Are you looking to explore different destinations in a single excursion? Or, you have planned it but are not sure about which airline to choose? No problem, we have got you covered. Look no further than a United Airlines multi-city reservation which will offer you the flexibility to cover a number of destinations under a single itinerary. Moreover, multi stop flights will offer inexpensive tickets as compared to flight tickets with a single destination. Furthermore, it will allow you to cover up to 6 destinations under one itinerary, with the option to choose preferred dates for each flight segment.

Booking a Multi Stop Flight with United Airlines: Step-by-Step

Here are simple steps you can follow to book a multi city flight online with United Airlines:
  • Open the United Airlines official website on your laptop or mobile screen.
  • Then go to the “Book a Flight” option.
  • Sign in to your account, and choose the trip section.
  • There you will see, flight only, flight+ hotels, or flight+hotel+car.
  • After that, find the Multi-City flight option
  • Choose from one-way, round trip, or multi city.
  • Then, add the booking details like:
    • Number of passengers
    • Number of adults, or children
    • Destination 1 (from/to and date) Destination 2 (from/to and date), add another destination if required.
    • Cabin class
    • Fare Types
  • After filling out all the details, tap on the Search Flight.
  • Choose the flight as per your preference.
  • After that, add the special request if any, such as a wheelchair, stroller, or car seat.
  • Now, make the payment, and complete the booking.
Once all is done, you will get a confirmation from United Airlines about your booking.

How do I call United Airlines to book multi-city tickets?

If you are looking to book a United Airlines multi city trip by calling United Airlines, please refer to the points mentioned below.
  • To book your multi-city flight, you can call the customer service team using the United Airlines phone number 1-800-864-8331 and talk to the representative.
  • After dialling the number, wait for the representative.
  • Once connected, request him to book your multi-stop flight.
  • Provide your booking details, like destinations, number of passengers, dates, etc.
  • Now, follow the further instructions.
  • Add special assistance if any.
  • Make the payment to complete the booking.
Once all the steps are performed, you will receive a confirmation on the registered phone number.

How to plan a multi-city trip with United Airlines?

Multi-destination trips are cheaper and easier to book. But when you visit multiple destinations on a single trip, you may need particular planning for it. So, here are tips for planning a perfect multi-destination flight trip:
  • Choose the right destination: First thing, decide the main destination, then choose what cities you want to cover in the country of arrival. Once decided, make a list of other places you intend to visit.
  • Book in advance: It will help in saving a big chunk of money, and securing the best flight deals.
  • Book through travel credit cards: Make the payment using a travel credit card, as it will provide you with valuable rewards and points.
  • Keep track of ongoing flight deals: While planning a trip, keep a close eye on the flight deals and discounts or set the fare alerts.
  • Choose the long layover: It will help you explore the city in no rush while you wait for the next flight.

What are the pros and cons of multi-city booking?

When it comes to making United Airlines reservations with multiple destinations, it always comes with pros and cons. So if you are booking your flight with United Airlines, you may encounter these.


  • You can combine multiple destinations in a single booking.
  • With multi-city flights, one can explore various destinations at a discounted price.
  • Helps in establishing a connection between different cities.
  • Offer layovers that help in avoiding stress caused due to long flights.
  • With each leg of the trip, passengers can earn reward points if he/she is a member of a frequent flyer program.
  • Provides best inflight services, and amenities.


  • The booking procedure might be a little complicated
  • Sometimes, a multi-city flight is more expensive than a single booking.
  • Takes more travel time to reach the destination because of long layovers.
  • The route option with multi-city flights is limited.
  • The risk of missing the next flight is higher.

Can I cancel a United Airlines multi-city trip?

Yes. You can cancel your multi-city flight with United Airlines. But for that, you have to divide your United Airlines itinerary which will create a multi-individual booking. To divide the booked reservation, choose the individual booking segment in the travel section of the reservation. Moreover, cancel your multi-city ticket through the website in three simple steps:
  • Visit the website and go to the My Trip option.
  • Choose the cancel flight option.
  • Then, select confirm the cancellation.
Once you complete the cancellation, you will be given the refund and travel credit option.

How to book multi-city flights with Traveltipspot?

If you want to book your multi city flight with us at Traveltipspot. Simply make a call to the customer service representative at 1-860-374-7569. We have a dedicated team that can help you in making your reservation smoothly. Inform the agent that you want a booking with multiple destinations. Now, provide your booking details, such as the number of destinations, passengers and dates, etc. Once all is done, make the payment and get your ticket in the mail or on the same number.


Making a multi-city flight reservation with United Airlines is an easy process. Whether you want to tour numerous destinations with your family or go for a chain of corporate meetings, United Airlines offers a comforting travel experience. If you need additional assistance with United Airlines multi-city excursion, reach out to our team of travel experts to get your queries resolved.


Are there special deals at United Airlines for multi-destination travel?

Yes, if you have elite status or you are a frequent flyer, you will get special deals on your multi destination booking on United Airlines.

Is it less expensive to book multi-city flights or separate?

Yes. Booking a flight with multiple stops is always cheaper than a separate booking. Additionally, with a multi-city booking, you can cover many destinations on a lower fare, and within a single itinerary.

Will I get a discount on booking multiple city flight tickets?

United Airlines provides a discount if you purchase multiple tickets in a single transaction. Moreover, you secure a cheaper rate as well.

Can I earn extra miles with United Airlines multi-city trips?

Yes, you can earn the miles but only on the part that you paid with money, excluding the taxes, United multi-city ticket prices, and fees. These miles will be deposited to your account after your multi-city booking is complete.

How does United Airlines multi city round trip work?

The United Airlines multi-city round trip works according to the number of destinations. Just select the Round Trip option while making the reservation.

What is the most reasonable way to book a United multi-city flight?

The cheapest and easiest way to book a United Airlines multi city flight is by calling the representative. Request the agent to book a multi-city flight on your behalf. Other than this, try to book in advance to get the cheapest flight.