Whether you are planning a family reunion or team adventure or just want to have a weekend gateway, then Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel option is the right choice, as it offers the best travel services and the quality experience for a group of 10 people or more than 10 people traveling together. 

Thing to Know Before Make Hawaiian Airlines Group Booking

Before making the group reservation With Hawaiian Airlines, you should know the related guidelines to make the booking process easy: 

  • The Group Travel booking on Hawaiin Airlines is done when there are a minimum of 10 people in a group. 
  • The group reservation should be made at least 48 hours
  •  To get the best deals and discounts, you can book the flight 11 months before. 
  • To make any name change or correction, you can do it 48 hours before, but one passenger can make the change. 
  • and if there is any emergency, Hawaiian Airlines can cancel your flight. 
  • The bookings that are done for business meetings and conferences, can get discounts.

So, before making the Hawaiian Airlines Group Reservation, you should know all the guidelines to make your travel smooth and hassle-free. 

How do I Book Group Tickets on Hawaiian Airlines?

As you know the guidelines, and to make the group travel booking with Hawaiian Airlines, you can follow the steps and various ways to get a smooth Hawaiian Airlines group booking.


  • Visit the Hawaiian Airlines official Website.
  • Go to the Our Airlines options,
  • Then tap on the service option.
  • Then, you can click on the Group Meeting Option.
  • After that, you will see the Group Travel option. Click on that 
  • Then, in the next step, request them to make a group reservation. 
  • Fill out the form and tap the submit option.
  • Now, make payment and get the confirmation. 

Note: It is important to check that you provide the right details or not. Check twice, and if it is wrong, then you can refill the form once again. 


  • Dial 1-800-367-8058 or 1-860-374-7569 (OTA) Hawaiian Airlines group booking number and connect with a live person
  • Once connected, listen to the IVR Option and choose the language.
  • Choose the IVR that suits you and Speak with the Representative. 
  • Request for the Group Travel.
  • Now, provide the details and complete the booking.
  • Once all is done, the representative will send you a quote.
  • Make payment and get the confirmation. 

At the Airport 

You can also make a group Travel Reservation at the Airport. If you fail with both the ways mentioned above, you can simply visit the Airport and make the booking. The steps are: 

  • Visit the nearby Airport of Hawaiian Airlines
  • Go to the Airport Help Desk 
  • Now contact the help desk agent and request him to book your group Travel.
  • Provide your details and proceed.
  • After that, the representative will send you a list of the flight classes
  • Choose and make the payment.

After all the steps are carefully completed, you will get the confirmation of your booking. 

What are the Benefits on Group Booking with Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Airlines offers the best help to make your journey more Memorable and easy to book; here are a few benefits you will get with Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel.

  • Guaranteed seats and discounted fares if the booking you made is Completed 11 months before
  • You can get the Travel Conductor Ticket for your group Booking.
  • Earn Miles, the larger group you book with, the more you can get Miles and Discounts.
  • Flexible Payment is there; the airline allows you to make your reservation with more flexibility, 
  • You can make half of the payment when you book the flight. And the rest you can complete later.

Is it cheaper to Book Hawaiian Airlines as A Group? 

Booking Group travel with Hawaiian Airlines is Cheaper, as you will get discounts on your booking; the discount rate varies with the number of group members you are traveling with; most airlines provide up to 20% Discounts. However, you need to check the Airline website and ongoing deals to get the right discounts.

Do Hawaiian Group Passengers enjoy Priority Boarding? 

Yes. The passengers of Hawaiian Airlines are allowed to enjoy Priority boarding so they can sit together and settle down on the provided seats. And then with Priority Boarding, the passenger can also get access to the following: 

  • Extra space 
  • More legroom
  • Personal space on the overhead bin

Does Hawaiian Airlines Allows the Online Group Check-in? 

Hawaiian Airlines does not allow passengers to check in online if they book the flight online, but few airlines allow the passengers to check in online and offline both ways, so it is good to check the Airline Policy before starting the process as it will help you to understand the related terms and Conditions. 

Can I Sit together with others if we have a Group Booking? 

Yes. You can sit together if you have a group booking; most of the time, Hawaiian Airlines allows the passengers to sit together, and in a few cases, the members can sit separately. But when boarding the flight, you can request the staff to make changes in your seating. If there are any seats available, the staff will provide you with them.

Will I get a refund if I Cancel Hawaiian Group reservations within 24 hours? 

No. Hawaiian Airlines does not Provide a Full Refund even if you cancel within 24 hours, as the 24-hour cancellation Policy, does not apply to these types of reservations. The only rules that apply can be shown when you make the booking. 

Bottom line 

The details mentioned above will help you in making a Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel. However, if you need further help or have a concern, then you can contact the Airline customer service team or visit the website, use the live chat option, and get quick help. The customer service team is accessible 24/7 for the customer to help them so that they can travel in peace.

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