When it comes to Air travel, flexibility should be the key, and understanding the airline’s policy is important; Avianca Airlines is prominent and one of the best airlines based in Colombia. Embarking on a journey with Avianca will be an exciting adventure, but we do understand that plans can change anytime. That is the reason we are here to unravel the Avianca cancellation policy, ensuring a hassle-free process. Let’s quickly discuss the Avianca cancellation policy and how it works:

Understand the Avianca Cancellation policy. 

Avianca Airlines understands unexpected situations where the travellers need to make Avianca cancel the flight process. Therefore, the airline has a hassle-free cancellation policy. Explore the below-mentioned points to understand the policy: 

  • Refundable flight: if you have a refundable flight ticket, the airline will acknowledge flight cancellation yet ensure the flight cancellation should be made within something like 3 hours of the takeoff time. Likewise, you will be allowed to get an issue-free flight cancellation.
  • Nonrefundable flights: If travellers have a nonrefundable flight ticket, they can not qualify for a refund after the flight is wiped out. In any case, they can change the refund sum into the traveller’s vouchers.
  • Postponed Flight ticket: if your flight is delayed for over 5 hours or more, the traveller will get the advantage of guaranteeing a full refund with practically no derivation.
  • Dropped Flight tickets: if your flight is cancelled from the carrier’s end because of any catastrophic event or some other inescapable conditions, then you will be qualified for a total discount.

Hence, these are the focuses you really want to recall while cancelling your flight passes to stay away from any cancellation expenses and to get a problem-free refund sum from the airline.

Do Avianca Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy? 

Indeed, Avianca Airlines has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy for travellers who are going from the U.S. or then again. As indicated by Avianca’s 24-hour cancelation policy, the airline allows all travellers to cancel their flight liberated from cost and have the money in question returned if the cancellation is made somewhere around 24 hours before takeoff.

Then again, if you cancel your flight within a given period and you want to pay the cancellation expense, the charge will rely on the passage rules. The 24-hour cancellation approach will be pertinent on a wide range of tickets, whether you book refundable flight tickets or nonrefundable.

As indicated by the cancellation policy, if you booked a refundable flight ticket and made a cancellation following a 24-hour window, you will get the discount sum after the crossing-out charges are deducted from the airline. Furthermore, if you booked a nonrefundable flight ticket and made Avianca cancel the flight within 24 hours, then, at that point, you are not qualified for a discount sum.

How to cancel the Avianca flights?

Avianca Airlines gave travellers various choices for problem-free cancellation. The most effective way to cancel your flight is by using the airline website or the mobile app, signing in to your Avianca account, finding the insights regarding which flight you need to drop, and afterward following the given directions. Also, you can contact the airline customer service to cancel your flight.

Time constraints and Avianca flight cancellation fee

Suppose you are concerned about the Avianca flight cancellation fee. In that case, you can follow the underneath mentioned points and then make the flight cancellation accordingly, pay the amount, and complete the cancellation:

  • If you cancel your trip inside a risk-free window that is in no less than 24 hours, then, at that point, you won’t be charged any expense.
  • If the cancellation is made after the gamble-free period, the airline will charge you the cancellation expense.
  • The expense you pay will rely on the kind of admission; the charges, for the most part, fluctuate between $25 to $150.
  • If you cancel your flight due to functional hardships, you won’t be at risk of paying any charges.
  • If you book your trip with an outsider and need to drop it, then, at that point, the airline won’t be capable; the airline could charge you everything as a cancellation fee.

Thus, the cancellation fee may depend upon the fare type you select while making a flight booking. Also, it depends upon the time of the cancellation, followed by the terms and conditions. On the other hand, the time of the cancellation decides the Refund time, so you better understand the cancellation formalities. The upcoming section can help you understand the Avianca refund. Keep reading. 

How do you get a refund on Avianca Airlines? 

Are you looking to understand How to get a Refund on Avianca Airlines? Well, yes, as we mentioned above, the airline is offering a refund on cancelled flights. However, read further to understand more. 

  • If the traveller cancels in no less than 24 hours, the discount will be given with no allowance.
  • If the traveller cancels their flight ticket within 24 hours, the refund won’t be given, and you need to pay the distinction; it could differ depending upon the cancellation time, passage type, and other related factors.
  • If the flight is cancelled from the carrier’s end, you will be qualified for a full discount. On the other hand, the airline could rebook you on different flights.
  • The refund sum will be handled to your record somewhere around 30 days after your discount demand.


Thus, by knowing about flight cancellations, you will have hassle-free travel. Moreover, by having a direct conversation with the airline representative, you can get more details on Avianca Airlines’ cancellation policy. These representatives are very well-trained and qualified enough to assist you. The representatives can assist you in real-time so that you face trouble while cancelling your flight ticket. Happy Travel!