Traveling in Swiss Airlines business and first class is surely an amazing experience. There may be a situation when a passenger has booked an economy class but wants to change for a better class. If you have a question “How to upgrade on swiss airlines?” then you are at the right place. In this blog, you will find in-depth detail about the Swiss Airlines class upgrade.

Does Swiss Airlines Provide Upgrades?

Yes, Swiss Air can upgrade your flight to first or business class. Passengers can benefit greatly from upgrading their seats and enhancing the travel experience.

  • You can update your seat online or speak with customer service representatives to make the necessary adjustments.
  • You must arrive up to 23 hours before the flight’s departure time to upgrade at check-in. Regardless of your reservation, you can purchase an upgrade on any flight.
  • You will also get additional benefits, such as reward miles. You will board and check in ahead of schedule and can access the elite Swiss lounges available.

Terms and Conditions for Swiss Airlines Seat Upgrade:

Travelers must stick to the Swiss Air upgrade rules that the Airlines provide for customers to upgrade their flight seats:

  • Passengers must pay a fee to upgrade Swiss Air airline tickets. 
  • Travelers upgrading their tickets to upper-class flights must pay a fixed proportion of the charges.
  • Passengers must pay the airline’s fees if there are only minor adjustments to the flight rates when purchasing upgraded tickets.
  • Swiss Air’s elite members do not have to pay additional fees to upgrade their tickets.

How Do I Upgrade to Swiss Business?

 Swiss Airlines provides the best offers and discounts to increase travel flexibility. Swiss Airlines provides the greatest service and the best travel experience. To prevent any hassle, the Airlines additionally provide the best-managed booking facilities.

You can read the following steps for the swiss airlines business class upgrade.

  • First, visit Swiss Airlines‘ official website and sign into your account.
  • After you log in, browse your account’s “manage my booking” tab.
  • Further, choose the flight you want to upgrade.
  • After choosing the flight, the “edit” option will be shown in the management section.
  • To upgrade from the Economy class to the Business class, select “edit” and enter the seat category.
  • You can pick the business class seats and the particular seat on the seat map.
  • When you’ve completed the process, move on to the payment option.
  • After upgrading a seat to business class, there will be a ticket fare difference; you can choose the payment method and pay for the difference.

Upgrade Swiss Air Business Class to First Class:

There may be a change in the passenger’s mind, and now he may want to upgrade his business class reservation to first class. In that case, check out the steps below:

  • Go to the “manage bookings” area of the website.
  • Choose the fight you want to modify.
  • In the seat assignment, pick “edit” from the menu.
  • Further, upgrade your cabin from Business to the First class.
  • If you’d like, you can add more services to your booking.
  • Then, proceed toward the payment option.
  • The cost of the ticket will be determined by the class you purchase.
  • In the end, pay the amount and confirm.

Tips to Upgrade from Business Class to First Class

The first method is to reserve a Swiss business class seat on a flight and a route with available First Class seats and then upgrade for cash at the airport.

Due to Swiss business class’ status as a Star Alliance partner, you can also book it through several other Star Alliance partner reward programs, such as Aeroplane.

When you go to the airport, if First Class seats are still available, the passenger can pay and upgrade from business class to First Class. Depending on your route, you might have to spend $1,000 to $1,800.

The difference in the cost is negligible, but it is still much less expensive than purchasing a First Class ticket. Note that it’s not significantly more costly than the tariffs and surcharges you have to spend if the passenger is a Miles & More Senator or HON Circle member.

How to Fly Business Class on SWISS Air Using Points

You can get Swiss airlines upgrade to business class using points. If you check at the right moments, SWISS Air releases adequate award space.

The initial and most important thing to remember is that 300 days before departure, SWISS Air releases award space, making it simple to mark required dates in the calendar to book a Swiss Air flight. On average, Mondays and Tuesdays tend to have the highest Swiss Air award availability. However, this can change based on the route, the season, etc.

Just be aware that this airline does not frequently disclose more award availability close to departure.

How Does Bid Upgrade Work?

Suppose your flight qualifies for a Bid Upgrade. In that case, the airlines will either notify you via email or offer a bid invitation at the end of the booking process on On Manage Bookings, you can also directly submit your Bid.

  • Enter your Bid for the route and follow the rest of the website’s instructions. You will receive an email from us confirming receipt of your Bid.
  • You have up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure to change or cancel your Bid.
  • The airlines will email you within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time to let you know if your offer is accepted or rejected.
  • If the airline accepts your Bid, the money will be deducted from your selected card. No payment may be made with Miles & More. A new e-ticket for your flight will then be sent to you. At check-in, you will be given your SWISS Business boarding card.
  • The ticket you initially booked and received will remain valid if your Bid is rejected. There won’t be any extra fees or prices for you.

How do I get my Bid Accepted?

The airline does not guarantee an upgrade on bidding. You can follow these suggestions to improve your chances of getting an upgrade.

  • Keep an eye on the deals by regularly checking if you’re serious about getting a first class.
  • See if there are any last-minute offers at the airport check-in.
  • Bid at least 100–200 USD above the minimum by checking the first-class seat map on the website to see how many seats are available.

How to earn miles on SWISS Flights?

Let’s say you bought your ticket directly from, a SWISS agent at the airport, or a SWISS ticket office by calling the SWISS Customer Contact Centre. If so, you can earn miles based on your MileagePlus status and the fare. You’ll earn miles considering the flight distance, purchased fare class, and fare class.

Swiss Air Fixed Price Upgrade

Stop worrying if your bid proposal was unsuccessful and you are wondering how to upgrade your SWISS travel again. With Swiss Air, you can upgrade your existing reservation for a fixed price

  • Before the flight’s departure, you have 24 hours to request the fixed-price upgrade.
  • You may upgrade to First Class, Business Class, and Swiss Premium Economy using this technique.
  • You can request an upgrade using the Fixed Price Upgrade on all flights, regardless of the fare class.

What is the Cost of Swiss Airlines Upgrade?

When you book a trip in economy, but there are open seats in the first- or business-class cabin, you can occasionally ask the cabin crew for a free upgrade to Swiss business class or first class on your flight.

Seat upgrades are available when first-class and business-class seats are vacant. These upgrades will cost $500–600 from economy to business class and about $2000 from business to the first-class cabin.

Is the Swiss First Class Upgrade worth it?

Paying $500–600 to Swiss airlines to upgrade to business class is not cheap. Additionally, if you upgrade at the airport, you will lose access to the Swiss Lounge and the perks of additional baggage allowance for business passengers. Additionally, since you have already undergone security screening and other procedures, you are not eligible for priority boarding when checking in. Only your seat and dining experience will enhance. The price of a Swiss Air seat upgrade can vary depending on how many seats are vacant in the first- and business-class cabins. When you have to attend a meeting right after a lengthy journey, this upgrade is helpful because you’ll arrive fresh and happy at your destination.


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