How Much Does it Cost to Change a Southwest Airlines Flight?

Are you looking to change your flight but being shocked by high charges? As various airlines charge truckloads of cash when we make changes to our trips. But if you’re flying with Southwest Airlines, you will not be charged any change expense, which can save you somewhere between $75 and $200 per flight change.

This blog will break down the Southwest Airlines flight change fee and the fare difference according to the seat types, and provide you with extra details to ensure a smooth travel insight.

What are the different types of fares and Fees on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines offers 3 different types of fares. Wanna getaway, Anytime, and Business Select. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect as far as changing policy and costs related to each fare type.

Fare Type Change charges  Fare difference  Refundable 
Business Select Free Yes Yes
Anytime  Free Yes Yes
Wanna Getaway Free Yes No

Business Select

  • With business selection, no change fee will be applied.
  • The fare difference will be applied
  • These tickets are refundable
  • Allows early bird check-in and provides multiple benefits, like priority boarding.

Anytime Fares

  • No change flight charges
  • Provides future credits
  • Early bird check-in will be included in the fare

Wanna Getaway: 

  • No change expense applied
  • These tickets are not refundable
  • Instead, you will get future travel credits

Note: It is important to note that Southwest does charge the fare difference. That means, if the new flight you’re reserving costs more than your original flight, you’ll have to pay the distinction. And, if the new flight is less expensive, Southwest will provide you with travel credits.

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How Can I Change My Southwest Flight? 

As we provided you a breakdown of the fee according to various types of fares available on Southwest Airlines, but now If you want to change your flight refer to the details mentioned below:

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines –
  • Go to manage my booking option
  • Enter your booking details like, your last name and booking reference number
  • Now access the booking, and tap on change flight.
  • Simply, enter the new details
  • Tap to confirm the booking

At last, pay any fare difference if required and complete the booking procedure. Further, if you find this method difficult, you can directly call the Southwest Airlines customer service number at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or 1-860-374-7569 and speak to a live person about the change of flight.

Do I have to Pay for Southwest Same-Day Flight Change? 

Southwest offers the same-day change flight option, which can be valuable if you want to modify your flight near the takeoff time. This Southwest same day change flight option is subject to availability, and keeping in mind that there is no change expense, you only have to pay the fare difference if applicable.

Plus these seats let you change your flight on the same day of travel for an earlier or later, as long as seats are available for your destination.


Southwest’s no-change flight fee policy is the best option that provides huge adaptability to explorers. Whether you are flying with a Wanna Get Away, Anytime, or Business Select fares, you can change your trip without paying the Southwest Airlines flight change fee, although fare differences may apply.

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