Would you love to travel with your buddies? Well, traveling with our loved ones can make you stress-free. So, when it comes to booking a flight on a budget, the first option is JetBlue Group Travel. This Airline is the Best option for those looking to book flights on a budget and want to have more deals and Discounts.

However, knowing the rules and policies is important for anyone who is thinking of making a Group Booking. So, if you want to know all the details, you have to read this blog and get your booking done with easy steps. So, let’s dive into the details.

What is the JetBlue Group Travel Policy?

If you are making group reservations with JetBlue it is important to have an understanding of various policies and rules that are associated with JetBlue. However, some of the highlights are:

  • To book a Group Travel, there should be 10 People
  • The fare of the group booking is valid for 120 days before the departure dates.
  • For the non-refundable Flight fares, you have to pay the deposit fee of $50 TO $150 per seat.
  • If the passenger cancels the booking the deposit amount will be refunded.
  • The passengers can not check in at the Airport Kiosk, online, or through the App. if the booking is done in a Group.
  • Instead, passengers can check in at the ticket desk that is located on the Airport Grounds.

Thus, keep these points in mind before making a JetBlue Group Reservation, this will help you in making the process smooth.

Simple Steps to book JetBlue Group Travel

If you are planning a travel and want to book a Flight with your friends or family then you can do so by just following the Below mentioned process.

Through Website (Online Method):

  • For online Booking, visit the JetBlue website.
  • Now, click on the Flight option and choose group travel.
  • Then fill out the form and enter your details like name and destination.
  • Choose one that suits you and your group.
  • Then choose between one-way, round-trip, or multi-city flight options.
  • Now, complete details, and after that, if you have any special requirements, enter and Continue.
  • At last, Make the payment.
  • Also, you can use credits if you have to get some discounts.

So after all these steps, the Airline will check your booking details and send you a confirmation on your provided email address.

Through Customer Service (Offline Method)

The offline booking process is also easy and convenient, you only have to do call JetBlue group travel phone number at 1-888-538-2583/1-860-374-7569, After that, you will get connected with a live person. Now, listen to the IVR option and press as per your choice.

Provide your group details. like your name, destination, and other related details. After all the things you have provided are right. The representative will ask you to make the payment of the group booking.

And that’s all, By these methods, you can make group booking in an easy and hassle-free way, and if you call customer service you will immediately ask them for any discounts and deals that are going on, And with this, you can save more.

How Many types of JetBlue group booking?

Before you make up your mind to book a reservation, it is better to know what types of groups JetBlue Airways has and what facilities you will get. So, let’s see the types of Groups.

There are three types of group JetBlue have, and these are:

  • Leisure
  • Meeting Travel
  • Incentive Group Travel

Let’s check all the group travel types’ details step by step and what you will get with any of the above.

Leisure Groups

Whether you are traveling with the sports team or destination travel, JetBlue Group Travel allows you to travel with your group. With the Leisure Groups, you will get a personalized quote. You can choose your seats by just paying the less amount of fee ( $50). For the domestic flight, this payment should be made within 30 days. To get discounts and deals, book a flight 60 days in advance.

Travel within 60 days: if you have booked a group flight within 60 days of your departure time you can get the fare quote by just calling the JetBlue help desk. Make sure to check the working hours before calling JetBlue.

Incentive Groups

The Incentive group is for business fliers, You can easily name-change with this group. And Adaptable seat options are there. Free-of-cost flight cancellation is available for up to 10% of seats. And when you book with incentives group from one location to another with a single destination.

Meeting Groups

This Group is designed for Corporate Groups. The free limitless name change is available with this group. Various deals and discounts are also available. With Meeting groups.

So, after selecting the group travel option or types of group, complete your reservation, and to know the various ways to book a JetBlue group travel ticket, read the details mentioned below.

What are the Benefits of Group Booking with JetBlue?

There are various benefits you will get if you book your flights as a Group traveler. To know all, read the below steps:

  • Group travel simplifies the booking procedure.
  • Passengers can get special rates on booking.
  • After the group booking, the passenger can easily manage their booking.
  • The name change of the passenger is there if you can change the name.
  • JetBlue provides various amenities to customers, including complimentary snacks and drinks.
  • Passengers can any time call the customer service team and get help reading their booking.


Thus, if you are traveling With 10-plus people, you can go for JetBlue Group Travel. By booking this, you can enjoy various amenities and inflight services. Also, JetBlue Airlines makes sure to provide customers with the Best fares so that they can travel on a budget without any worry. However, if you want to know more or have a query, call the Customer Service team and ask them to assist you with your queries.

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