If you are traveling in a group, you should know there is a KLM Group Travel program for groups of at least ten passengers flying together on KLM. The program makes booking tickets for large numbers of individuals simpler and more economical by offering unique benefits and discounts to groups. To learn more about how groups operate on KLM Airlines, see the details provided in this blog.

How Do I KLM Group Travel Flights?

Are you willing to know the procedure that helps to book KLM group travel tickets? If yes, then Travellers can follow the detailed instructions below to begin making group reservations with KLM Airlines:


  • First, search your web browser for the official KLM Airlines website.
  • Then go to bookings; further, you will find the ‘Group booking’ option.
  • Further, choose the ‘KLM Group Travel’ option on the website.
  • Enter the date of the journey, arrival, and departure airport.
  • Then you should fill in the personal details of the passengers.
  • Next, select the number of travelers. Include both youngsters and adults in the list.
  • Click the submit button on the page to continue.
  • To finish your booking, adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen.

Travelers will get a trip confirmation message or email on the registered phone number or email address, depending on the situation, following successful completion. Passengers must present the confirmation number to board the flight with your KLM Airlines group booking. To complete group reservations for KLM and to receive amazing savings and promotions, travelers must follow the instructions.


Travelers must use the official toll-free number to book their group travel on KLM Airlines if they want to speak to a live person in the customer service department.

  • Firstly, you must dial the KLM Airlines group travel phone number +31 (0)20 2068408 or +1-860-374-7569 to acquire assistance.
  • Second, you must follow the automated IVR instructions.
  • After that, you press 3 to speak with a KLM Airlines representative.
  • Once an agent answers your call, ask them to arrange your group reservation.
  • To complete your group reservation, you must then submit the required information.
  • Finally, the airline will email you with information about your group tickets.

Reminder: If you contact customer service to arrange a KLM Group Travel reservation, you might have to pay an additional fee. You may find the KLM phone number for your location by going to the contact us section of the official website.

Pro Tips to Get the Best Deals on Group Flights

Contact a travel agent: A travel agent or other third-party booking services are the best options for customers to purchase group tickets. There’s a chance that these organizations or websites have access to exclusive group offers that are not available on KLM Airlines’ main website.

Increase the size of your group: The size of the group greatly impacts the discounts offered. The fare price will decrease as the group size increases. To save money, it is advisable to travel in larger groups.

Be flexible with dates and time: Passengers can be flexible with the dates and the time; it will increase the chances of finding a better deal. While early-morning or late-night flights could be less expensive, weekday flights are frequently more affordable than weekend ones.

Read the policies carefully: Last, but not least, review the terms and conditions before obtaining a group ticket to prevent unanticipated fees or limitations. With careful planning and research, customers can benefit from the discounts KLM Airlines provides for KLM group travel ticket bookings.

Benefits of KLM Airlines Group Travel Booking:

You can now purchase group tickets. It’s also important to understand the benefits of traveling in a group. Read the following points to know more.

Avail Huge Discount

Travelers may save a lot of cash on group bookings by taking advantage of amazing KLM Airlines group offers. Keep an eye on the lowest fares available.

Get Assistance at the Airport

Additionally, group travelers will receive a group organizer to help them. The airline executive will also help you during checking in and boarding the flight.

Special Check–In

Customers can access a separate queue for check-in and hassle-free boarding by booking group tickets with KLM Airlines. Additionally, you will receive several perks to travel in KLM group travel.

Earn Reward Points

You can earn the most points you may use to pay for your next trip when you reserve KLM Airlines group tickets. Similarly, you can manage your reservation anytime until 24 hours before departure. On the other side, you can contact customer service for help as well.

Can I Book a KLM Group tour through a Traveling Agency?

It is true that KLM group travel can be confusing to book. There are chances that you may not get instant discounts for KLM tours and travel. However, a travel agency may help you to find the groups to travel with to reduce your travel cost. The agent may also assist you to get discounts that are not displayed on the official website. Therefore, consulting a travel agency can be the best option for you.

Cost of KLM Group Travel

The number of people, available seats, the place of travel, the dates of travel, and the average fare for a travel class all factor determine the final cost of KLM ticket prices for group travel. It also includes all checked luggage in the ticket price.

The cost is determined by the following terms of your group’s booking:

  • The number of travelers
  • The place of departure
  • The time of booking
  • The number of days before the date of departure
  • The number of seats available
  • Special events and promotions
  • The form of payment

You may get the exact cost of your group travel plan through a KLM booking expert.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does KLM Group Booking Work?

Group Air groups are formed with a clear beginning and ending date. A group block is what? Through a special agreement, a group booking secures 10 more tickets from a single airline for the same round-trip flights and with the same payment method.

Are KLM Flights Cheaper if You Book as a Group?

Yes, you may be able to benefit from discounted group prices when making travel arrangements for a big size group. KLM also gives a group travel facility, as many airlines offer cheaper tickets for flights of at least 10 passengers.

Can you Get Flight Discounts for Large Groups?

Most major airlines, including KLM offer group travel discounted rates to groups of ten or more. Travel groups of ten people or more can use KLM group travel services. However, using an airline’s group travel service ensures that you will pay the cheapest rate.

How much can I Save on KLM Group Flights?

When traveling as a group, members might save money on airfare and get KLM cheap tickets. While some airlines including KLM provide special group rates, most do so as long as 10 or more passengers purchase the same flight and receive a standard discount, typically between 5 and 10%.

What is the Advantage of KLM Group Booking in Flight?

KLM group bookings are advantageous because the passengers can save a lot of money while travelling. They can also get a seat together with the group. Group travelers can also get discounted tickets, a separate check-in line, and special assistance at the airport.

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