Are you continuously facing issues with Jetblue due to some reasons, no worry about it, the Jetblue complaint option allows the passengers fill out the complaint form using an official source and get query resolved quickly. Still, you want to know how to fill out a complaint form with Jeblue, so don’t skip this blog until the end, we’ll guide you all possible Jeblue complaint options..

How do I file a Complaint with JetBlue?

When making your reservation, if you face any query, simply file a complaint, and it can be done using the complaint form. Other than this, you can also use a customer service phone number, send an email, or simply visit the website. 

Then, Let’s find out all the ways and through them, you can easily file a complaint and get the issue resolved. 

JetBlue Complaint Through Online (website)

This is the easiest way to file a Complaint with JetBlue Airways. Follow the simple steps and make your complaint easily. 

  • First, Visit the JetBlue Website.
  • Then, go to the Contact Us option. 
  • Find the complaint option, and download the Form.
  • Now, fill out the Form using the required details.
  • Write all the reasons and issues you faced, while making your booking or Travelling. 
  • After all that, Tap on the Submit Option. 

Once all is done, the team will review your complaint and you will get a response to your Complaint within 7 working days. 

JetBlue Complaint Through Phone 

When the online method to file your complaint does not work for you, no worries, there is another way which is a simple phone call. Thus, to file your complaint you can simply dial a number and further follow the steps:

  • Dial the JetBlue Complaint Phone number 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463)
  • Choose your desired language 
  • Then follow the IVR options carefully.
  • To know your booking details- Press 1 
  • For Flight cancellation – Press 2
  • To manage your booking- Press 3
  • To speak with a Representative – Press * or #

Through Complaint Form 

The JetBlue complaint form is a facility provided by the Airline, and you can simply share your concern with the JetBlue web portal, so to fill the Form, then you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Visit the website of JetBlue, and check the webpage.
  • Tap on the Contact Us option.
  • Choose the option to share your concern and send it after filling out the Form. 
  • After, you will receive a mail of confirmation. 

Complaining about your issue using the above-mentioned modes will resolve your query easily. You can raise your query or issue using any of the mentioned modes. Moreover, you can file a complaint using email as well. 

What are the Most Common Complaints with JetBlue Airways?

Regardless of which method you selected to file your complaint with customer service, here are a few tips to make your customer service experience easy and all the reasons when you can connect with them: 

  • Refund or Reservations Complaint: If you fail to connect the customer service while making the reservation or looking for a refund, you can contact customer service. They can also provide you with the status of your flight and the refund as well. 

Note: while contacting customer service, you will need to have a confirmation code to get their reviews of your request, and keep in mind that the one-time service fee will be $50. 

  • Baggage Complaint: If you have lost your luggage, it can be frustrating sometimes. If it happens to you, you can contact an airline crew member at the airport, tell them your issue, and get help. 
  • Rewards Program Complaint: If you face any issue regarding your reward program, you need to have the TrueBlue rewards number when you are speaking to the representative so that they can help quickly. Also, you can check out the guidelines of the TrueBlue guidelines to save your time and effort. 
  • Lost and Found Complaint: For example, if you leave your laptop on the plane and you realize it later, then the easiest way to check the JetBlue lost and found report is to fill out the report and submit it. After that, you will get the confirmation, customer service can find your product for up to 30 days. 

How Much Time Does JetBlue Take to Response? 

The Aim of JetBlue is to respond the customer complaints within 30 days, but the response time might vary according to the complexity of the issues you are facing. Thus try to provide descriptive details about your issue so that it can be resolved within a few days. 

How to Fill the JetBlue Complaint Compensation Form?

JetBlue Provides an easy process to help customers by presenting a JetBlue Complaint Compensation form. Follow the simple steps: 

  • Go to the website and then click on the Contact Us option.
  • Find the Refund or Compensation option.
  • Click on the check Compensation.
  • Fill out the details as required,
  • After that, the system will check the details to see if they fit the compensation. 
  • If you are eligible for this, you will need to finish a few further steps. 
  • After you submit the Form, the team will help you with it and guarantee you get the compensation. 

Important: Note that the fee will be deducted from the amount when you fill out the Form. However, it will only be applicable if the claim is successful. 


JetBlue is always there to help its customers at any time, you can get quick help on JetBlue Complaint by calling complaint department at 1-860-374-7569. Also by reaching any of the above methods you can resolve the issues.