost you more. Depending on the flight length, they also come with complimentary snacks or meals and priority boarding.

How to get your Favorite Seat for Free on Avianca?

Getting your favorite seat at the last moment can be a blessing. If you want your favorite seat for free, then you can follow these tips and tricks to get a seat without paying anything:

  • Dress Smartly: Most importantly, when you approach a business-class seat upgrade, dress stylishly. You must have a businessman’s appearance.
  • Ask a Flight Attendent: When you discover a seat available, consult the flight attendant. Overbooked economy airline seats occasionally allow you to obtain Avianca bookings for a business-class flight, even though it may not seem like a good idea. 
  • Early Check-In: You should check in early if you are an elite or frequent flyer with Avianca Airlines. If you do this, you can fly in business class on your Avianca airplane. 
  • Change flight in case of overbooking: You can offer to be bumped from an overbooked trip; if you do so, you can end up on another airline flight in business class.

Can I Select my Avianca Seat through a Travel Agent?

Yes, customers can book seats by contacting Avianca’s customer service office or a travel agent. Passengers who prefer to speak with a representative or who require help choosing a seat may find these choices especially helpful. Whatever option you choose, consider that seat availability and costs may change according to the route, airplane, and cabin. Therefore, it is advised that you book your seat as soon as you can to guarantee availability and prevent any additional costs or hassles at the last minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Avianca allow you to Choose Seats?

You can select your favorite seats with Avianca Airlines while booking or at check-in. Not all tickets come with a free seat selection. You may have to pay a fee for some of the tickets, which you must pay before selecting the seats you want online.

What is an Avianca Preferred Seat?

The first-row tickets on Avianca Airlines are the most desirable. Additionally, depending on your destination, you must pay an extra fee to reserve those tickets, ranging from $10 to $50.

Does Avianca Seat Families Together?

Yes, families fly together with Avianca. When booking an airline reservation, you can choose your seats up to 46 hours before takeoff. Try reserving seats as quickly as possible if traveling with the family. You can sit with your family by paying seat selection fees if neighboring seats are available.

Do Avianca Premium Seats Recline?

Yes, Avianca premium seats are the seats that are situated in the initial 4 rows of the aircraft, and the travelers can enjoy more space and greater reclining.

What are AV+ Seats?

The first rows of the aircraft are the Avianca plus Seats, which offer greater space, a dedicated luggage rack for your carry-on bag, and an amenity kit.

Can you Select your Seat for Free on Avianca?

Absolutely no. You will probably be given a seat assignment during check-in or, at the most, at the gate, even if you still avoid the additional cost the airline tries to add on. However, you don’t have to pick a seat to get a seat. If you don’t select a seat, the airline will assign one.

How do I Select an Avianca Seat after Booking a Ticket?

Avianca lets you select and upgrade your seat after completing the booking procedure. To choose a seat, you need to login to the official website and select “Get Itinerary” from the menu. Then click on the “Modify” Select/Change Seat” option further. The map of the airplane seats will appear in a new window. Select a seat of your preference and pay if needed.