Do you wish to cancel your Air Transat Flight? If your flight is delayed due to bad weather or facing an unexpected medical emergency, you can cancel your Air Transat flight. With the Air Transat Cancellation policy, you can cancel, reschedule, and get a refund. Therefore, you do not need to worry about unexpected changes in your plans. Check out this blog to learn more about the cancellation and refund policy.

 Air Transat Cancellation Policy

  • A ticket can only be canceled using the same method purchased, either online on the airline’s official website or at the counter.
  • You can make the modifications online, for example, if you purchased the ticket online. If you bought the ticket offline, you must visit the airport for any alterations.
  • When you cancel an Eco Club Class, Eco Budget, or Eco Standard class, the refund will be issued as credits for future trips. They might be utilized afterward to make a reservation with the airline. It also has no expiration date and is transferable to anyone.
  • When the traveler cancels a reservation after 24 hours, he is liable to pay a penalty.
  • The Air Transat flight cancellation policy may change for reservations made as part of a cruise package or for group travel.
  • You can receive a travel coupon in place of a refund if you have non-refundable tickets that are canceled.
  • Visitors may ask for changes in challenging situations if they must cancel their flight due to a sudden death or medical emergency. They might not be charged any fees by the airline.
  • In twenty to twenty-five days, a flyer can receive reimbursement.
  • Anyone who makes a reservation via a travel agent should contact the agency to request a cancellation or refund.
  • This policy covers the two main possibilities. It is implemented when a passenger wants to cancel a reservation. Second, the policy still applies if Air Transat cancels flights.

What happens if my Air Transat flight gets canceled due to the weather?

Imagine if Air Transat canceled your trip due to a weather-related or technical issue. If that occurs, the airline will contact you immediately to inquire if you’d prefer a refund for the current flight or to reserve a new ticket. Air Transat will usually book you on the available flight quickly. The airline will attempt to accommodate its passengers in a place close to the airport if no flight is available. It is essential to confirm Air Transat’s detailed regulations and procedures for weather-related flight cancellations because they are subject to change. For the most recent information, contact their customer helpline or website.

What is the Vacation Cancellation Policy for Air Transat?

The procedures to cancel vacation packages purchased through Air Transat are provided in the policy. See the points that are given below:
  • The only refundable fares are Flex fares.
  • Air Transat may charge cancellation costs of 200+ USD per person for standard prices.
  • Travel insurance can offer extra scope for cancellations, according to the situation.
  • The most current information about Air Transat’s vacation cancellation policy can be obtained directly from the customer service department.
  • The passenger is not eligible for any refund, like accommodation, cars, or additional services included in the vacation packages.

How Can I Cancel My Air Transat Flight?

If you want to know about the different procedures to cancel your Air Transat Reservation, check out the easy instructions below. The passenger can cancel the Transat reservation online through the website. You can also contact the customer service staff or manage your booking offline to cancel your flight before departure.

Cancel a Transat Flight Online:

Through the Air Transat website, users can manually cancel their flight reservations. The airlines’ 24-hour grace period and flexibility allow you to change or cancel your Air Transat flight and receive a full refund. A step-by-step process for canceling an Air Transat flight ticket is provided below:
  • Visit the official website of Transat Airlines and sign in with your credentials.
  • After logging in, go to the home page’s manage booking tab, which will take you to the next page that deals with cancellations.
  • Before clicking “Continue,” enter your name and the confirmation number.
  • To access the Air Transat Airlines cancellation option, click the provided link.
  • Before canceling, double-check your information, then press the Continue button.
  • If you are eligible, submit your application for an Air Transat reimbursement.
  • At last, check your registered email address or phone number for confirmation mail.

Cancel a Transat Flight offline:

You can call the Air Transat help desk and explain your situation and the reason for the cancellation to the executive. A professional team has been hired to handle the passenger’s numerous questions. After determining your eligibility, they will release your cancellation refund in accordance with Air Transat’s cancellation policy.
  • After dialing the official number of the Airline.
  • Give the agent your booking reference number and any further details they require.
  • The agent might notify you of any fees that apply, their refund procedures, or other choices you have, including changing your travel schedule.
  • Tell the representative to cancel your desired flight.
  • Ask for the confirmation email confirming the cancellation of your tickets before hanging up.

How can I cancel my Air Transat Flight at the Airport?

Another option for changing the reservation is to go to the closest airport. Talk to the person working in the airline’s ticket office when you go there. The compensation for an Air Transat flight cancellation would be started after being reviewed by executives and deposited to the same account used to make the original reservation. The actions below can be used to reschedule your Air Transat flight at the airport:
  • Ensure you get to the airport well before your flight’s departure time.
  • Locate the customer service desk or Air Transat counter at the airport.
  • Declare firmly that you wish to cancel your Air Transat flight. They could require you to complete a cancellation form or more details.
  • Check with the person to see if you qualify for a refund or credit, then inquire about your choices.
  • Verify with the person that your flight has been effectively canceled once the cancellation procedure is complete.
  • For domestic flights inside Canada, it is advised to make a cancellation request at the airport up to two hours before and three hours before takeoff for all overseas flights.

Air Transat 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

The right to cancel a flight is granted to passengers within 24 hours or one day of the booking date.  No cancellation fee is required if you cancel the reservation within a day, regardless of the fare type you select, from expensive business class to low-cost options. The additional requirements of Air Transat’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy include the following:
  • Within 24 hours of purchasing, you can also request changes to your Air Transat flight.
  • No travel credits should be used to make the reservation.
  • Discounted and promotional rates shouldn’t be subject to Air Transat’s 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • The cancellation date must be at least 168 hours before the departure date.
  • A particular cost will be charged to the passenger if they cancel after the Air Transat cancellation policy window has passed. The fare type, destination, and the moment the tickets are canceled largely determine the cancellation cost.
If you have further queries, you can contact the airline’s customer care anytime for further information about the cancellation cost.

What happens if Air Transat cancels the flight?

When Air Transat cannot provide a flight to your destination due to weather or uncertain events, they will give you the following options and cancel your trip ticket. To ensure that customers have a comfortable trip, Air Transat will promptly offer you a new booking with the exact destination and ticket class or a full refund of your purchase with no cancellation fees.

Cancellation Due to Illness or Accident

Accidents and illnesses can strike without warning. Passengers are unable to take their intended journeys as a result. Many people use travel insurance as a means of defense against such circumstances. It might cover the Transat Airlines ticket exchange policy in the event of an accident or illness.
  • Depending on the insurance, this clause may cover you and your traveling companions.
  • You may cancel if your traveling companion or you get sick or hurt before or during the trip. Or even if a medical issue or accident prompts a doctor to advise against traveling.
  • You need to show a valid medical certificate.
  • It is crucial to be aware that a policy for cancellation due to accident or illness can include restrictions and exclusions.

Air Transat Refund Policy

The airline declares on its official website that it does not offer any kind of refundable fares because it helps to keep the fares affordable for travelers. However, it offers refunds that depend on when the ticket is canceled only after you pay the cancellation fee. Although, you will be eligible for a full reimbursement if:
  • You may alter or postpone the travel plans 60 days before departure.
  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and before seven days of scheduled departure.
  • If the flight is delayed by more than two hours, the airline will cancel your travel.
  • The flight has been rescheduled, but the new booking is unsuitable for you.
  • If you can provide the airline with necessary documented evidence in the event of a serious medical condition, death, etc.

How to Get a Refund from Air Transat?

You can follow the given procedure to receive a refund for your Air Transat flight:
  • Firstly, browse the web portal of Air Transat at
  • Choose “My Trips” from the website’s menu.
  • Further, enter the reservation details, including your last name and the Reference code.
  • To access the Reservation Summary, click “Continue” at the end of the homepage.
  • Select the ticket to Cancel your Reservation.
  • The next page will display the refund amount and cancellation fees.

How much does it cost to cancel an air transat flight?

If the reservation isn’t canceled within 24 hours, the passengers will be liable for a penalty. A set amount must be paid as a processing charge for the ticket to receive a refund, which may be partial or whole, depending on a number of guidelines. No money will be refunded to the passenger if the total cost of the ticket is less than the administrative fee of the airport. The overview of the Air Transat cancellation fee is provided below.
Destination Club Flex Club Standard Eco-Flex Eco Standard
Between Canada and Europe No Charges USD 200+ No Charges USD 200+
Europe to Canada No Charges USD 150+ No Charges USD 150+
Between Canada and U.S.A., the Caribbean, and Central America No Charges USD 200+ No Charges USD 200+
From the U.S.A., the Caribbean, and Central America to Canada No Charges USD 200+ No Charges USD 200+
Domestic flights in Canada No Charges USD 200+ No Charges USD 200+

Air Transat Canceled Flight policy

Flights can be canceled for a number of reasons, including unforeseen weather circumstances, technical difficulties, and crew shortages. These cancellations may severely disrupt the travel arrangements of the travelers. Passengers are forced to rush to arrange substitute flights, lodgings, and modes of transportation. The airline offers a variety of policies for its passengers and treats them well.
  • Air Transat can assign another flight to its passengers depending on their suitability and availability.
  • If you do not wish to fly on the rescheduled flight, you can request a refund for your ticket.
  • Following the rules and regulations, passengers may be eligible for compensation depending on the cause of the cancellation.

Air Transat Canceled Flight Compensation

This policy offers passengers fair and appropriate compensation during a flight interruption. While also adhering to all relevant rules. If the flight is canceled, you can be eligible for Air Transat flight cancellation compensation in certain situations.
  • You can be eligible for compensation if airline management decides to cancel your journey.
  • The Air Transat flight cancellation reimbursement is based on a number of variables.
  • You can be permitted upto CAD 900 for compensation of flights between Europe and Canada that are delayed for more than three hours and $1000 for a delay over 9 hours.
  • If the traveler does not wish to travel on the rescheduled flight, he can get a full refund.
  • The Airlines may not give any refund in case of situations that are beyond their control

Option Flex & Peace of Mind Policy

Option Flex Standard and Option Flex Extra offer flexibility and peace of mind, allowing travelers to alter their travel dates and destinations, cancel their trip, or transfer their holiday package to a friend or relative. Just complete it at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure. However, contact the agent if the ticket is booked through a travel agency or a third-party website. Even if you cannot connect to the agent, you’re covered by this form for any unforeseen cancellations. Remember that there is no going back after you submit this form. In accordance with the terms and conditions, Air Transat will cancel your reservation. And the standard product terms will apply if you don’t make your reservation during special offers.

Will I be refunded after canceling a booking with Option Flex?

Customers who selected Option Flex Standard can receive a travel credit equal to the penalty at the time of cancellation, and the remaining amount will be returned to the original form of payment. The price paid for Option Flex Standard is not included in the refund. Within around 15 days, they will get their refund and travel credit. Each traveler will receive travel credits redeemable for a Transat product in their name registered with their travel agent. Customers who select Option Flex Extra are eligible for a refund in the payment method on file for the amount they paid at the time of cancellation. This does not include the cost of Option Flex Extra.

Air Transat enhances flexibility to change and cancel bookings.

Air Transat has continued to permit flexibility in changing flight schedules. Up to 24 hours before departure, passengers can modify their date and destination without additional fees. The only amount charged will be the difference in the fare. Moreover, passengers flying on Air Transat can cancel a booking regardless of the fare.  The cancellation cost for Club Standard, Eco Standard, and Eco Budget is $200. Cancellations for Club Flex fares and Ecoflex are free of charge. The money will be refunded to the account from which the payment was made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get Air Transat compensation for a 2-hour Flight Delay?
You may be entitled to compensation if Air Transat causes a 2-hour or longer delay in your arrival.
Can I cancel a Flight without paying?
Yes, you can cancel a flight without paying 24 hours after booking and seven days before the departure date.
How long does Air Transat take to Refund?
Transat estimates that processing delays for reimbursements could take up to three months.
How can I get a refund from Air Transat?
For help with your request, call the customer service center at 1-877-872-6728. This enables customers who booked reservations through or the Help Centre but couldn’t travel to claim a refund.
How much does it cost to cancel an Air Transat Flight?
Air Transat may charge cancellation costs of 200 USD per person for standard prices.
Can I cancel an Air Transat Flight within 24 hours of Booking?
As long as the flight starts in or departs from the US or Canada, the airline permits passengers to seek flight cancellations up to 24 hours after making their reservation. Also, reservations must be made at least 168 hours before the anticipated departure date.
Does Air Transat allow a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?
Air Transat offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for its cherished passengers and treats them well. If you adhered to the policy and canceled the flight within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for a 100% refund.
Is Air Transat Option Plus Refundable?
Option Plus cannot be refunded. Moreover, each flight only has a certain amount of seats available.
Has Air Transat been Canceling Flights?
Air Transat rarely cancels flights. If the airline cancels a flight, it is probably because of a valid reason like weather or maintenance issues.
How often is Air Transat delayed?
Air Transat has earned the designation of 4-Star Leisure Airline.  The rating shows that most of the time, Air Transat flights are on time. Seats, facilities, meals and beverages, cleanliness, etc., are all included in the rating.
What is the Phone Number for Air Transat Cancellation?
If you want to cancel your Air Transat reservation, you can contact the call center at 1-877-872-6728 for assistance with your request.

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