Did you ever need to change your Copa flight for reasons like an urgent meeting, medical emergencies, or the death of a relative? It happens sometimes and we need to make changes in our plans. But what about the flight tickets you have already booked? Copa Airlines took into consideration all the scenarios while deriving its policies. Therefore, you no longer need to worry as long as you have booked your flight tickets with Copa Airlines. But, you may or may not need to pay the Copa Airlines flight change fee along with the fare difference.

Therefore, check out the Copa Airlines flight change policy before you make changes to your flight. After that, you can easily update your departure, destinations, date of travel, etc. To learn more about the fee associated with updating a flight go through the article below.

Does Copa Airlines Charge to Change Flights?

Basically, Copa Airlines does not charge any fee for first flight change made at least 8 days prior to first flight departure, but when you’re making ticket changes after 8 days or more, so you’ve to pay the fee to Copa Airlines. You also need to pay a fare difference between the new and previous dates. This rule is applicable to Classic Economy and Business Promo fares only. Passengers with Basic Economy tickets can only make the changes by paying a fee.

How Much Does Copa Airlines Charges for Ticket Change?

The Copa Airlines flight change cost differs with the fare conditions. If you have purchased multiple fares, the airline applies the most restrictive fare conditions. Accordingly, the following scenarios develop:

Fare Type Between 8 days to 330 days($) Between 0 and 7 days ($) No Show ($)
Basic Economy $100 / $150 $100 / $150 $250
Classic Economy

First flight change is free.

Fee after that: $50 / $75

$50 / $75 $250
Full Economy Free Free $250
Business Promo

First flight change is free.

Fee after that: $50 / $75

$50 / $75 $250
Business Full Free Free $250

Please note that the above prices can change anytime. So, do not forget to check out the Copa Airlines website for updated change fees.

What is Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Copa Airlines revised its policies from August 2021 for Family Fares change fee. Therefore, you must be aware of the following rules for flight change on Copa Airlines:

  • Copa Airlines allows first flight change for free on Classic Economy and Business Promo fares. However, you can do it only when at least 8 days left for the first flight departure.
  • Passengers can only make the changes to Basic Economy tickets for a fee.
  • The airline also asks for the fare difference between the old and new dates.
  • Copa Airlines applies the most restrictive fare conditions when you have bought more than one fare.
  • Similarly, the airline has a different change flight policy for group tickets.
  • Passengers can change to flight on the same day for free when they opt for the “Fly Early” option.
  • Basic Economy fare ticket holders can not use the “Fly Early” option.
  • To avail Fly Early option, you need to visit the airport within 24-hour before flight time.
  • The airline provides the Fly Early feature till one hour before flight.

Can I Change my Copa Flight within 24 hours?

Yes. Copa Airlines provides a same-day flight change option. Using this facility, you can shift your flight to an earlier or later time on the same day. However, must check that new flight timing should fall within 24 hours prior to or after the departure of the previous flight.

What is the Cost to Change Copa Airlines Award Flights?

Copa Airlines charges you a fee when you make changes to an award ticket. However, the charges depend on the flight type and your ConnectMiles account status. In other words, Base, Silver, Gold, etc, status influences the change fee for domestic and international flights. To get clarity, check out the information in the table below:

Situation 1: Booked an Award ticket on a Domestic Flight 

Domestic Award Ticket  Base  Silver Gold  Platinum  Presidential
Made changes at least 7 days before flight 25$ Free Free Free Free
Made changes within 7 days before flight 25$ 20$ Free Free Free
Same Day flight change 25$ Free Free Free Free

Situation 2: Booked an Award Ticket on International Flight

International Award Ticket  Base  Silver Gold  Platinum  Presidential
Made changes at least 7 days prior to flight 75$ Free Free Free Free
Made changes within 7 days prior to flight 100$ 50$ Free Free Free
Same day flight change 75$ Free Free Free Free

It can be concluded from the above table that you always have to pay charges when you have Base ConnectMiles status. But, you can skip the charges when you meet conditions for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Presidential status.

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