Lufthansa Airlines offers a huge number of seat upgrade options. To get the Upgrade, you have chosen the right steps. However, If you have booked your flight, and now you want to upgrade the seat and are thinking about How you can make the Lufthansa seat upgrade, then by following the details mentioned below, you will resolve your Query.

So, to get the details on the policy, Procedures, and the relevant cost, continue to read further as this blog covers all the related information on seat upgrades and Provides you with the required help.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

When you make the seat upgrade, you have to know various policies. The Lufthansa seat upgrade policy helps you understand whether you have to pay the extra fee or not. However, if you want to know the Policy, you need to follow the details mentioned below:

  • You do not need to pay the modification charges if you upgrade the seat within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you have made the changes or upgraded the seats after 24 hours, you need to pay the seat upgrade charges.
  • You need to pay the fare difference only that is charged between lower to upgraded seats.
  • To get the seat upgrade because you have a serious health issue, then you have to show the documents and that will allow you to upgrade your seat without charges.
  • The passengers are allow to upgrade their seats if the seat is available in the higher class, and if there is no seat, they cannot upgrade their seats.

How to Upgrade a Seat on Lufthansa Airlines?

Method 1: Online

  • First, visit the website of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Now search for the manage my booking option.
  • Tap on the option, and enter the PNR Number.
  • Now, the flight details appear on the screen.
  • Check if you are eligible for the upgrade.
  • If you are eligible for the upgrade, review your details.
  • Now, choose the class, such as business, premium, or First class seats.
  • After selecting the class, make the payment.

Then, you will get the confirmation of your new booking flights on the given email address; also, save it because you will need it at check-in and Boarding.

Method 2: Offline

To upgrading a seat via phone, simply dial the Lufthansa customer service number 1800 102 5838 or 1-860-374-7569, a friendly customer service representative will assist you with the seat upgrading process, option & fee. Remember that call Lufthansa Customer Service at least 10 days before your flight to ask for an upgrade.

Does Lufthansa allow seat upgrades At the Airport?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to Upgrade their seats at the Airport to make the journey more comfortable. If you want to know the process, then follow the steps.

  • Once you are at the airport, visit the check-in or bag drop counter.
  • Now, ask for the desk agent to upgrade your seat.
  • Now, provide your PNR and the other required details.
  • Once you provide them with all the details, the person will make the upgrade.
  • Make the payment and complete your upgrade process.

Then, you will receive the confirmation in your email.

How can I change seats from economy to business class?

If you have a booking with Economy class, and after making the flight booking, you change the plan, and now you want to get the upgrade to Business class, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Search the website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Then open the website and tap on the Manage My Booking option
  • Now, enter the details, such as your last name, booking number, etc.
  • Tap on that, and choose the business class to upgrade your seats.
  • After this, save the changes, and if there is any fee, pay the amount.
  • You can make the fee payment using your card or other given payment Methods.

Thus, by following the steps mentioned above, you can easily upgrade your economy seats to Business class.

Benefits to Upgrade the seat to Business/Premium Class

Lufthansa Airlines has multiple benefits if you upgrade your seat from economy to Business class or Lufthansa Premium Economy class. The Benefits are:

  • The check-in makes it easier and faster
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Free Business Longes are there.
  • Priority Boarding: the passenger will be the first one to Board.
  • Best Inflight Entertainment and Amenity Kit.
  • Food, Drinks, and the Welcome drink as well.

How Much does Lufthansa Charge for Upgrade a Seat?

Lufthansa Airlines charges an upgrade fee for every flight, and the Lufthansa seat upgrade cost starts from 249 Euros. However, to skip the upgrade charges, make sure you have upgraded your seat within 24 hours, once you make the changes in 24 hours, you will upgrade your seat to business or any other class in a shorter time.
Further, check the table mentioned below for the detailed charges on Lufthansa for seat Upgrade.

Lufthansa Business Class Upgrade cost 246 Euros
For Premium Economy 260 Euros 
Mile to upgrade To Premium Economy 20,000 to 45,000 

Which classes are Eligible for Seat Upgrades on Lufthansa?

The fare classes that are eligible for seat upgrades depend upon the types of tickets and Routes, as well as the specific rules and Policies. However, the fare classes that are eligible for upgrade are:

  • Economy Class (B): Some tickets booked under B class are discounted economy, and they are eligible for Upgrade, but these are very limited.
  • Economy Class (P): These fare classes are eligible for an upgrade when it comes to bidding or a Lufthansa upgrade with Miles.
  • Economy Class (Y): The economy class comes under the Y fare, and these tickets are eligible for an Upgrade.
  • Economy Class (S): This fare class is eligible, but it depends on the availability of the seat.
  • Premium Economy: A few premium classes are eligible for business class upgrades that are subject to availability.
  • Discounted Business Class: Tickets that are booked with the discounted fare may be eligible for higher business class cabins.

Is it worth Upgrading to Lufthansa Business Class?

Is it worth Upgrading to Lufthansa Business Class?

Yes, it is Worth it, as you will enjoy the seat upgrade in business class with more space.

  • The passenger will get around 50% more space
  • And the free baggage allowance is there for 2 bags.
  • Best inflight services and the Welcome drink.

Does Lufthansa Airlines allow the last-minute seat Upgrade?

Lufthansa have a last minute seat upgrade option in the following conditions:

  • When there is an unsold business-class seat, then they may offer the last-minute Upogarde.
  • In some cases, the Airline may reseat to the passengers for the equipment change or the overbooked flight, and then the airline provides a complimentary last-minute upgrade.
  • Lufthansa Airlines has a standby upgrade system where eligible passengers can request last-minute upgrades.

Summing It Up

As we come to an end, we hope by following the details mentioned above, your queries related to the Lufthansa Airlines seat upgrade, have been resolved, and you get all the details you looking for. However, if you need further help and have more queries related to processes or fees, you can simply call Lufthansa Customer Service and get the required help.

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