Missing a Flight can be frustrating mostly when you plan your travel, whether it happens because of traffic, bad weather, or any emergencies, and then finding yourself helpless at the Airport is the biggest disadvantage. However, if you are traveling with Allegiant you can take advantage of Allegiant Missed Flight Policy, as this policy Helps you to deal easily with your missed Flights.

What is the Allegiant Air Missed Flight Policy?

Not reaching the Airport earlier and missing your flight can be frustrating, but to avoid this situation you can check the Allegiant missed flight policy, to get your refund to rebook your flight. Therefore, some of the highlights of the policy are listed below:

  • If you inform the Airline immediately about your missing flight, then you may get the rebooking.
  • But, if you do not inform the Airline on time, and you miss the flight, then the Airline will mark you as a Now Show.
  • When the Airline puts you on a now-show policy, in that situation, you will not get any refund, and this will also restrict you from getting any future travel credits.
  • And, if you miss the flight because of your reason, or you do not complete the Allegiant Air Check in, then the Airline will not give you any Refund.
  • However, the flight you missed because of a flight delay, or weather, then the Airline will give you a refund or rebook you for another flight.

What Happens If I Miss the Allegiant Air Flight? 

When you miss the flight, there are various consequences you may face, and some of the major things that could happen are listed below:

  • Allegiant Airlines has a restricted and no refund policy if you miss the flight, this means you can not be able to get a refund or any further compensation.
  • However, if missing a flight is genuine, you can request the Airline representative to refund you.
  • This airline will offer you rebooking, but you have to pay the amount for it. The cost of rebooking the flight will depend on the fare types and the availability of the flight booking.
  • In case Allegiant Airlines allows you to stand by for an alternate flight on the same day, you have to pay the fee for this service as well.
  • The passenger can claim a refund if you have a Travel insurance.

So, If you missed your flight, you must follow some rules, and this policy offers you many options to rebook your Flight or get a Refund based on your situation. However, if you want to know the policy and procedure, follow the further details.

Allegiant Airlines Missed Flight Terms and Conditions

However, before we dive into the Process let’s take a look at the below-mentioned table to know all the Terms and Conditions that may be Apply to Allegiant Air flights.


Fare TypesRebookingRefund
Economy ClassChanges but with a feeNon-Refundable
Comfort+Changes but with a feeRefundable 
First ClassChangeable Refundable

What is a No-Show Policy for Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air now shows policy means if you do not reach the airport on time, then the connecting or the return flight will be cancelled, then you will have to buy a new flight ticket. And it is also important as per the Policy, if you now show then you will not be eligible for a Flight refund.

How You Can Avoid a No-Show On Allegiant Air?

  • If you find yourself as a new show, you can simply follow these steps:
  • Visit the Airport early to avoid the check-in penalty.
  • Contact the Airline if you miss the flight or want to rebook it.
  • If you find that you will be late for your flight, inform the Airline early.

Also, know that if you want to rebook your Flight, the Airline will charge you a fee according to your flight booking.

What is the Procedure to Book a Missed Flight?

If you are looking to Rebook your Allegiant missed flight, then you can follow the ways mentioned Below:

Rebook Through the Official Website

  • Visit the Official Website of Allegiant Air
  • Now, go to the Manage My Booking Option
  • Enter the details, such as your name, date, and destination.
  • Or the confirmation number, then proceed
  • Now tap the Modify Travel
  • Then tap on the Rebook Flight Option
  • After that, you will get to the payment option.
  • Make payment and complete the rebooking.

After that Airline will send you a Confirmation on your previous email address through which you have booked your flight.

Rebook Through the Mobile App

The rebooking can also be done through a Mobile App, for which you only have to do the following:

  • The first thing is to download the App on your mobile App
  • Then sign into the App and go to Manage My Travel Option.
  • After you can enter your booking details, like
  • Your confirmation number, name, etc.
  • Now tap on the Rebook flight and make changes.
  • After that, tap on the Proceed option
  • At last, make payment and Complete the rebooking.

Rebook Through Customer Service Number

Rebooking directly with the Allegiant Air Phone Number is very easy. You only have to make a call and request for rebooking, also you can follow the steps:

  • Visit the Official website of Allegiant Air
  • Now go to the Contact Us option.
  • Then, Dial the Allegiant missed flight phone number (702-505-8888/1-860-374-7569)
  • Once connected choose the language and listen to the IVR option.
  • After selecting the IVR, Choose to speak with a represent
  • Now, request the representative to rebook your flight.
  • Provide the flight details, such as your confirmation number.
  • Now. complete your rebooking by making the payment.

Once all is done, the representative will send you a confirmation of the rebooking on your provided number or email address.

Rebook Through Airport

One last option is that you can also rebook your flight by just visiting the Airport directly. So if you are at the Airport you can follow simple steps:

  • Visit the Airport and go to the Help desk.
  • Now, speak with a Live person
  • Request to rebook your flight
  • If he agrees provide your flight details
  • Such as your number and or the ticket confirmation number
  • Provide everything that is required,
  • Make the rebooking payment and complete the Process.

Once all is done, the Live person will send you a rebooking confirmation on your provided email or phone Number.

Does Allegiant Charge If You Miss the Flight?

No, Allegiant Air does not charge the missed flight fee; the booking amount and all included taxes will be forfeited, and the amount of booking a flight, or you can say the refund amount of missing a flight will not be given to the passengers.

How Much does Allegiant Charge for Rebooking Flight?

As per the Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy, the Airline charges some for changing or rebooking a flight. The fee is:

  • The $75 will be charged if making any changes to the flight.
  • Also, the fare difference will be there, and the difference will be applicable.
  • The standard flight tickets are non-refundable, and for that, you will only get the flight credits.

Can I get a Refund If I Miss the Allegiant Air?

Yes. if you miss the Flight, You can get the Refund amount, and as per the Allegiant Air Refund Policy, you can easily claim the Allegiant Air Missed Flight refund following the steps mentioned below:

  • On missing the flight, call the customer service representative and ask them to help you with your missing flight Refund.
  • You can also submit the flight details using the Refund Request Form
  • And if the flight booking you have done using the OTA’s, then the Airline will not provide you any refund.

So, to get the refund, know these terms and conditions and then request a Refund.


Missing our flight at the last minute always disturbs our plans. Whether or not you miss your flight because of your reason or the Airline’s reasons, the stress is always there. However, if you want to know more about the Allegiant missed flight, you can simply call customer service and speak with a representative. You can even ask them to rebook you or provide you with a refund.


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