Hawaiian-airlines-seat-selection-policy Looking for a comfortable flight experience? Look no further than the Hawaiian Airlines. The well-known US airline is known for providing spacious and luxurious seating options ensuring that you can have the best travel experience. However, if you are wondering How does Hawaiian Airlines seat selection work? Then this blog is for you. It covers all the tidbits about seat selection to make the process easy and more comfortable. Moreover, the guide provides comprehensive information about how you can choose your seat, including the terms and conditions, and fees. So why wait? Let’s get started and make your sky-time fun and memorable with Hawaiian Airlines.

Important Highlights About Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy

As we dive into the seat selection process, and how it works, we recommend you have quick highlights of the policy to make the process easy listed below:
  • Hawaiian Airlines offers different types of seating cabins such as 1: Main Cabin Basic, 2: Main Cabin 3: Main Cabin Preferred Seats 4: Extra Comfort 5: Premium Cabin 6: First Class.
  • Hawaiian Airlines follows the term, “First Come- First Served” as the seat selection is subject to availability.
  • The preferred seats on Hawaiian Airlines are non transferable and nonrefundable, and they can be canceled any time before prior notice if it’s unpaid.
  • The extra comfort seats on Hawaiian Airlines will be based on the destination you have selected and the types of aircraft.
  • Passengers will not get any refund on extra comfort seats unless they purchase with refundable fares.
Thus, these are the pointers you should keep in mind before making your seat selection. Now, let’s quickly jump into the procedure of choosing a seat with Hawaiian Airlines.

How to Choose a Seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

On Hawaiian Airlines You can choose the seats at the time of booking, after booking, or at the time of check-in. Other than this, passengers can select their seats at the airport as well. However, if you want to choose your preferred seats, follow the steps mentioned below:

During booking

  • Visit the website of the Hawaiian Airlines
  • Go to the “My Booking” option
  • Start the booking procedure by selecting the flight.
  • Enter the passenger details, such as name, contact number, dates, and destination.
  • After that, proceed to select a seat.
  • There you will find the Hawaiian Airlines Seat Map.
  • Check the “Seat Map” for the available options.
  • Choose the seats according to your preferences.
  • Now, choose the payment method and complete the booking.
Once you complete the seat selection and booking procedure, Hawaiian Airlines will send you the confirmation on your registered email. Make sure to save this on your phone for future reference. You may also: How to book Hawaiian Airlines group travel

How do I Choose My Seat After Booking a Flight on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you already booked your flight with Hawaiian Airlines, and now want to choose a seat, then these are the simple steps you can follow:

After Booking

  • Go to the Hawaiian Airlines official website.
  • Then visit the My Trip section.
  • Enter your booking details, like your last name and the number.
  • By entering the details, access the booking.
  • Now, tap on the select seat option.
  • Select the seat of your choice and pay the required amount.
  • At last, get the confirmation of seat selection.

During Check-in

  • To select a seat go to the check-in tab.
  • Access your flight booking and then tap on the Hawaiian Airlines select seat option.
  • Check the seat map and pick the seat according to your preferences.
  • Add more services, like wheelchair service if needed.
  • At last click on the check-in and get your boarding pass.
Alternatively, passengers can select a seat after visiting the Airport. For that, head to the ticket counter and speak with a representative to select suitable seats for you. Provide your booking details and get the seat selection process complete.

How much does Seat Selection Fee on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines typically charges a fee for seat selection, which varies depending on the type of seat and the route. The cost can range from around $10 to $75 per seat, with prices subject to change based on factors like availability and demand. Keep in mind that certain fare classes might include complimentary seat selection, while others may require an additional fee. It’s best to check directly with Hawaiian Airlines or review their website for the most up-to-date information on seat selection fees for your specific flight.

What are the seating types on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you want to make seat reservations or adjustments that align with your budgetary constraints, it’s essential to be familiar with the diverse seating choices provided by Hawaiian Airlines. The following outlines the specific seating categories on Hawaiian Airlines:

First-Class Seats:

The most spacious seating option is the Business Class. Passengers enjoy privacy, with the availability of both recliner and flat-bed seats. In-flight services include air conditioning, power sources, cocktails, and gourmet menus. Hawaiian Airlines’ seat reservation allows flexible changes without charges.

Business Class:

Offered on international flights, Business Class seats are the priciest option. Purchase includes lounge access and a generous baggage allowance. Seats recline up to 180 degrees, accompanied by mattresses, pillows, and sleep pads for added comfort. Business Class ensures a luxurious and leisurely journey.

Preferred Seats:

Found on flights to North America and inter-island routes, these seats grant additional legroom to passengers. Holders of Preferred seat tickets enjoy early boarding privileges, and there are no constraints on advanced seat selection. This category ensures convenient overhead bin access and storage. Food, beverage, and entertainment offerings mirror Economy seats, making Preferred seats advantageous for extended travel.

Extra Comfort Seats:

Extra Comfort seats provide six inches of extra legroom. Complimentary amenities like power sources, USB ports, and charging services enhance convenience. These seats are among the most comfortable options at reasonable prices.

Main Cabin Economy Seats:

The main cabin economy seats offer more amenities than Basic seats. Passengers can enjoy diverse in-flight entertainment options and receive complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and meals. Main Cabin Economy seats are ideal for ensuring comfort during short domestic journeys.

Main Cabin Basic Seats:

This seat selection delivers standard services without added legroom. Passengers can access complimentary in-flight entertainment, along with snacks and beverages. These seats are particularly well-suited for budget-conscious flyers. See More: How to upgrade Hawaiian Airlines seats

Does Hawaiian Airlines have a Free Seat Selection?

No. Hawaiian Airlines charges a seat selection fee if you have a booking with Main Cabin Basic. As this seat option is less expensive, and airlines do not allow the passenger to select their seat free of cost. However, if you have a booking with Main Cabin, then select selection will be free. Moreover, the seats are subject to availability, and there are some limitations on which seats are available. Thus, if you want to select your seat, make sure to check the eligibility and whether it is free or not.

What is Included with my Main Cabin Basic Seat Purchase on Hawaiian Airlines?

There are some instructions you may face if you have booked a flight with the Main Cabin Basic. But Hawaiian Airlines still provides various benefits With the Main Cabin seats, some of them are as follows:
  • Free snacks
  • Drinks
  • Inflight Entertainment.
  • 1 free carry-on bag plus a Personal Item
Note: Basic Economy fares cannot be combined with other fare types.

What is the Difference Between Main Cabin Basic and Main Cabin on Hawaiian Airlines?

Both cabins are different from each other, with the Main Cabin Basic, you will find the least expensive flights, and it does not allow you to pick a seat. However, with the Main cabin you can choose the seats. To know the more differences we have made a table for you. So have a look at it.
Main Cabin Basic Main Cabin
Allowed 1 free carry-on bag plus personal item Yes Yes
Select a seat before check-in No Yes
Seat selection together for a family or companion No Yes
Early access to the overhead bin No Yes
Change flight No Yes
Upgrade to extra comfort/Preferred seats No Yes
Qualify for Pualani Elite bonus Hawaiian Miles No Yes

What Happens if You Don’t Pay for Seat Selection?

If you are wondering What happens if you don’t pay for seat selection? Don’t worry Nothing major will happen. The airline will assign you an automatic seat if you do not wish to opt for the preferred seats and then the boarding pass will be sent to you through email. Keep in mind that these Hawaiian Airlines seat selection fees are optional. You will get a seat if you buy the ticket. However, In many cases, you won’t get the option of seat selection. For example, Main Cabin Basic doesn’t allow seat selection. To select a seat you have to upgrade to the Main Cabin. Overall, if you are not paying the seat selection fee you will still get the seat on the plane.

Why Can’t I Pick My Seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you are not able to select a seat on Hawaiian Airlines, Please, know that all the seats are not available for advance seat selection, it is because few of them are reserved for passengers who need extra care on board. On the other hand, if you select a seat on the main cabin basis, Hawaiian Airlines does not let the passenger select their seat when booking their flights. Thus, you can simply make the cheap flight booking, and after that select your seat. So, these might be the reasons why you are not able to pick your seat.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Hawaiian Airlines passengers can select a seat in various ways whether a flight is booked online or offline. passengers can select their seats before check-in. Premium seating options are available for those looking to get extra comfort and flexibility while travelling. However, if you still looking to get more details on Hawaiian Airlines seat selection, you can reach out to us, as we have a dedicated team who works 24*7 to help the customers. You can simply call us at any time and get your queries resolved. Read More Articles: