Swiss Airlines is one of the nation’s major airlines. The airline tries to ensure that your travel with Swiss Air is comfortable and pleasurable. Choosing the appropriate seat for your journey is an important aspect of a relaxing journey. Suppose you are looking for different seat options, suggestions, and guidance on selecting the best seat for your needs. Then here you can find all the information you will require regarding Swiss Airlines seat selection.

Tips to Select the Best Seat on Swiss Air:

We all look forward to the best seat on the Airplane. If you are willing to get the most relaxing and comfortable seat to enhance your travel experience, then check out the tips and tricks mentioned below:

  • Take into account your needs: Before choosing your seat, take into account your wants and preferences. Pick a seat with more space for your legs if you are tall. If you frequently need to stand up, consider selecting an aisle seat. Consider a window seat or a fully flat bed in business or first class if you wish to sleep throughout your travel.
  • Select your seat in advance: Swiss Airlines offers customers the option to choose their seats in advance, either at the time of booking or later, using the airline’s website or mobile application. To guarantee your favorite selection, selecting your seat as soon as possible is best, especially for renowned flights.
  • Recognize the seat map: Recognizing the seat map is essential while selecting your seat. Some seats might only recline a little, while others might be closer to the galley or restrooms, with greater noise or foot activity.
  • Consider the airline’s rules: Swiss Airlines has particular rules regarding seat selection. For instance, first-class and business-class passengers do not have to pay to choose their seats, while those in economy class must pay an additional fee. Before choosing, make sure to review Swiss Airlines’ policies.

Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy:

While booking your ticket, seat selection is the most important aspect. However, before reserving a seat, you should be aware of a few rules and regulations laid down by the airline. Here is the Swiss Airlines Seat Selection policy you must follow if someone wants to reserve preferred seating on SWISS Airlines.

  • Select the seat within 24 hours of the initial booking if you want to reserve it without paying an additional price. If you still need to, you must pay a fee for seat selection.
  • You can reserve the seats you want depending on the availability of tickets.
  • Let’s say someone needs to use the loo frequently and needs to book a seat nearby. Then, to verify the request and secure seats without paying the airline any money, you must present medical certificates.
  • You must pay the airline the balance to change your seat from a lower to a higher traveling class. As opposed to this, if you switch your reservation from a higher class to a lower class, the difference will be returned as a travel voucher or in the original form of payment.
  • Airlines automatically assign seats to passengers if no reservations are made during online flight purchase or at the airport during check-in.

How to Reserve Seat on Swiss Air Lines?

Selecting your seat online is the most efficient and easiest method. If you are facing any confusion about swiss airlines’ select seats online, then you can get help from the given steps:

  • Firstly, check out the SWISS Airlines webpage.
  • Secondly, you must sign into your current Swiss account using your ID and password if you are a registered user in Switzerland.
  • After selecting “Book and manage,” click “Reserve a seat.”
  • You can reserve a seat up to 48 hours before a flight’s departure.
  • Further, enter the booking reference number and passenger name to find your flight choice.
  • It would be best if you choose a seat that you like.
  • Lastly, you will now see a map of the available seats. After checking the cost and accessibility of your preferred choice, you must press the confirmation button. Then carry on to make the payment.

How to Choose My Seat on Swiss Air after Booking?

There can be a situation when you have completed the booking but forgot to choose your favorite seat. If you are facing a similar situation, there is nothing to worry about. You can follow the simple steps to select your seat after booking:

  • Go to the ‘Book & Manage’ link at the Swiss Air website,
  • Then you must select the “Manage My Bookings” tab.
  • You can access your reservation by using the airline’s ID.
  • Alternatively, you can seek up a single itinerary by entering your “last name” and “booking code/ticket number.”
  • To continue, select ‘Submit.’
  • Decide which flight you wish to select a seat for.
  • Then pick “Seat selection.”
  • Select your preferred seat from the choices shown.
  • Verify your decision and finish the procedure.
  • You can also use Swiss Air’s online check-in option, which starts opening 23 hours before your flight’s departure time.

What are the SWISS Airlines’ Preferred Seats?

Swiss airlines offer preferred seats in the preferred zone. It is located just behind Business class. Customers can enter and exit the flight first through it. Your flex rates already include preferred seats if you want to book Swiss flights to Europe. You must pay additional fees to secure preferred seats on Swiss international flights. Travelers can reserve the preferred seats for international flights for $25 to $60 for each leg.

How to Get a Refund from Swiss Airlines?

It is nearly impossible to get a refund for the seat selection charges. However, the passenger may get a Swiss Air seat selection refund fee in the following situations:

  • You informed Swiss Air via the Service Centre at least 24 hours before departure that you must meet the extra-legroom seat requirements.
  • The airline implements a change in seat category for technical or operational reasons.
  • The travelers upgraded their seats.

How to Get Free SWISS Throne Seats?

The throne seats rarely fill up in advance; it depends on the trip. Besides a few elite people, only a few are willing to pay cash to reserve seats in business class.

The trick is to choose Swiss business class throne seats for free up to 48 hours before departure. Everyone traveling in business class, including award passengers, is subject to this. Since 48 hours looks like a random time to open them up – online check-in, for instance, only opens in 23 hours — many individuals are unaware of the timeframe. You can grab this opportunity to travel in leisure.

How to Select Swiss Air Business Class using miles?

The frequent flyer program to reserve business class on Swiss Air is Avianca LifeMiles. They can use Asiana Club, ANA Mileage Club, United MileagePlus, and Air Canada Aeroplan. The steps for booking a Swiss flight using life miles are as follows:

  • First, you need to visit the life miles website.
  • Then log in and fill up your LifeMiles information.
  • On the top-left corner, select travel.
  • You should select Swiss Airlines from the dropdown menu on the Smart Search tab.
  • Click the Find Flights tab after entering your flight information.
  • Then, choose the dates for your trip.
  • Lastly, redeem your LifeMiles after a flight shows up, and then use a credit card to cover any expenses.

Does Swiss Air charge for seat selection?

Yes, customers must pay up to $40 in seat selection fees to Swiss Air to get the desired seat on the flight. If they choose their seat later, they must pay the fees separately; otherwise, the seat booking fee will be automatically added to their reservation amount when making the reservation.


In conclusion, choosing a seat on a Swiss Air flight is an essential component of the whole travel experience. Swiss seat selection has a range of alternatives to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a window seat, an aisle seat, or more legroom. A nice flight is guaranteed when you request Swiss Airlines for prior seat selection. To have the greatest experience possible, following the instructions in the blog mentioned above is advised.

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