Delta Airlines is introducing the new boarding zones for all flights starting from May 1st. Following the new changes, boarding groups based on airline status and fare class will be replaced by specific zone numbers, and the boarding order will remain the same. Thus, if you are flying with Delta Airlines, you will have to know the Delta Airlines new boarding process and assigned zone numbers to seamlessly board the airline. To know more about the boarding process, continue to read further.

What is Delta Airlines New Boarding Process?

Delta Airlines simplifies the way passengers board their planes, and becomes one of the latest airlines to make the changes to their boarding process. If we talk about the new changes in the boarding process, then it will be:

  • How does it classify the various boarding zones
  • Switching to the number-based system
  • Provides the ‘Travel + Leisure.

Note: Under ‘Travel+Leisure’, passengers will board as per the ‘Zone’ they fall into, i.e. Zone 1 & Zone 2. First Class and Delta One traveler fall in Zone 1, while Zone 2 denotes Delta Premium Select Cabin passengers, and Diamond Medallion members.

Further, the aim of Delta Airlines new boarding process is to provide passengers with more clarity regarding the boarding sequence. And now, if the passenger accesses the boarding pass through the “Fly Delta App”, it will reflect the new zone number and the sequence of the airport screens.

How Does Delta Airlines New Boarding Process Work?

After making the changes in the boarding zones, now Delta will welcome its passengers in the following order:



Zone 1

Delta One and the first-class customers

Zone 2

Delta Premium Select Cabin passengers, Diamond Medallion members

Early Access

Passengers traveling with strollers or car seats

Zone 3

Delta Comfort+ passengers

Zone 4

Sky Priority customers

Zone 5

Main Cabin 1 passengers

Zone 6

Main Cabin 2 passengers

Zone 7

Main Cabin 3 passengers

Zone 8

Basic economy passengers

Thus, at the airport boarding zones from 1-4, will use the “ Delta Sky Priority Lane”, and from 5 to 8 will use the Delta Airlines general boarding lane.

What Qualifies as a Sky Priority On Delta Airlines?

Sky Priority is a service designed to improve the user experience at the airport. As mentioned above, Delta Airlines new boarding process for the sky priority is for the passengers who have the status of:

  • Diamond Medallion Members
  • Platinum Medallion Members
  • Gold Medallion Members

Delta considers these members the most loyal and provides them priority access. Further Sky Priority helps the passenger get faster help and exclusive services. With the Sky Priority, passengers will get faster check-in, early boarding, and extended baggage services.

What is the Boarding Sequence for Delta Airlines?

The boarding sequence on Delta Airlines starts with the active US military members and the passengers who need special assistance. We can also term this Delta Priority Boarding.  Then on to the second number, “Delta One,” and the “First Class Passengers” can board the plane. Then, on the third number, “Diamond Medallion Members” can board.

Thus, the rest of the passengers will board according to their zone number that will be mentioned on the boarding pass. In short, if you have priority boarding access, or you have some sort of elite status, you will board first.

How do I Get the Priority Boarding on Delta Airlines?

Generally speaking, if you are planning to travel with Delta Airlines and looking for priority boarding, you can first check the Delta Airlines new boarding process sequence, this will help you in getting priority boarding. Further, get it by just following the simple steps that we have mentioned below:

  • Buy a First class seat on Delta Airlines.
  • Purchase priority boarding if you have economy class seats.
  • Get the Delta Airlines credit card to get the benefits.
  • Moreover, Delta provides you with priority boarding, If you have a SkyMiles number in your reservation.
  • Provides automatic priority if passengers have platinum, Gold, or credit card hold

Further, Delta Airlines provides priority Delta boarding passes to those passengers who are the most loyal, and if you are a frequent flyer and use the maximum number of miles, you will get priority boarding.

International Check-in Requirements

  • If traveling outside the US, reach the airport 3 hours before the departure time.
  • Must check in at least 1 hour before the departure time.
  • Be at the gate, at least 45 minutes before the departure time.

However, if you are flying to one of the airports mentioned below, the required minimum time is as follows:

Suggested Times at Int’l Airports

Suggested minimum time at the airport before departure

Required minimum check-in cutoff time before departure 

suggested minimum time at the gate before departure

3 hours

1 hour

45 Minutes

Note: Please note that the above-mentioned requirements and guidelines can vary from airport to airport, so it is better to pre-check by visiting the Delta Airlines website.

When Should I Board the Plane: First or Last?

As per the Delta Airlines new boarding process, if you are flying with family, have too much luggage, or want priority access, then you should board first. Boarding the plane first before anyone else can make you feel more comfortable.

Further, deciding on early boarding or late ultimately comes under personal priorities. However, if you and your family board first, you will get various benefits, like:

  • Less stress
  • You will have more space available in the overhead bin.
  • More time to get settled.
  • More time to sanitize the area where you are going to sit. 

Wrapping it Up!

Passengers flying with Delta Airlines after May 1 will encounter changes in the boarding process and with zones replacing the previously used categories. The new changes in the boarding process will help the passengers and staff and will provide more clarity about the boarding process. For further details regarding the Delta Airlines new boarding process, we recommend you visit the Delta Airlines official website or contact the customer service team for help!


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