Are you interested in upgrading your seat to get more comfort? Perfect, you deserve it! So, to make the Hawaiian Airlines seat upgrade from economy to First/Business Class, contact the Hawaiian Airlines Reservation for help. You can also do it yourself by visiting the website or calling the customer service team. Further, you can make the seat upgrade using miles and points.

To understand all the terms and conditions and guidelines for enhancing your travel experience, refer to the comprehensive info provided in the blog.

How to upgrade my Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket?

If you already have a booking flight ticket with Hawaiian Airlines, and want to upgrade your ticket to business or first class, you can do that directly by visiting the website/miles, call the representative or by bidding. Here are the ways to upgrade flight at Hawaiian Airlines.

Upgrade Through Website/Miles:

Visit the website to upgrade your seat on Hawaiian Airlines, and follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official site of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ option.
  • Tap on seat upgrade.
  • Then, provide your travel details, like your name, reservation code, and travel class.
  • If you have particular miles, provide that as well.
  • Now submit all the details and make the upgrade payment.

At last, Hawaiian Airlines will send you a confirmation on your official email address.

Upgrade Through Calling the Representative:

If you have less than 24 hours until your departure and want to upgrade your seat, call the Hawaiian Airlines customer service team at 1-800-367-5320 or 1-860-374-7569 (OTA), Or tap the check-in option, which you will get under the ‘manage my booking’ tab. This can also be done at the airport.

So, if you are calling the representative, make sure to provide all the booking details. And the travel class you want to upgrade to. Note, that after upgrading your seat, you have to make the payment, which will be charged as per the travel class you are upgrading to.

Upgrade Through Bid

You can submit an upgrade bid for business class if you have enough miles. If yes, then you have to visit the website and participate in a bid. While you are bidding for an upgrade, you have to mention how many miles you will pay to get the upgrade.

The chances to secure Hawaiian Airlines bid upgrade will be more, if the airline has vacant seats for the class passenger wants to upgrade to.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade Seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines seat upgrade cost ranges between $100 to $150. But the fee depends upon the routes, and the class you are upgrading to.

The table will provide the charges that you might have to pay to secure the higher class.

First and Business Class Upgrade Fee

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Upgrade First Class (Neighbor Islands)

  • Pualani Gold members 50 USD
  • Pualani Platinum Members’ complimentary seat Upgrade

First Class (North America)


Upgrade cost

  • Nonstop flights to LGB/OAK/ and HNL/OGG/SJC/SMF
  • Pualani Gold Members 
  • Pualani Platinum Members 
  • 399 USD
  • Starting at $319
  • Starting at $ 269 
  • Nonstop flights to AUS/LAS//SEA/SFO and /LIH/KOA
  • /HNL/OGG
  • Pualani Gold Members 
  • Pualani Platinum Members 
  • Starting at $ 489
  • Starting at $ 399 
  • Starting at $ 359
  • Flights to BOS/JFK and HNL
  • Pualani Gold Members 
  • Pualani Platinum Members
  • Starting at $ 1049 
  • Starting at $ 939 
  • Starting at $ 869

International Business Class Fee

For the business class, If you are upgrading your seat. The table provides you with an overview of the fee that differs from destination to destination.


Australia to North America/Hawaii

 North America/Hawaii to Australia

Starting at $ 1200 

Starting at $ 900 


JAPAN to North America/Hawaii

Starting at 70,000 JPY

North America/Hawaii to JAPAN

Starting at $ 600

Pago Pago 

Discounted amount for Pualani Gold

Starting at $ 429

Discounted amount for Pualani Platinum

Starting at $ 349

Cook Island 

RAR to North America/ Hawaii

Starting at $ 449 

Discounted amount for Pualani Gold

Starting at $ 369 

Discounted amount for Pualani Platinum

Starting at $ 319 


Korea to North America/Hawaii

Starting at 65000 KRW

North America/ Hawaii to Korea

Starting at $ 550


Newzealand to North America/Hawaii

Starting at 1300 NZD 

North America/ Hawaii to Newzeland 

Starting at $ 850


PPT to North America/ Hawaii 

Starting at $ 429

Discounted amount for Pualani Gold

Starting at $ 349

Discounted amount for Pualani Platinum 

Starting at $ 299

Thus, before upgrading your seat, you have to check your upgrade eligibility, and which destination you are travelling to, because the fee varies from cabin class to destination.

What are Hawaiian Airlines upgrading rules?

If you are upgrading your seat with Hawaiian Airlines, the following guidelines apply:

  • When you are using the miles to upgrade the seat, you must complete the process 26 hours before the departure.
  • On Hawaiian Airlines upgrades, revenue tickets are eligible for upgrading using the miles.
  • If you are upgrading your travel with the help of an agent, do it 24 hours before your departure time.
  • The upgrades are subject to availability.

Can I Get complimentary seat upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, you will get a free Hawaiian Airlines upgrade to extra comfort seats if you are a Pualani Gold and Pualani Platinum member. However, the free upgrades are subject to availability. And these types of upgrades may include all windows, aisle, and middle seats.

This complimentary advantage is applicable to Platinum Pualani members and to up to 6 travel companions. And for the Pualani Gold member, it will apply to members only.

Can I Upgrade My Hawaiian Ticket After Purchase?

Yes. you can upgrade your seat after booking a flight with Hawaiian Airlines. For example, if you have a booking with economy class, you can upgrade it to Business class and First class.

However you have to pay if you are upgrading your existing booking with Hawaiian Airlines, and the same-day upgrades are offered on the basis of the availability of seats.

Bottom Line

Overall, Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to upgrade their seats with miles as well as cash. Moreover, if you need to upgrade your seat to Business Class or first class then you need to do it at least 24 hours before departure. Thus, if you need more assistance on Hawaiian Airlines seat upgrade, you can reach out to us using live chat or directly mail us at (insert email address).


Can I upgrade my seats at the airport with Hawaiian airlines?

Yes, you can upgrade the Hawaiian seat at the airport and even at the gate when you are checking to board the flight.

Is it cheaper to buy Hawaiian economy flights first and later upgrade?

Yes. The best way to get the cheaper flight is to book an economy class and then upgrade it to Business or First Class. Purchasing a flight directly for a higher class is more expensive.

Are last-minute seat upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines cheaper?

No, last-minute seat upgrades are mostly expensive. If you need to upgrade your flight, do it at least 24 hours before departure.

Are HawaiianMiles applicable to extra comfort seat upgrades at Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, you can upgrade by leveraging HawaiianMiles to secure extra comfortable seats. But keep in mind that the payment for the upgrade must be done in dollars.

Are free upgrades possible with Hawaiian airlines?

If you have a Pualani Gold or Pualani loyalty program, then Hawaiian will give you free upgrades to extra comfort seats. However, the complimentary upgrades are subject to availability.


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