Are you going to board American Airlines from San Francisco International Airport(SFO)? Do you know which terminal American Airlines uses at SFO? If not, then you will get all the answers about the American Airlines SFO terminal here.

Whether you have a direct flight from SFO or have a stopover, you can always use the wide range of airport services that SFO offers. This eventually helps in making the journey hassle-free and enjoyable for the passengers. So, if you want to learn more about the American Airlines terminal at SFO, then you can get help from the below information.

What Terminal American Airlines Use at SFO?

You must be wondering about which terminal American Airlines uses at SFO. So let us know that in detail! American Airlines usually use SFO terminal 1 (which is popular as Harvey Milk Terminal) for the arrival and departure of flights within the U.S. 

Therefore, you can visit Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport whenever you have booked an American Airlines flight for a journey within the U.S. However, for codeshare flights, American Airlines uses Terminal 2 at SFO. 

Gates : Terminal 1 Concourse B

SFO-assigned gates for American Airlines are the following: 

  • B8
  • B18
  • B19
  • B20
  • B22
  • B23
  • B24
  • B25
  • B26
  • B27

Ticket Counter Timings:

American Airlines ticket counter at SFO Terminal 1 remains open between 3 am and 12 am PDT(Pacific Daylight Time). However, you need to keep in mind one thing that you can not make payment in cash or checks. 

What Services and Amenities Do You Get at SFO?

SFO understands the needs of every passenger better. Therefore, you can take advantage of facilities SFO offers to the passengers. If you are thinking about those services and amenities, then check out the below information. 

Clubs and Lounges:

You can check out different clubs and lounges. However, it depends on whether you can access a lounge or not, as there are certain eligibilities involved, such as: 

  • Membership 
  • Elite Status 
  • Class of Service 

TSA PreCheck:

You can use the dedicated check-in lane if you have TSA Precheck. You can also avail of TSA PreCheck if you have a membership in the Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program. It includes the following:

  • Global Entry: It provides speedy clearance to low risk travelers when they reach U.S.
  • SENTRI : It allows fast clearance for pre approved low risk travelers when they arrive in the U.S.
  • NEXUS:It offers faster processing to passengers while entering the U.S and Canada.

Mobile Boarding Pass:

Travelling has become much easier with mobile boarding passes. You just need to scan the barcode during the security checks, and at the boarding gate. 

Priority Privileges:

You can take advantage of American Airlines priority privileges. However, you can only use those privileges when you have the following:

  • You are traveling in Premium Economy, Business, or First Class.
  • AAdvantage Elite Status 
  • You are an AirPass passengers
  • You have membership in Oneworld Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby.
  • When you have a Citi or Aadvantage Executive card.
  • When you are a business class passenger

Curbside Check-in:

You can use this convenient option to check in at the airport. However, it comes into play only when you satisfy the following:

  • Confirmed flight booking 
  • Made payment for bags through credit card/ debit card.
  • You have booked an American Airlines domestic flight.

Kiosk Check-In:

At the SFO American Airlines terminal, you can use Kiosk check-in services. Using it, you can check in, add bags, or print boarding passes online. Further, you can scan the boarding pass at the airport kiosk. 

TDD Services:

Many types of passengers travel through flight which includes disabled people as well. Therefore, SFO provides TDD service which is a telecommunication device for the deaf people. 

Five Star Service:

If you are someone who admires luxury, then you should choose the Five Star Service of American Airlines at SFO airport. You can avail the service if you have purchased First or Business class tickets. It gives you many other benefits as well. 

Duty Free Shops:

You can purchase duty free goods from the shops available at SFO airport. It is available for all American Airlines passengers. 

What Are The Parking Options at American Airlines SFO Terminal?

Are you wondering about the budget concerns at AA terminal parking at SFO? Then, let us apprise you that SFO provides the cheapest to the most expensive parking facility. The charges can vary depending on the duration of parking and the terminals you access. You get the parking facility near all the terminals at SFO. For American Airlines, it is near terminal 1.

How Much Does it Cost to Park at SFO Airport?

Parking costs at SFO airport depend on whether you have purchased long-term parking or hourly parking. Accordingly, the agents at SFO can ask you for the following payments:

Long Term Parking

It is a budget-friendly option for the passengers that you can use 24 hours per day. One can use the AirTrain Blue Line for wheelchair assistance. 

You can reserve the parking space online by paying the following fee.

  • $2 for every minute and 
  • $25 for a day.

Besides that, you can park your vehicle at Garage 1 and Garage 2. However, both have their vehicle size limit. 

  • Garage 1: Vehicle size allowed upto 6’10” (82″)
  • Garage 2: Vehicle size allowed upto 8’2″ (98″). 

Note: You can access the parking availability in the surface lot for vehicle size 8’2″ (98″) and above. 

How Do I Communicate with Someone at SFO?

You can use various ways to communicate with a person at SFO. Therefore, you can choose from the following methods:

Phone Number:

You can dial San Francisco International Airport customer service at (650) 821-8211. The agent will help you with any query you have. 

Online through Website:

Through this, you can use the live chat option by visiting at Further, start chatting with the representative related to your queries such as baggage issues, check-in etc. 


You can also get in touch with someone at San Francisco International Airport through email. Therefore, you just need to send an email and a representative will get back to you. 

Office Address:

You can send a physical post to SFO at San Francisco, CA 94128 USA, if you have time to wait for the answer. 

Does the Lost and Found Department Exist at SFO?

Yes. You can find the Lost and Found office department at terminal 1(SFO). The department provides services between Monday and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm(PDT). Therefore, you can call at 650-821-7014 to get the immediate answer. 

Apart from this, you can send an email to [email protected] if you have lost any item. 

However, if you lost the item during the security check, then call 800.764.8050.

You can also email me at [email protected].

Note: If you left the item on your American Airlines flight, then immediately reach out to its agent.


Hopefully, you have got the clarity on the American Airlines SFO terminal, and definitely, it’s going to help with a smooth check-in process the next time you board an AA flight at SFO. If you still have any doubt, then you can get in touch with a representative at SFO. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to easily reach American Airlines terminal at SFO?

Once you reach SFO, you can go to American Terminals by walking or use the AirTrain Red Line from BART when you have domestic flight. However, for International flights, take a short walk from the main entry of BART station.

International flights operate from what terminals at SFO?

SFO has four terminals in total. It uses the Terminal 1,2, and 3 for domestic flights. On the other hand, Terminal 4 is used for international flights.


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