United Airlines group travel provides an excellent opportunity for passengers to fly together with friends, family, or colleagues while enjoying various benefits customised for groups. However, the United airlines group program is designed for a group of 10 people (or more) flying together. It offers special benefits and discounts, making it affordable to book tickets. In this blog, we’ll get complete details about group travel, how to book, its advantages, requirements, and much more.

How do I book a group travel with United Airlines?

To book a group trip with United Airlines, you can simply go to the website, and fill out the booking form. But make sure, first you have to ask for the group quote, and then proceed with the booking. However, the simple steps are:

  • Visit the website of United Airlines.
  • Then go to my booking section.
  • There, you will find the group travel option.
  • Tap on it, and you will see the online form.
  • Fill it by entering the right details.
  • After filling out the form you will get a quote.

Once you complete this form, United Airlines will send you a confirmation email in 2-3 business days with the details denoting quoted prices, and other useful information on how to confirm your reservation. However, after getting the quote, you can confirm the booking if you find the ticket fares reasonable.

Why Choose United Airlines for Group Travel?

If you are thinking about flying in a group, United Airlines are the ideal choice to consider. You can go to a group of ten individuals or more and get special benefits concerning pricing and services. Here we have the advantage of going in groups.

  • Unique Pricing for the Group: Use a reliable charge while flying United Airlines if at least ten people are going to a similar destination.
  • The whole group will be taken care of: Aside from saving cash through United Airlines booking while going in a group, you likewise get a group organiser, to help your group to the air terminal, the equal cost for the group, and the easy check-in services.
  • The group can earn huge points: Other than the United Airlines group discounts and benefits, you will earn huge points whenever you make group travel reservations. Before going for the flight you can likewise deal with your group reservation or speak with the representative for help by calling customer service.
  • Best group services: Your group serves the best services, allowing you to enjoy priority during the check-in and with other services as well.

How do I contact United Airlines to book group flight?

Contacting United Airlines group travel is a simple & convenient method to get discounts fares on multiple bookings in 1 transaction. Here’s how you can get in touch in details below:

  • To speak directly with a United Airlines group travel specialist, you can call the dedicated group reservations phone number 844-904-0187.
  • Wait for the representative to connect with you.
  • Once connected, request the representative to book group travel.
  • Provide the details, such as the number of passengers, destination, and dates of travel.
  • They provide you with a flight quote.
  • Choose the flight that suits you and your budget.
  • Complete the booking procedure, and then make the payment.
  • You will get confirmation mail on email id.

Important: Before calling United Airlines, make sure to check the operations timings, United Airlines operates Monday through Friday from 7.00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

What is the Terms & Conditions of United Airlines Group Reservation

When you are going to fly with a group it is mandatory to be aware of the terms and conditions of group reservations. so here are some key points to consider:

  • After paying the fares: As the deposit is non-adaptable and non-transferable, you need to pay the extra charge if they have any desire to change the date.
  • Changes in a Group Booking: If the booking is made and you want to make some changes. Then you have to pay the change charge. In any case, the travelers are mentioned to pay the expected sum within the time and booking, the pay within the time frame.
  • Group baggage Allowance: While making a United Airlines group travel booking. pooling of stuff is allowed. The baggage and subordinate expenses are not a piece of a gathering charge. it relies upon the payment of the pertinent charges.
  • Group booking instalment necessities: If you want to save a seat, depending upon the seat accessibility after getting the deposit made, you must pay 25% of the deposit of the non-refundable expense.
  • Payment deadlines: While making a group booking, in something like two days before takeoff against the primary travel date, you must make the full payment to confirm your seat. In the interim, if you request a quote between 8-14 days prior, the travelers need to pay around half of the non-refundable fares within 24 hrs.

How much do I have advance deposit to hold booking on United Airlines?

To make your booking secure for multiple people on United airlines requires a small amount of deposit. Passengers have to deposit at least 25% of the booking payment within some specified time frame. This deposit serves as confirmation from the group to proceed with their reservation. The deposit amount and terms vary depending on factors such as the size of the group, destination, and travel dates.

Generally, the deposit is non-refundable if the group cancels the reservation, but it may be applied towards future travel if rebooking occurs within a certain timeframe.

How to check-in United Airlines group flight passengers?

Passengers who wish to find how to check-in process for group travel then you can check the pointers below:

  • Your group needs to show up for the check-in to comprehend and finish the group travel check-in process.
  • Additionally, there are different check-in work areas at the airport.
  • The third point says it’s smarter to show up no less than two hours sooner for domestic flights and three hours for international flights.

Thus, to complete the check-in on time, make sure to reach the airport as early as possible.

Does United Airlines Offer Group Vacation Packages?

Of Course yes ! To book a United Airlines group vacation package, you can contact United Airlines Vacations and travel through their “Group Your Way” program. To book a group vacation package.

  • You can call on 1-888-854-3899 (Official
  • On the other hand, send an email: [email protected].

United Airlines’ vacation team operates from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM EST to orchestrate your itinerary. Make a point to determine the size of your group and the number of rooms you expect to book your trips for the whole group.

Is Group Travel Cheaper than Individual Booking?

Group travel is cheaper than individual booking depending on various key factors such as the size of the group, travel dates, destination, and any available deals or discounts. In many cases, booking as a group can indeed result in cost savings compared to individual bookings. It offers discounted group rates for parties traveling together, allowing groups to gain special fares.

Additionally, group bookings may come with additional perks or amenities tailored specifically for groups, such as priority boarding, dedicated check-in counters, or complimentary upgrades, further enhancing the value proposition for group travelers.

Can you get Group Rates on United Airlines?

Yes, United Airlines offers group rates and discounted fares, for the groups and agencies traveling together, which helps you in making a huge saving against your group rates. These costs are tailor-made to suit all your travel requirements and might provide you with amazing budget savings, mainly for the larger groups.


In conclusion, If you have general questions regarding group travel policies, requirements, or booking procedures, you can also reach out to United Airlines’ customer service department for assistance. United Airlines group travel come up with the best quotes to its passengers along with various advantages, from discounted fares to the best group service and flexible payment options.


How do I book a United flight for a group of people?

To book a trip for a group on United Airlines, you can call the customer support agent at 844-904-0187, or book yourself through the site. If you decide to book through our representative, make a request, and give your details.

Can I book a flight for 14 people on United Airlines?

Totally yes! While reserving the seat, you simply have to add 14 travelers to the booking, and the rest of the process remains the same.

How early should I book a group ticket with United Airlines? 

It is recommended to book 7 months ahead of time if you are making a group reservation with United Airlines. By booking the trip ahead of time, you will get better flight rates and flight accessibility.

Is there a deposit required for group booking on United Airlines? 

Indeed, the deposit is a must to hold the booking. The ‘hold sum’ differs depending upon the group size and flight route.

Can I make changes on a group trip with United Airlines? 

Yes, you can make changes to your group flight, however it is dependent upon accessibility. So try to look for the accessibility and if there are any additional fees associated with it.

What happens if a group member wants to cancel their booking?

To cancel the booking, United Airlines cancellation policy will be applicable alongside the cancellation charges. 

How does United Airlines check-in work for group travel?

With United Airlines group booking, the group will be assigned a check-in counter and a separate check-in line. This way, an early and hassle-free check-in is facilitated for the group travellers.


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