Southwest Airlines has an open seating option, which means the Airline does not assign you a seat in advance. The seat you can choose the moment you have entered the flight. Also, the Airline allows the passengers to get two checked bags on the flight, and It also offers an easy way to earn the mile and the elite status. However, The Airline has various and unique boarding processes that can help with seating options. Moreover, This blog will help you regarding your Southwest Airlines seat selection process and inform you how you can select your seats on Southwest Airlines.

Seat selection on Southwest Airlines:

With seat selection on Southwest Airlines, passengers can sit in any place they want because the Airline does not assign a seat earlier. The Airline offers a convenient and fast process of boarding.

Check your boarding pass and then you have to find out your boarding group ( A, B, or C) assigned to you with the boarding positions, like 1 to 60. This will help in making your seat selection easier.

What is the Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before selecting any seat, passengers have to understand the related policies and Regulations to know everything about the process. Also, passengers can know the Southwest Airlines Seat Selection policy by following the details mentioned below:

  • The Airline does not provide any random seats to passengers.
  • The Airline offers various offers to customers to select their seats as per their choices.
  • When the passenger has the boarding pass, then, only seat selection is allowed.
  • The seat can be selected through the seat map option.
  • At the time of boarding, a particular group can be called, and then the passenger can choose their seats.
  • According to the policy, pregnant women and minors cannot select the emergency or front-row seats.

Is there any Family Boarding Policy on Southwest Airlines?

Are you traveling with a family? Then yes. If the adult members are traveling with a child that is 6 years old or younger, then they can board using the Family boarding. When Group A boards, the Group starts boarding, and if the child and adult have the same boarding group A Pass, then they should board on the same boarding group, but if there is Group B or C, then family boarding helps the families to sit together.

How do Boarding Groups work on Southwest Airlines?

The Airlines assign the passengers a Southwest Airlines Boarding Group, that is, Group (A, B, C) with the seat position from (1 to 60 Plus), at the time of check-in rather than assigning a random seat. However, that is how group Boarding works:

  • The agent of the gates is called Group A First.
  • Then, there are two lines that are labeled 1-30 and then 30-60.
  • Every row has a mark for every 5 Members, which helps the passengers where they should stand.
  • And the boarding process starts with those passengers who have the Priority Boarding.
  • When group A boarding is complete, then Group B boarding Starts.

Other than this, the Pre boarding order works like this:

Group A1-60 ( for Military Personals, family boarding, and Preffered Members)
Group B1-60
Group C 1-60

How many seat categories are there on Southwest?

The Airline has Various Southwest seating categories that include:

  • Business Select: with this, passengers can get the Priority Boarding.
  • Anytime: with this category, passenger can change or cancel their Flight anytime.
  • Wanna Get Away: The seating Category has the lowest fares.
  • Upgraded Boarding: in this, passenger can upgrade their seat by purchasing the boarding option,
  • Extra Legroom Seats: these seats are Exit or front cabin row, and these seats are for the passenger who wants extra legroom.
  • Standard Seats: the regular seats and these seats do not offer any feature.

Ways to reserve a seat on Southwest Airlines

Passengers may have doubts about the procedure, like how they can select the seats, however, if you want to know the Process, and ways, look at the details further.

Online Method:

  • Visit the Website of Southwest Airlines
  • Now, go to the flight details and check the check-in option.
  • Entre your details like, your last name and the Boarding pass Number.
  • Once you get your boarding pass, check the groups.
  • Groups like A, b, and C have seat positions From 1 TO 60.
  • Now, open the seat map and choose your desired seat.
  • After that, confirm the seat and complete the Process.

Offline Method:

Passengers can choose the offline option by calling the customer service number, as this number is the quickest way to select the seat so let us check the steps:

  • You can visit the website.
  • Now go to the Contact Us option
  • Now, dial 1 (800) 435-9792 Southwest Airlines Phone Number
  • After that, choose your language and listen to the IVR option.
  • Now choose the option that is Speak to the Representative.
  • And then Request the representative, to select your Seat.
  • Then, the representative will show your seat map option
  • There, you can select the seat of your choice and inform them.
  • And at last, the representative will confirm your b seat selection.

So, these are the easy and best ways through which you can easily select your seat. However, Passengers can select the seat by visiting the Airport; for the Airport seat selection, you just need to visit the help desk and inform the representative to select the seat.

How Can I Get the Best Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Passengers have various preferences when they fly. However here are a few ways through which you can easily get the best deals on Southwest Airlines.

  • Earn the Elite Status: The frequent flyer of Southwest Airlines gets the priority of seat selection and has a List A or List with Preferred seats.
  • Check-in 24 hours before: if you are traveling with Wanna Getaway, these fares are the cheapest on Southwest Airlines, try to check-in in advance as this helps you in getting the best seats.
  • Purchase the A1-A15 Boarding: If you do not like the boarding number that Southwest Airlines provides you, no worries, the upgraded boarding is available at the airport. You can upgrade the boarding by paying the fee. The fee is around $30 to $50 one way.
  • Get the business select fares: you might miss Group A or Group B even after you check in however know, A1 to A15 irrespictely of the time
  • when you check in with the business select.
  • Use Early Bird Check-in: Southwest Airlines allows check-in 36 hours before your scheduled departure time. This will help you get a better boarding position.

How early can I select My seat with Southwest?

Normally, various airlines allow passengers to select their seats on the flight. However, the airline allows the passenger to request to pick the seat at the time of Southwest Airlines check-in. And the check-in starts 24 hours before the flight time. So, until that time, passengers have to wait until the online check-in option is available.

How Much is the Fee for Southwest Seat Selection?

The seating on Southwest costs around $30 to $40, and the Southwest Airlines seat Selection fee depends on the type of itinerary passengers have booked. However, passengers can also earn miles and Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards. If passengers upgrade their seats, or have a Priority Boarding.


Compared to other Airlines, the seat selection Policy of Southwest Airlines is different, the passenger is allowed to select their seat the moment they enter the Flight, this option is helpful when you are travelling with a friend or any companion. However, if you want to know the Southwest Airlines seat selection process, and want to know more about it, you can reach the customer service executives and get help to select your seat on time.


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