Terms and Conditions

Before using our website, please carefully read and accept the terms and conditions stated on our website. By using Traveltipspot to book or perform any activity, you acknowledge the terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. You must accept these terms and conditions to use any service or information on Traveltipspot.com.

Please send any information or requests related to customer service or reservations to Traveltipspot by emailing support@. (Email of the website)


When you make a reservation through us, we establish an agreement with the supplier(s) and other principal(s), such as airlines and lodging firms, which will be mentioned on your receipt. You may also hold multiple agreements simultaneously with every supplier or principal involved in your trip. As a representative or travel agent, we are not responsible for any actions or decisions these suppliers make. Please read their terms and conditions carefully and request copies if needed.

Basic Conditions to be learned for Booking:

Double-check all names, passport numbers, and flight and other itineraries for accuracy when booking a flight. Any changes made after booking may incur extra charges. Upon receiving your travel documents, please check that all details are accurate and contact us immediately if any revisions are needed. Please note that all tickets we provide are non-refundable, non-changeable, and non-transferable unless otherwise stated

You can rest assured that the booking information you share with us is only shared with relevant suppliers for your travel arrangements or any person who plays a vital role in maintaining and accommodating you for your travel. Also, if necessary, your information may be provided to public authorities such as immigration and customs departments. This applies to even the small and peculiar details that you have shared with us, like details of any disability or dietary and also religious sentiments. Some information may also be rendered to security and credit checking companies.

And suppose you travel to the United States. In that case, US customs and border protection will receive your information to combat terrorism, antinational activities, and serious crimes. But if choosing to travel outside America, then controls of data protection may not be as strong as the legal requirements in that country. So, we need to provide relevant information to the suppliers to be able to provide you booking. Hence, your consent to share the information is likely possible while sharing the information.

When you share your booking information with us, we only share it with relevant suppliers and individuals involved in accommodating and maintaining your travel arrangements. This includes any details you have provided, such as dietary requirements, disabilities, or religious preferences. We may also share your information with public authorities like immigration and customs departments and security and credit checking companies. If you travel to the United States, your information may be shared with US customs and border protection to prevent terrorism, serious crimes, and other threats.

It’s important to note that data protection laws may vary by country. Therefore, we may need to share your information with suppliers to facilitate your booking. By sharing your information with us, you consent to share it as necessary.


Customers can choose to pay in installments or all at once when booking. If paying in installments, any remaining balance must be paid by the due date. Failure to pay may result in consequences such as cancellation of the booking. All costs are displayed and charged in USD.


If you need to cancel or make changes to your booking, you must send a written request to us. However, suppliers may charge cancellation or amendment fees according to their terms and conditions. Any changes or cancellations may result in additional costs, which will be communicated beforehand. Please note that Traveltipspot, its principals, or suppliers are not responsible for cancellations or delayed boarding; no refunds will be issued.


We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance when making a reservation with us to protect you and your family if the airlines or other suppliers cannot provide a refund. When choosing to travel overseas, having travel insurance has also become a necessity of the hour. Even some holiday destinations require travelers to acquire travel insurance to explore their surroundings. Therefore, to get qualified for travel insurance, get in touch with the appropriate travel agents, visa providers, and embassies.

With this insurance, you are covered for many situations that airlines do not. Refunds for cancellation fees, lost baggage, delayed boarding, any type of medical emergency, lost passport and other documents, etc., are some of the insurance coverages. In the event that the supplier of your travel plans fails financially, the insurance will also protect the traveler.

If you decide to purchase the insurance we recommended, carefully review it to ensure that all the information you supplied is accurate and that you have included all necessary facts. You may learn all the key phrases and concepts in insurance coverage if you study them carefully.


You will receive all travel-related paperwork via postal delivery, including an insurance policy, tickets, and bills. There will be no more obligation on the part of Traveltipspot once the documents have been delivered to you and received by you unless a loss of records is the result of our fault. And in these situations, reissuing tickets and other documentation is only possible if you pay the associated fees. You can also ask for delivery of the item, however, there will be a fee.


Once the reservation is confirmed, Traveltipspot will send you an email to let you know that we have received and processed your request. But keep in mind that this email confirms your purchase; the supplier’s availability of the service you ordered will be the final verification.