American Airlines allows passengers to bring alcohol on the flight, considering the consumption will happen post de-boarding. However, this comes with some restrictions. American Airlines may not allow some items or limit some items for safety reasons. Therefore, to avoid the inconvenience at the security check, you must understand American Airlines liquor policy in advance.

So, if you have a flight and still not sure about whether you can bring alcohol on American Airlines, then the article below will help you.

What are the Liquor Rules on American Airlines?

It is true that you can bring alcohol on American Airlines flight. However, before that, you need to keep some important points in mind.

Alcoholic Beverages under 70 percent by volume

American Airlines only allows alcoholic beverages under 70 percent by volume in your checked bags. So, you can easily carry the following beverages in your checked bags:

  • Wine
  • Beer and
  • Other alcoholic drinks

Note: American Airlines does not allow open alcoholic beverage containers.

Similarly, you can carry only upto 5 litres of alcohol per person. Further, you can carry it in your checked bags only if it falls in 24 to 70 percent alcohol by volume.

However, customs regulations can differ depending on the country.

Alcoholic Beverages over 70 percent by volume

American Airlines does not allow alcoholic beverages marked above ‘140 Proof’. Therefore, you can not carry them in your checked bag.

Further, American Airlines also allows mini bottles of alcohol in a carry-on. However, the bottle size must be equal to that which can easily fit in a quarter-size bag.

How Do You Pack Liquor Bottles for Travel?

Once you understand the policies for carrying liquor bottles on American Airlines, you can safely pack them in your carry-on or checked luggage. However, if you do not know how to keep your liquor bottles safe, then follow the below tips:

  • First, check if you are of the right age to carry alcohol. According to United States regulations, you must be 21 years or older.
  • Further, try to transport the alcohol in its original container. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you can not carry an opened bottle in your carry-on or checked bag.
  • However, if you are traveling on a non-US flight, then you must read the particular country’s guidelines.
  • However, you can not drink alcohol on American Airlines other than what is served by them. American Airlines may allow you to carry 100 ml of alcohol in your carry-on bag. 
  • So, you can keep that in its original packaging in a quarter-size bag.

For Packing bottles in Checked Baggage

You can pack the liquor bottles to keep them safe in checked baggage. Therefore, you can wrap them in bubble wrap, newspaper, or woollen clothes. This will protect them against any accident during transportation.

  • Further, keep the bottles in plastic bags for extra safety.
  • Next, you can keep a soft item between them while placing them into your luggage.
  • Fit the bottle in such a way that will prevent them from bouncing during placement and removal of luggage.

How Many Bottles of Alcohol Can I Bring into the U.S.?

The U.S. government usually allows one liquor of 1 ltr per person to be duty-free. However, if you carry more than 1 litre, you may need to pay duty or IRS taxes.

Although there is no legal limit on the quantity of alcohol you can import to the U.S., it may put you under suspicion. The authority may consider that you are importing the liquor for commercial purposes.

Apart from that, you need to read the state-wise rules and regulations for importing alcohol.

Is Liquor Free on American Airlines?

Yes, you can enjoy complimentary liquor on American Airlines in the following situations:

  • When you have an AAdvantage Executive Platinum status or
  • When you have a ConciergeKey membership

What is the 3 1 1 rule?

The 3 1 1 rule defines how much liquor you can bring on any U.S.-based flight. The Transportation Security Administration(TSA) allows a limited amount in your carry-on bags.

Therefore, the 3-1-1 explains the important points that you need to remember while carrying liquid. It includes the following:

  • You can carry liquor in a container with a maximum quantity of around 3.4 ounces(“3”).
  • Further, you need to pack all liquor containers in a transparent plastic bag of quarter size(“1”).
  • Airlines always allow one plastic bag per passenger(“1”)
  • So, you can complete the security check easily once you comply with the 3-1-1 rule.


Hopefully, you have the answer to whether you can bring Alcohol on American Airlines. You just need to keep the above points in mind and move ahead for a hassle-free security check. You can also use the necessary tips to pack your liquor bottles safely. Further, you can contact an American Airlines representative to learn more about their liquor policies.


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