Air Transat offers its passengers the most comfortable in-flight and onboard services. The airline offers the best comfort and seating on local and international flights. If a customer wants more comfort on their flight, Air Transat offers the option to upgrade the seat on the flight. You need to be aware of the Air Transat seat upgrade rules that are listed below for your convenience.

Air Transat Seat Upgrade Policy:

All Air Transat domestic and international flights are eligible for the seat upgrade. Additionally, you can upgrade a seat after booking and at check-in time for the flight. However, you should select your preferred seat upgrade and pay in full advance using your credit or debit card.

The passenger should know the following information about the Air Transat seat upgrade procedure.

  • The passengers may navigate the best seats and make appropriate upgrades using the official website, phone call, or the free mobile app.
  • To choose more roomy and comfy seats, go to the manage booking page and click the “Seat Upgrade” option.
  • Passengers can upgrade their seats on the airline up to 24 hours before the trip’s scheduled departure.
  • You can only upgrade your seat if available; you may contact the airlines to know more about the available seats.

How to Upgrade Seat on Air Transat?

In a situation where a passenger is not able to get his favorite seat, then it spoils the whole traveling experience. If you are facing an issue upgrading your seat with Air Transat, you can follow the methods to change your seat.

The airline provides both online and offline methods to upgrade your seat. You may choose any one that will suit you the best:

Online Method

Passengers who have booked their seats via the web portal of Air Transat can log in to their account and upgrade their seats on their own by following a simple procedure. Here are the steps to upgrade your seat online.

  • Start by opening your browser and search for Air Transat’s official website.
  • Then, use a username and password to log into your account.
  • Further, choose “Manage booking” under the homepage tab.
  • Now enter the traveler’s last name and your ticket’s reference number. You must then choose the flight you want to upgrade.
  • Then, select the Air Transat from the upgrade option, and the seat map tool can help you select a suitable seat in a different class per your preferences.
  • Additionally, after choosing your flight based on your upgrade, you must now pay the difference if you upgrade to a higher class.
  • The next step is to choose an online payment method to make the difference. 
  • You will now get a confirmation number via text or registered email.

Offline Method:

In situations when you are stuck and need clarification about the online procedure for a seat upgrade. You can seek the help of a customer service representative who will guide you smoothly through the process. Follow the steps below to get the help of an expert to change seats:

  • Dial the official Air Transat contact number 1-838-247-2262 or 1(888)247-2262.
  • Select the language in which you are comfortable to speak to the representative.
  • Then it will be followed by IVR and prompt you to select a digit as per your requirement.
  • Press the corresponding number for your inquiry.
  • An expert will connect to your call once the IVR has processed your call.
  • Consult your concerns with an Air Transat employee once you are connected.

How can I Get a Free Upgrade on Air Transat?

Air Transat offers free seat upgrades for passengers who have always wished to save money for changes. To reduce the cost of your seat upgrade, consider the following:

  • When checking in before departure, you can choose the seat you want and will receive a boarding pass for it.
  • Within 24 hours of the purchase, you can also select your seat for free before departure.
  • Air Transat loyalty program members will receive a free upgrade to choose the seat at no additional cost.

What are Air Transat Upgrade Options?

Air Transat offers a variety of seating arrangements for passengers. If you wish to enjoy a comfortable in-flight experience, pick seats that are within your budget and, at the same time, meet your requirements. Here is the list and the specifications of all the available cabins on Air Transat.

Standard seats of Economy Class: Anyone who wants to travel on a budget should consider standard seats. These seats are the least expensive options in the economy class, offering simple and affordable services.  Passengers can access personal touch screens with various games, entertainment options, and a USB portal.

Two-by-Two seats: To give passengers more room and privacy, Air Transat offers Two by Two seats, which you may reserve in pairs. Passengers can spread out comfortably because of the seat’s over-31-inch width. Private screens, music, shows, and games are onboard entertainment options. You can charge or interact with gadgets; USB ports are also accessible. In comparison to Standard Economy, these seats are well equipped.

Front cabin seat: Passengers who wish to be seated in the front of the airplane can upgrade to these seats. It facilitates quick departure and arrival. In addition to offering passengers the option to pay more for Front cabin seat upgrades, Air Transat provides quicker meal services, snacks, and beverages.

What is an Air Transat Club Class Seat?

Club Class Seats are trendy, lavish seating and relaxing seats with increased amenities, including reclining seats, a comfy headrest, and a footrest for maximum comfort. Some of the features of Club class seats are listed below:

  • Club Class is a 12-seat cabin that is exclusive, has reclining seats, and offers privileges, including a personal amenity box, free food, and alcoholic drinks that include a fine wine selection.
  • Passengers can take a carry-on, two checked bags, welcome beverages, priority check-in and boarding, gourmet meals, and alternatives for foreign cuisine are all included with the Air Transat upgrade to club class.
  • Passengers can check in two pieces of luggage at the airport weighing up to 32 kg and benefit from priority services, such as a priority line.
  • The cost of an Air Transat club class upgrade primarily relies on your airline’s destination.

Is the Air Transat Club Class Upgrade Worth it?

Yes, Club Class seats are worth it, providing additional facilities to ensure a luxurious experience throughout the journey. It depends upon the individual to decide whether the club class upgrade will be worth it for them or not. If passengers can compromise on comfort, they can book a standard seat and save money. Whereas passengers going for a long-haul journey can choose Air Transat Club Class seats.

What are the Benefits of Option Plus with Air Transat?

Travelers seeking greater comfort can choose Option Plus for Air Transat’s first-class upgrade. You can benefit from numerous advantages of an option plus an Air Transat upgrade to improve your journey.

  • During your Air Transat flight upgrade, you can take advantage of additional incentives if you book an Option plus 24 hours before the departure.
  • Travelers won’t have to pack lightly or leave anything behind because you’ll get an extra bag of checked luggage.
  • You will receive a nice Comfort Kit before you board the airplane, which includes a neck pillow, blanket, eye mask, and wooden earphones for maximum comfort.
  • Additionally, priority boarding guarantees adequate time to unpack before take-off.
  • The passengers will encounter a short line wait time that will give them more time to unwind before their trip.
  • You are covered for refreshments on your flight with the Air Transat option plus an upgrade. The airline will give you a drink and a snack when you board the plane. Later in the trip, You may also enjoy a meal from the Bistro Menu.

How to make a last-minute Air Transat seat change?

Air Transat offers a last-minute seat change facility.  Contact the airline at least 48 hours before departure to modify or change your tickets. The steps to make last-minute changes are as follows:

  • To access the Air Transat website, customers must sign in on the home page.
  • On the home page, look for the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Give your departure date, verification number, first and last names, and birthdate.
  • After retrieving your reservation details, pick the seats you want to change.
  • Passengers on Air Transat flights must pay a seat change charge to reserve new seats.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade on Air Transat?

Naturally, the price of an upgraded flight will differ based on where you’re traveling with Air Transat. For flights in economy class, Air Transat has an upgrade option called Option Plus that adds more features and amenities. During the booking process, customers are given the option to consider this upgrade. To upgrade to Club Class, you must pay between $200 and $400.

You could get a Club Class seat for $450 when you first book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air Transat Club Class include Lounge Access?

Upgrade to Club Class for preferred services and benefits before, during, and after your journey. Alternatively, choose a Luxury Collection package for additional benefits, including access to VIP airport lounges for luxurious travel.

What is the difference between Class Y and J on Air Transat?

The difference between Y and J classes is that Class Y: denotes the Full-fare economy ticket. In contrast, class J signifies a Full-fare business-class ticket.

How to Get a Free Upgrade on Air Transat?

Generally, the airline doesn’t offer a free Air Transat upgrade. Additionally, the prices for selecting seats on an airline start at $25 and can vary depending on factors like demand.

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