Sudden situations are part of life that we can not control. There may be times when you book the journey with American Airlines and want to cancel. In that case, the American Airlines travel voucher comes to your help. Once you cancel your flight, two options come into your mind. Either you book a new trip right away or postpone it for the future.

Therefore Airlines allow its passengers to use flight credit to book the journey. The travel credit remains valid for one year from the date of issuance. You have the option to plan a trip within one year before the credit loses its validity.

It is better to learn about how an American Airlines travel voucher works and the terms and conditions to redeem the voucher. In this post, you will get answers to every question.

What is an American Airlines travel Voucher?

Passengers may need to cancel the journey due to flight delay, disruption, or any sudden situation. Therefore, American Airlines allows passengers to book a ticket using flight credit. In addition, passengers can also use it for future journeys as it has a validity of up to one year.

Passengers need to fulfill the terms and conditions to use the Aa travel credit. To learn more, be with the post.

Can I Use an Aa Voucher for Someone Else?

Passengers can not transfer the credit. However, they can use it to book travel for anyone else. In addition, passengers can not refund the credits to cash.

Note-: Flight credit is applicable on flights originating in

  • The U.S.,
  • Puerto Rico, and
  • The U.S. Virgin Islands.

Where Can I Use The American Airlines Flight Voucher?

One can set off airline credit against base fare and applicable taxes only. They can not use it for seat selection, baggage, or award tickets.

How to Get an American Airlines Travel Voucher?

Passengers should cancel the flight before departure to be eligible to get the travel credit. However, the airlines can forfeit the amount if passengers fail to make the cancellation. Therefore, passengers should complete the cancellation to get the American Airlines credit.

Once passengers fulfill all the terms and conditions for flight credit and trip credit, they will receive an email from American. The email includes all the details on how to redeem and use a flight credit.

On completing the cancellation, passengers get a confirmation code.

  • For non-A.A. members-: Save the email with the credit ticket number if you want to avail the value of flight credit.
  • For A.A. members-: Sign in to your account by entering your A.A. number. Further, click on the “wallet” option to check the trip credit and flight credit. 

Note-: Passengers should take care of their documents and trip credit number. The airlines will not offer the number to credit holders again. Also, passengers can use to book travel within one year once they cancel a flight.

How to Use an American Airlines Meal Voucher?

American Airlines issues travel vouchers frequently to maintain the comfort of its passengers. Therefore, the joy of the journey completes with a happy meal. American Airlines food vouchers help passengers have their favorite meal while on board. Therefore, follow the below steps if you want to redeem your trip credit.

  • Visit
  • Next, choose the flight departure and destination.
  • Similarly, complete other details like the number of passengers
  • Further, choose the payment mode.
  • Next, click on the “Apply Coupon”
  • Similarly, enter the food voucher number.
  • Click on “Apply for the credit.”
  • Finally, make the payment.

On completing the process, you can relish a meal that ultimately improves the value of your flight.

Note-: Most meal vouchers come with an expiration date of up to one year. However, passengers must read its terms and conditions carefully.

Where Can I Use an American Airlines Meal Voucher?

If you have Aa meal credit, you can redeem it at any food point at the airport. Passengers get all sorts of meals, including snacks, beverages, and delicious sandwiches from the convenience stores. Apart from this, those convenience stores save passengers time. However, passengers have the flexibility to redeem the voucher on any trip before the expiration date.

Also, you must know the following terms and conditions to use American Airlines Flight Credit:

  • Passengers can use the travel credit only inside the airport.
  • The airline does not allow the use of credits on alcoholic beverages.
  • Meal voucher is valid to use within 1 year from the date of issuance. 
  • Passengers get an American airline voucher for delayed flights.
  • Similarly, passengers can redeem the credit at airport restaurants.

What Can I Do When a Flight Credit Expires?

Passengers can ask for an American Airlines travel voucher extension if their credit is about to expire. The airlines may extend the credit for a further few months.

Note-: Visit Aa’s official website or call American Airlines customer service. Further, I learned about airline flight credit policies.

Does American Airlines Offer a Hotel Voucher?

Yes. American Airlines issues hotel vouchers in case of delayed flights, disruption, and cancellations within airline control.

Therefore, if you struggle with flight delay or cancellation(from the airline), American Airlines offers hotel vouchers to redeem for overnight stays. Once you reach the airport, talk to an A.A. agent and request accommodation.

Therefore, here comes the following situation:

Airlines offer overnight accommodation if,

  • when a flight is delayed or canceled and
  • Passengers can’t reach their destination on the same day.

Airlines do not offer overnight accommodation if 

  • Passengers already planned the overnight stay
  • The layover time is below 10 hours(overseas flights).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines offer credits for canceled flights?

Yes. For canceled flights, passengers can avail of American Airlines refund vouchers. The airline offers the option to use the American Airlines voucher balance on future travel. Therefore, when passengers book a flight, passengers can use the remaining value in the travel credits.

How do I pay for an A.A. flight with trip credit?

Passengers can easily redeem the flight credit on They need to tap on the link in the mail or copy the confirmation code. Apply the coupon code on the final payment page. To learn more about the process, passengers can call the Aa customer service.

How many travel credits can a credit holder use?

Credit holders can apply around 8 trip credits and use them to book for a maximum of nine passengers. For that, passengers need to visit

How long does it take American Airlines to issue a credit?

American Airlines flight credit may take up to 7 days to process.