Allegiant Airlines Booking: Book Tickets & Manage Booking

Allegiant Air is the best choice when it comes to flying. The Airline provides the best customer services, and passengers can manage their Allegiant Airlines booking and make changes as required. The expert will help the customers with deals and Discounts and provide them with the flexible options that suit them best.

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About Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air is a cheap American Airline that starts the services in 1997. It flies to 125 

destinations, and it is the 9th largest airline in the US. From the US to the other smallest regions, Allegiant Airlines makes the travel smooth and Comfortable. 

AirplaneNumber of aircraftNumber of seats
Airbus A 319-10035156
Airbus A 320-20086177-186

The Contact Details of Allegiant Airlines

  • IATA code: G4
  • ICAO code: AAY
  • Founded Year: 1997
  • Reward program: Allways Rewards
  • Parent company: Allegiant Travel Company
  • Phone:+1(702) 505-8888
  • Email:[email protected]

Benefits & Perks with Allegiant Airlines Booking

Allegiant Air provides benefits of booking a flight, you can get all of them by visiting the website or by calling customer service, and the benefits are as given below.

  • The airline has inflight services like meals, drinks, and the best and most comfortable seats.
  • Passengers can carry electronic gadgets on the plane in the US.
  • You will get the label master card that helps to get the My Allegiant points,
  • The MyAllegiant points can be used at the time of making a reservation. 
  • Passengers can get booking flight discounts and deals.
  • Passengers will get the facilities of car rentals, hotel booking, and other travel services. 

What are the Cabin classes Allegiant Air Has?

As a low-cost Airline in the Aviation industry, the Airline also provides various classes and amenities one can get while making their booking. The Airline provides only one main cabin class, which is Economy class.

Economy Class 

This class provides the most affordable flights to its customers, these flight classes do not provide wifi or any other inflight entertainment.

At the time of flying, the passengers can buy drinks and munchies, as they don’t provide it with the flight. So passenger can purchase extra amenities and design their flight according to their needs. 

How to Reserve Flights with Allegiant Air? 

To make a Reservation, Allegiant Air Provides various methods. The Airlines know the Preferences and provide comfort to their customers, which is why Airlines have both online and offline ways to know all Allegiant Airlines reservations, step by step. Continue to read further: 

Online Booking Methods

Booking a flight ticket online is easy and can be done in a few steps without going anywhere. 

1- Through the website 

  • Visit the Website of Allegiant Air (
  • Go to Book My Flight Option 
  • Tap on it and Provide your details, such as 
  • Your name, destinations, and Date of Departure.
  • Now confirm the details and choose your preferred flight type. 
  • After Providing all the important details, Click on the search option.
  • A list of the flights I’ll open, choose one that suits your budget.
  • Now, make the Payment to complete the Reservation.

After all the steps are completed, you will get the mail to the email address that you provided at the time of making the reservation, check it, and save it to your Phone or PC. 

2- Through the Mobile Application: 

The Airlines provide another online method, which is a Mobile application, and this App provides all the features to book a flight in easy steps: 

  • Open the App and Go to Allegiant Airlines website.
  • Enter the booking details and tap to continue.
  • Follow the steps on the screen and find the available flights.
  • Tap to book, and continue.
  • After that, make Payment and Complete the Booking Process.

After you have completed all the steps, you can turn on the Notifications, so you can get the notification every time there are any deals and discounts. 

Offline Methods 

Booking a flight online is easy and quick, but sometimes we may face network issues and fail to book it online. To avoid this, Allegiant Airlines Provides offline methods, too. These are as follows: 

1- Through Phone call 

  • To start, visit the website through a browser or App.
  • Tap on the Contact Us option and find the Number 
  • Save or copy the number and dial it 
  • Once it is connected, listen to the IVR options.
  • Choose one that suits you. 
  • And then Provides details, such as 
  • Your destination, from and where you are flying,
  • Travel date, name, and Continue.
  • The representative will provide you with all the flight lists with deals and Discounts.
  • Choose the flight that is in your budget and Proceed with it.
  • Make payment and complete your Booking. 

Through the Airport reservation Desk

Those who want to reserve their flight at the Airport can visit the nearby airport and request a booking at the helpdesk. At the helpdesk, you will get a dedicated representative who will help you in making your reservation. Provide them with your details, and make payment to complete your Process. 

Can I Manage the Allegiant Air Flight Booking?

Allegiant Air has a Manage My Booking Option, through which you can easily manage your flights, from different bookings to, cancellations, changes, refunds, and the status of the flights. All things can easily be done with this option. 

Steps to Manage the Booking 

  • Visit the website and make a login into your account.
  • Choose the option you are looking for
  • Provide the details and continue
  • Change the Flight or manage your booking.
  • Then, print or save the boarding pass. 

Through these simple steps, you can easily manage your booking.

Different Policies of Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air has different policies, such as baggage, cancellation, check-in change flight, etc, and one should know all of them before making any reservation, so if you want to know all of them continue to read. 

Baggage Policy on Allegiant Airlines

By the baggage policy, you can get the details of the baggage like how many bags the allows you to carry by the Airline. So, the baggage policy allows passengers to take one personal bag. The size of the bag can be 7*15*16 inches. 

Checked bags

  •  Passengers can carry one checked bag.
  • The size of the bag is 80 inches, and the weight should be 180 kg.

Carry on bags 

  • Passengers can carry one personal bag 
  • The size of the bag is 9*14*22.
  • The weight of the bag is 11.34 kg.

Cancellations Policy on Allegiant Air

Cancellation may happen whenever a plan is changed, or something happens at the last moment, but Allegiant Air knows things, and the Cancellations Policy on Allegiant Air is there to help the customers in this situation. So customers can cancel the flights and get a Refund. 

But for this, you can cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours so that you can not pay the fee. 

The Flight Change Policy of Allegiant Air 

The passenger on Allegiant Air can change their flight if their plan is changed or because of any other reasons. So, if you want to change the flight, know the change flight policy of Allegiant Air to avoid the fees.

  • For the standard Allegiant Airlines flight tickets passengers can change their tickets once free of cost. ‘
  • If the ticket is nonrefundable and you can change it after 24 hours, then you have to pay USD 25.
  • If the booking is changed within 24 hours, then there is no fee.
  • The fee depends on the fare types, destination, and dates.
  • Passengers can use reward points to change their flights. 

What is the Process of Check-in for Allegiant Airlines? 

The passengers of Allegiant Air have various options for check-in for the flight, so if you are looking for check-in, you can follow the details mentioned below: 

  • Via Application: check-in can also done using the App, an application you can download on your phone and easily complete your process. After checking, you will get confirmation.
  • Via Online: This option allows the passenger to check in easily without making an effort. You can provide the details and complete the Process, and the check-in time starts 24 hours before. 
  • Via Airport: those who don’t know how to check in online can do it at the Airport directly by visiting the check-in counter. For Airport check-in, the passenger should reach the Airport 2 hours before the flight. 

By these simple steps and ways, you can easily check in to your Allegiant Air. 

How Can I Book Allegiant Air Multi-city Flights? 

Allegiant Airlines provides easy booking for multiple destinations, and that can be done using both offline and online methods. To know the steps of Allegiant Airlines flight tickets for Multi-city, follow the details mentioned below: 

Steps to book Allegiant Air Multi-city Flights 

  • Visit the website and find the Trip option
  • Tap on the Multi-city flight and follow the steps.
  • Click on the Multicity Flight option
  • This option will provide you with various choices according to the destinations,
  • Choose the destination and provide the details.
  • Then, choose the cabin class and proceed.
  • Now, make the payment and book your multi-city flights.

That’s how you can easily book your multicity flight; however, if you are not happy with it or fail to do so, you can use the offline Method, that is, by calling and providing the details, you can easily make the booking. 


So, You will get all the benefits that Airlines Provide after making the flight booking with Allegiant Air, the benefits like, you can manage your booking, the check-in facilities, and other inflight benefits. However, if you need more details on Allegiant Airlines booking, you can contact customer service, and get help. The team of customer service works 24/7 to help all the customers who are looking for help. So call at any time and Manage your booking on time.