When it comes to traveling in the Air, what we can expect is Comfortable seats. However, when you are Travelling with American Airlines you will not face any issues regarding your seats. Because American Airlines Provides more comfortable and best seats to its Passengers.

However, in this blog, we will explore the American Airlines seat selection process, fees, and how you can request a refund. So continue to read further.

What is the American Airlines Seat Selection Rule?

The American Airlines Allows the passenger to choose any seat without paying any charges. However here are a few terms that will help you understand how the seat selection works on AA.

  • The AAdvantage Members can select their seats, according to their status.
  • If you do not select your seats, American Airlines will automatically assign you a seat.
  • Also, AA does not guarantee that companions can sit together in a Flight.
  • Passengers are allowed to select their seats before and After the Booking.
  • You can also select the seat at the time of check-in.

Thus, these are the steps that you need to check before making your seat selection.

How do I Pick My Seats on American Airlines?

To select your desired seat, below we have mentioned the steps through which you can choose your preferred flight.

  • Go to the Official website of the American Airlines.
  • Now, find the booking section.
  • Tap on the Flight and enter your details.
  • The details that you need to enter are the number of passengers,
  • Count of the adults and minor passengers, date.
  • Tap on the next and choose the flight that suits you.
  • After choosing your flight, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Then, make the Payment to complete the seat selection Process.

Once you complete the process, you will get the confirmation on your email address.

Call the AA Customer Service Executive

Other than the online flight booking procedure, American Airlines provides the offline method. Through the offline method, you can call the representative to select your seat, and the steps are:

  • Call on the American Airlines customer service 800-433-7300 (24/7)
  • Once your call is connected, choose the language to talk.
  • Now, request the representative to select your seat.
  • If there is any available seat, the representative will send you a list.
  • Now, provide them with your details, and choose the seat accordingly.
  • At last, make the payment if required to select your seats.

Other than this, the passenger has a choice to select their seat on American Airlines Flights by reaching the Airport help desk.

How Much American Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

To select American Airlines you have to pay a certain amount of fee. But for the standard seats, the fee is zero except for the economy fares. For economy fares, $160 is required. Let’s check out the fee for every class on American Airlines.

You can also Check the Table for a Quick Seat selection Fee on American Airlines:

Types of Seats


Economy Seats

$9 to $24.

Preferred/Main Cabin Extra : 

$10 to $22

Premium Seats: 

Over $16

Economy Seats:

The economy seats are very budget-friendly. So, If you are selecting a seat with a basic economy, then you have to pay the seat selection fee. The fee ranges from $9 to $24.

Preferred/Main Cabin Extra :

For the standard Economy fares, you can select the seat free of cost, but if you need the extra legroom seats, then it will charge you some fees, which are from $10 to $22 for the main cabin Extra seats.

Premium Seats:

If you are looking for extra luxury with Premium seating on American Airlines, you have to pay the seat selection fee. The passenger can get various amenities in this class. However, to choose a seat, they have to pay over $160 as a seat selection fee.

How to Avoid Paying American Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

If you are choosing a seat with American Airlines, then you have to pay a seat selection fee, the only way to avoid the fee is you have to be a Member of the AAdvantage Program because the AA Allows the free preferred seat selection of these Members.

However, to skip the fee, you have to wait until the check-in time, then the Airline will automatically assign a seat for you.

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When Can I Request a Refund for seats?

According to American Airlines, passengers can request a refund for the seat selection if they paid the seat selection fee online.

Know more: How to Request a Refund from American Airlines

However, You can request a refund in these particular situations.

  • When you miss your flight, rebook it for another flight.
  • If you cancel the booking within 7 days of your booking.
  • While you change Preferred to nonpreferred seats.

You can also request a refund if you change or upgrade your seats.

Bottom Line

Once you have selected the right seats on American Airlines, you can relax because you have selected the right seat for you. Whether you choose the premium economy, Main cabin, or Preferred seating, American Airlines Provides the best option to travel in Comfort.

However, if you still have any doubts about American Airlines seat selection then you can reach out to the American Airlines customer service team, or call us to get further details


Can I change the AA seat After selecting it?

Yes. You can change your American Airlines Seats at any time before check-in. For that, you can visit the Website or call the customer service team for help.

Is there any additional charges for Seat Selection?

American Airlines provides complimentary seats on some fares but with others, it may charge a fee. So check the seat selection policy of American Airlines when you book your flight.

Can I Pick a Seat On American Airlines?

Yes. you can pick any seat at any time without paying a Fee.

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