American Airlines offers Group booking for passengers in a group of 10 or more traveling on the same flight. The AA group travel is designed to manage group booking easier and more cost-effectively. However, you can read further if you want to Know the information about making an American Airlines Group travel. Moreover, In this blog, we will explore everything about a group booking and how does it works. So let’s quickly find out the details.

How to book a group ticket with American Airlines?

If you are planning an American Airlines Group travel want to book a larger group, then you can do so by calling American Airlines or using the online Method. Further, if you are using the online method, you can use the AA charter option, which helps the passengers to customize their itinerary as per their Needs. There are multiple Methods offered by the AA. These are as follows:

Method 1: Through Online

  • Visit the AA official Website.
  • Look for the Group booking/Reservation.
  • Click on the given option.
  • Enter the details of the group, like no. the number of passengers, etc.
  • Get the Group Rates.
  • Now, select the flight option, choose one way, round trip, or Multicity Flight.
  • After filling out all the details. Choose the mode of payment.
  • Make the payment and complete your booking.

Once all the steps are completed successfully, you will get the American Airlines Group travel booking confirmation in your email box. Save it, or Download it onto your phone or PC.

Method 2: Through Offline

When you cannot complete the group reservation through the online Method, you can opt for the offline Method. The steps are:

  • Call the American Airlines group department at 800-433-1790 or 1-860-374-7569.
  • Wait to connect; once connected, listen to the IVR Options.
  • Choose to speak with the representative and request them for booking.
  • Provide your booking details and proceed.
  • Make the payment and Complete the Booking.
  • At last, get the booking confirmation in your email box.

Other Contact Information for Group and Meeting Reservations

American Airlines Group Travel Policy

Whenever you make the Group booking, it is important to have an idea of the policy so that it will clear out the thing about who will be eligible for it. Let’s find out all the terms and conditions to get the Group booking.

  • To be eligible for Group booking with AA, there should be 10 or more People.
  • All the passengers travel together for at least one common flight segment.
  • If the group is traveling to any one world destination within a 2-day window, you can get Guaranteed fares.
  • For world destinations, passengers can block the space for up to 11 months in advance.
  • AAdvantage members can get mileage points on the group and meeting travels
  • Group members can board the AA flight before other passengers.
  • The Group may be eligible for discounts and checked baggage fees.

When you are booking with a travel Agency, the requirements are:

Those bookings done by any agency must have the following statements, that are:

  • Your contrast Authorization Number.
  • Field of the PNR that includes the AA contract Booking Number.

Failure to Provide the Number will result in the auto cancellation of the ticket.

How Much do I have deposit to hold booking on American Airlines?

For the Group booking with AA, Passengers have to pay some amount to hold the booking. The amount will be based on the service you have chosen. But if you are booking American Airlines Group travel before 30 days of the departure, then AA does not charge any hold fee, and you have to pay the full amount.

However, here is a fee according to various AA classes:

Fare class Fee
Economy $100
Premium Economy $150
First Class $200
Business Class $400

Can you get a group rate on American Airlines tickets?

Yes. AA offers the Group rates on the booking of American Airlines Group travel or if 10 or more people travel together. These rates can be used to book any of the cabin class, Premium cabins, or One World destinations.

The AA group rates are Available for:

  • Group of 10 or More People
  • 1 or more departure Airport
  • Applied to Any cabin class

Benefits Of American Airlines Group Booking

If you make the American Airlines group travel you will get Multiple benefits. Some of them are as follows.

  • All the zone fares are refundable as per the AA group Travel Policy.
  • Flexible ticketing timelines.
  • Opportunity to block the space for up to 330 days before the departure time.
  • Passengers can hold the space without the name until the departure.
  • The free one-name change is allowed 48 hours before the departure.
  • Automatic seat assignments.
  • Air Only fares are not refundable but passengers can get the credits that can be used for the group booking.

Benefits for Groups of 10 or More travelers traveling from different places to the same one

  • Refundable flight fares and flexible ticketing options.
  • Opportunity to block the space for up to 330 days before the departure time.
  • Passengers can add their names later in the booking.
  • On the free name change.
  • Automatic Sea assignment.

What is a American Airlines group block?

The group block is booking at least 10 flight tickets with American Airlines. Where the passengers choose to travel to the same destination, whether it is a round trip, one-way, or Multicity Flight. And used the one form of payment.

Does American Airlines Offer Group Discounts?

Yes. AA offers group discounts for both fares and amenities, whether you are booking a smaller or larger group. By making a reservation with AA, you will get group deals and discounts. Thus, by getting the discounts on the booking, you will make the budget travel without making a hole in your pocket.

With AA group discounts, you will get up to 10 to 15% deduction on your Booking. So before making the reservation, check out the group rates and opt for the best deals offered by the AA. Further, for the larger groups, it reduces the group rates.

Bottom Line

Making A group reservation with American Airlines is an Easy Process that helps the passenger arrange the group booking hassle-free. Whether it is for larger groups or smaller ones, the AA provides group rates for both. With American Airlines Group travel, passengers can get the best deals and discounts with so many perks.

However, if you have any further queries associated with your group reservation, you can reach out to us, or contact the customer service team for the help you are looking for.


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