Do you have a flight reservation with United Airlines? Or want to select the best seat for your upcoming travel? If yes. Choose the United Airlines seat selection option, and pick your desired seat.

As seat selection is important if you like to have a comfortable flight experience. So if you want to choose a seat with a new or existing reservation, you can easily make a seat selection through online or offline methods. But before choosing a seat, we should check the seat selection policy. So, what you waiting for? Let’s dive deep, and explore the tips and tricks to securing the best seats on United Airlines.

What to Know About United Airlines Seat Selection

  • Seat selection can be made at the time of booking, after booking, or during check-in.
  • You can select the seats for all fare classes except Basic Economy.
  • When making a reservation with Basic Economy seating, try buying a seat assignment during booking or check-in.
  • United will assign you a random seat automatically at the time of check-in if you miss the seat selection step.
  • Anyone can choose the preferred seating when boarding a United or United Express flight.

Note: Seat assignment is not guaranteed. Ensure checking in on time to lock the best seating.

How to Choose a Seat on United Airlines Flight?

To choose your preferred seat with United, follow the steps stated below:

During Booking

  • Visit the United Airlines website.
  • Tap on the Book my Flight option.
  • Choose the flight, and enter the details.
  • Then tap on the United Airlines Seat Map.
  • Choose your preferred seat.
  • And at last, make the payment.

After Booking

  • Visit the United Airlines website.
  • Go to the Manage My Booking option.
  • Enter your booking details.
  • Tap on flight, and access the booking.
  • Now, go to the seat option, and choose the seat.
  • Afterward, make the seat selection payment if required.

During check-in

When you check in online, you can follow the steps mentioned below to choose the best seat.

  • Visit the website of United Airlines.
  • Then go to the check-in option.
  • Now, enter your existing booking details.
  • Tap on the seat map.
  • Choose your preferred seat and add additional service if required.
  • Click on the check-in option and complete the process.
  • Make the payment and get the boarding pass.

Moreover, you can choose your seat by directly visiting the airport check-in counter.

How do I Pick my Seats on the United Airlines App?

If seat selection with United Airlines through the website doesn’t work, switch to the United Airlines official app. Follow the steps:

  • Download the United app through the App Store or Play Store.
  • Now, sign in to your account.
  • Go to the Flight Booking option.
  • Tap on Change Seat.
  • Choose the seat you want by clicking on the seat map.
  • Make the payment if required, and save the changes.

Once all the steps are complete, the app will send you a notification about the seat selection confirmation.

How to call United Airlines for Seat Selection?

To pick your seat on United Airlines flights, you can simply call the customer service representative. Here are the basic steps to call United Airlines for seat selection.

  • Dial the United Airlines phone number 1-800-864-8331 and talk to a representative.
  • Once the call is connected, listen to the IVR options.
  • Choose the option that says “Speak with a representative”.
  • After that, request the representative to choose a seat for you.
  • Provide your booking details and which seat you want to choose.
  • Once completed, the representative will send new flight details.
  • Make the payment, if required.

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How Much Does United Airlines Charge to Choose a Seat?

United Airlines does not charge a fee as long as you desire a particular seat. Note that United Airlines seat selection fee for domestic flights starts at $49.50, and for international flights, starts at $150. Further, if you want to choose a particular seat, the below table is for you!

Seat Type Seat Picking Fee
Basic Economy $15 per flight
Standard Economy $24 per flight
Preferred Seating $36 per flight
Economy Plus From $29 to $299 per flight
Premium Plus Free
First and Business Class Free

Important: The seat selection fee may vary according to the type of seat and the cabin class.

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What are the Different Types of Seats on United Airlines?

United Airlines provides different types of seats that passengers can choose from according to their preferences. Below we have mentioned every seat type.

Basic Economy:

United Airlines’ basic economy seats are one of the cheapest types of seats. These seating options provide standard legroom and free drinks. These basic seats are situated in the back and middle of the flight.

Standard Economy:

Standard economy seats offer a wide range of services, such as free drinks, and snacks, and on international flights, a free three-course meal will be provided.

Preferred Seating:

With the preferred seats, you collect points, get a faster exit, and onboard early. These seats are the regular economy seats that are located closer to the front of the flight.

Economy Plus:

These seats provide extra legroom and more seating space. These seats are located in the front of the plane and provide free drinks.

Premium Plus:

With the premium seating option passengers can easily confirm seats in premium cabins. And can get free standard checked bags, Comfortable, spacious seats, and Complimentary alcoholic drinks.

First and Business Class:

United First and Business Class allows premium seating. Moreover, these seats provide extra space to recline, a Six-way adjustable headrest, and special amenity kit, and more.

Is it Possible to Choose a Seat for Free on United Airlines?

Yes. It is possible. But if you want to choose a seat for free, here are some terms & conditions you need to abide by:

  • All the fare classes except the basic economy allow the passenger to choose a free seat or change the seat assignment.
  • If you are buying Basic Economy, ensure purchasing the seat during flight booking until check-in.
  • For group booking, United Airlines allows the passengers to select the seats for free.

How Do You Sit Together on United Airlines?

In case you have planned a trip with family or child or want to sit together, then the airline assists you with its easy seat selection process. For instance, if you have booked a flight with a child under the age of 12, United Airlines will ensure that you get a seat next to the child at no extra cost. if you’re traveling with United Airlines group travel, United provisions seating together, provided that you exploited the United Airlines seat assignment policy at the right time.

Do Disabled People Get Special Seats on United Airlines?

Yes. United Airlines provides special seats for those who have a disability. So, if you have any disability, you can request any of the following services for free.

  • Wheelchair service to reach your seat.
  • Moveable missile armrest
  • Seating option next to your companion.
  • Extra legroom if you have a fractured or immobilised leg.

Make sure to know that all the accommodations will be made in the same cabin you have booked your seat with.

How Does Seat Selection Work for United Elite Members?

For the Elite members on United Airlines, seat selection works like this:

  • United Airlines provides a free seat selection on Economy Plus seats when making the reservation.
  • Silver members can pick the economy seat at the time of check-in.
  • The United Airlines elite members also get complimentary seat upgrade on select flights that start 96 hours before departure time.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right seat is an important part of any travel experience, whether leisurely or business-driven. Therefore, being familiar with United Airlines seat selection can assist in getting the best seats. Whether you want extra legroom, window or aisle seating, United offers every single option, provided you choose the seat at the right time. If you need added assistance, reach out to us at 1-860-374-7569 and get your queries resolved in no time.

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What happens if seat picking at United Airlines doesn’t work?

If you are facing issues with seat selection, United Airlines will assign you a seat at the time of check-in.

Can I get a better seat on United at no extra cost?

Yes. You can get a preferred seat for free if you have a MileagePlus Premier membership with United Airlines.

Does United Airlines automatically assign your seats?

Yes. United Airlines automatically assigns the seats if the passenger skips the seat selection at the time of making reservation.

What happens if you do not pick a seat on a United flight?

If you skip the seat selection at the time of booking, then United Airlines assigns you a seat at the departure gate or during check-in.

Does United assign seats before check-in?

Yes. Seats are automatically assigned before boarding the plane. The random seating will be given to those passengers who miss the seat selection when making the reservation.