Air Transat is a famous Canadian airline based in Montreal and has served many passengers on local and international flights. The Airline is serving the travellers in providing them with the best travel experience since 1986. Today, it is the third-biggest carrier in the country and one of the most preferred airlines, especially in Canada. If you are planning to fly with Air Transat then here you will find all the details regarding Air Canada seat selection procedure. The hassle-free Air Transat Seat Selection Policy helps passengers to make last-minute changes and modifications.

What is the Air Transat Seat Selection Policy?

You must be aware of Air Transat’s seat selection procedures because it clearly explains whether you can choose a seat for free or must pay a cost. You can read the information below to learn about Air Transat’s seat selection policy.

  • You can choose your seat without a fee from when you buy your ticket until check-in.
  • In a scenario where you are along with specially-abled passengers, they require a certain seat. You may select any seat you like, but you need to carry the medical record of the impairment.
  • According to Air Transat’s policy on seat selection, anyone with a medical condition or physical disability cannot choose a seat in the front row of the cabin or close to the emergency exit.
  • The passengers can choose a seat from the options that are available at the time of selection.
  • If you choose a seat at check-in, Air Transat will assign it to you automatically. If you want to change the given seat, fees may apply.

How to Choose Your Seat Online for an Air Transat Flight?

You can select a seat on Air Transat using the official website, the customer assistance team, and by going to the airport. The best method you may opt for is the online method. Use the “manage booking” option to choose your favorite seat by using. If you need help in selecting a seat with Air Transat and are looking for a convenient method, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Air Transat airline website.
  • Now, open the manage booking page, and fill in the important details like your last name and reference number.
  • Then, you can retrieve the details of your reservations. Decide which you want to select.
  • Additionally, you can only choose an available seat after opening the seat selection tab.
  • After that, you may save the changes; pay the fees if it is requested.
  • Lastly, you will receive a seat assignment email on the registered mail.

When do you Select Your Seat on Transat Air?

  • You can select your seat at the time of initial booking. It is the best time to choose your Seats if you book your seats in advance.
  • The passengers may use the Manage booking option on the official website for air transat seat selection.
  • You can choose your seat for free when you check in online 24 hours before your flight.

How to Upgrade Seat Selection on Air Transat?

The Air Transat seat upgrade function accommodates any last-minute need for a changing seat. You can alter both the position and the ticket prices. This one, in contrast to reservations, entails a quick procedure that starts with the Manage Booking option.

  • Access Air Transat’s official webpage.
  • Scrolling down, you can see the “Manage Bookings” option on the homepage. Touch it.
  • You may now enter your full name, Confirmation Number, and Date of Departure.
  • Then select the seat you want to change.
  • Pay for the Transat seat assignment upgrade cost to reserve your new seating arrangements.
  • Selection upgrade fee to save your new seating positions.

Benefits of Club Class Seats on Air Transat

The airline provides several advantages for travelers who book a club class seat on Air Transat. These advantages are worth investigating because they can improve the overall flight experience.

  • Club seats allow travelers to sit in the front seats of the airplane, providing a more flexible seat selection option than regular travelers.
  • Customers can take advantage of and receive priority services.
  • The seats offer a particular meal depending on the route and the length of the trip.
  • The premium entertainment features in club seats include free Wi-Fi, noise-canceling headphones, a large TV screen, and magazines.
  • The seats contain USB ports for powering gadgets.
  • Compared to conventional chairs, you can receive more legroom and fixed armrests.

Is it worthwhile to Upgrade your Air Transat Seats to Club-Class Seats?

You may upgrade to the club class to maximise the amenities when traveling long distances. These seats offer complimentary lunch and individualised services for added comfort and safety.

The club class seats will ensure that your trip is comfortable and cost-effective. On a short-haul flight, you can pick the usual seats, though.

Elite members can use their miles to upgrade a ticket from Basic Economy to Club Class at no additional cost. Additionally, customers can utilize the points to reserve an award flight to the destination of their choice for the forthcoming vacation.

Can I Change the Air Transat eco Budget Seat?

Unfortunately, Air Transat eco Budget seat selection is not possible. The cheapest fare on Air Transat flights is Eco Budget because of the absence of flexibility to change seats, make cancellations or modifications, or a no checked bag policy to reduce the price.

What do Options Plus Air Transat include?

Air Transat seat selection option plus includes priority airport services, a single checked bag and a carry-on weighing 23 kg, free standard seat selection, a welcome drink (sparkling wine), A blanket, headphones, and a neck pillow are included in the on-board comfort kit, along with one complimentary snack and alcoholic beverage throughout the journey.

What is the Standard Seat Selection on Air Transat?

The standard seat option includes choosing your seat for the Economy cabin in advance. You can choose an Air Transat standard seat selection by following the same procedures as any other seat assignment. You can select a seat in advance for comfortable seating and enjoy your journey.

How much is seat selection on Air Transat?

Air Transat does not include seat selection fees in the reservation. Additionally, there is an extra charge for selecting seats in advance. When making bookings or checking in for a flight, seat allocations are an option for purchase. However, the airline will assign you a seat without guaranteeing seats in the same row or cabin if you don’t choose one.

To know more about air transat seat selection cost, refer to the table given below:

Flights/SeatsStandard seatsTwo-by-two seatsMore legroom seats
USA, Caribbean, and Central/South America$25$40$50
Europe and the Middle East$30$45$80

Family Seating on Air Transat Flights:

Families travelling on Air Transat with children 2 to 13 years old are eligible for free family seating, which entitles the family to complimentary group seating. This rule applies to regular Air Transat flight seats reserved collectively under one reservation.  You can ask to be seated together by calling Air Transat’s contact centre and if you are a family of six or more or made separate bookings. Remember that the family seating promotion only applies to ordinary seats; if you’d rather fly in a premium cabin, you’ll have to pay more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t select a seat on Air Transat?

If the passenger does not select a seat on an Air Transat flight then the airline automatically assigns a seat. It is better to select a seat before travelling to ensure that you don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable place.

How do I choose my seat after booking a Transat flight?

You should go to the ‘manage booking’ option available on the official website. Here you can examine the seat map and make your selection once you have completed booking your ticket. If you make a reservation for a flight with friends or relatives, you need to select a seat together if you don’t want to be separated in the flight.

What are two by two seats on Air Transat?

Two-by-two seating is the best option for groups of two people. It provides the same level of comfort as Economy Class seats, but with additional legroom space.

How do I avoid paying for Air Transat seat selection?

You may simply not select a seat while booking your ticket. The Air Transat will surely assign you a seat 24 hours before your departure. You can apply the trick of arriving early to the airport and then you may choose an unassigned seat. There are chances that your preferred seat may be empty at that point of time.

Is it worth paying for Air Transat seat selection?

It absolutely relies upon the decision of an individual, if you need to save cash then skipping seat assignment would be the most ideal choice for you. Whereas, if you don’t want to land in an uncomfortable seat or you don’t want to be separated from your group then it is advised to choose a seat.

What are Air Transat seats like?

Air Transat Economy Class nearly makes you think that you sat in an upgraded seat by accident due to its comfortable, well-designed leather seats rather than having wide and more legroom space as compared to any other low-cost airlines. It also has humble flight attendants, great in-flight entertainment, reliability, and a tasty food and drink service.