Are you looking for an amazing travel experience? Then it is best to make your reservations with KLM to travel comfortably. KLM Airlines allows you to choose your favourite seat and ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Moreover, to avoid any hassles at the airport, by selecting your desired seat in advance. Further, To learn more about KLM Seat Selection policy & process to select a seat, read the details given below.

How do I Select/Choose My Seat on KLM Flight?

If you are looking for an easy procedure to select a seat on a KLM flight, you can opt for KLM seat selection online:

  • First, visit the official KLM website.
  • You will be redirected to the homepage of KLM.
  • Then, click on the “My Trip” option at the top of that page.
  • Give the requested information now, starting with the booking reference.
  • After that, enter the passenger’s first name and choose “Search” to access your KLM reservations.
  • You have now reached your booking page. To make the most of your journey, choose the “Seat Selection” option and reserve your seat.
  • Now make the payment via the preferred method.
  • At last, check for the confirmation mail.

Via Phone Call:

If you’re having problems choosing your preferred seat online or need further details about seat selection, you can connect to the airlines on call. After dialling the official number, you will connect with a live airline representative to help you choose a seat and respond to your

Understand the KLM Seat Selection Policy

Before seat selection, you should have the Idea of seat selection to avoid any hassle. The Policy has a few highlights that you can keep in mind:

  • KLM Airlines offers Various seating options including Economy/Premium Comfort/Business/ LA Premiere.
  • The seat selection cost depends on the type of ticket you have chosen.
  • The Airline randomly has a lot of seats if you skip them at the time of Booking.
  • Flying Blue Elite members can access discounted and occasionally free reservations for especially comfy seats.
  • The policies, terms, and conditions of KLM Seat Selection vary according to the seats chosen from other cabin classes.
  • The airline will issue a full refund if the requested seat is not assigned.
  • To be of assistance in an emergency, passengers who choose seats close to the emergency exit should have an idea about safety measures.

What is the 24-hour Rule for KLM Seat Selection?

As per the KLM 24-hour rule, you can select your standard or Preferred seats between 24 hours and 72 hours before your departure time. That depends on the membership level you have. However, if you are a Platinum Member, then you can select your seats at any time.

How Much Does KLM Charge for Seat Selection?

The KLM charges the fee for seat selection, as An advance seat selection will cost around $21 to $90 when traveling in economy class. According to the KLM airline, travelers with a flying blue card membership and status at the silver tier or higher Class are excluded from paying a Fee.

In addition, Individuals who fly in the Airlines Full Flex economy are excluded from choosing their seats in advance.

How Can I Request KLM Airlines Seat Selection After the Booking?

After making a reservation, you have a few options for requesting seat selection on KLM Airlines. These are as follows:

  • After booking your flight, You can request seat selection through the managed booking section. Go to the “My Trip” section and select the particular Flight.
  • You can call KLM’s customer care department and ask for a seat selection. You will receive instructions from the customer service representative as you proceed.
  • If you are at the airport, you can go there to make a seat selection request in person.
  • You can also request a seat selection using the official app on your Mobile App.

Can I Change Seats at KLM After Check-in?

Yes. you can change your Seat on KLM Airlines after check-in. Further, read the information below to find out how you can choose your seats on KLM Airlines after checking in.

  • If you checked in online with KLM Airlines, you can log in again to see the options for changing your seat.
  • In addition, KLM Airlines allows passengers to select their seats from the time of booking until 24 hours before departure.
  • Further Seats can be changed using the KLM Airline website. Go to the Manage Bookings section and change the seat, or call the airline’s representative directly.

Types of Seating on KLM Airlines

You can travel with KLM Airlines in either business class or economy. Both Economy and Business Class seats have unique characteristics. The KLM Business Class seat will provide additional comfort for a higher ticket price. Here is all the information you require regarding KLM airline seats.

KLM Economy Class Seats

KLM offers four different kinds of seats on its flights. These are the Front Section, Standard, Economy Comfort, and Extra Legroom seats. The standard seats recline 9 cm and have 76 cm of legroom. Compared to ordinary seats, Economy Comfort seats will give you 4 to 5 cm more recline and an extra 5 cm of legroom. On most planes, the Economy Comfort seats also provide in-seat power. Compared to economy comfort seats, extra legroom seats feature an additional 10 cm of legroom.

Standard Seats

Standard seats are next to the exit in an Emergency row. With standard seats, you will get the extra legroom chair with recliners. Additionally, front-section seats recline and provide the same legroom as ordinary seats. Overall, these are budget-friendly seats with basic comfort facilities

KLM Business Class Seats

Regarding comfort and luxury, KLM Business Class seats are the best. Legroom in the Business Class seats is 7.5 cm more than in the Standard KLM seats. The backs of the Business Class seats recline 12.5 cm. The middle seat is blocked, and you will be seated in an aisle or window seat.

What is a Preferred Seat on KLM?

Preferred seats are the seats that are located in the first row and it is behind the Economy Comfort. Other than their location, seats that are close to the exit do not offer extra legroom and comfort. The Preferred seats offer a quick arrival and exit.

On the Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing 747 400, There are seats in a row that are best for the ideal couple that are traveling together.

Note: the downside of the seats is, these Preferred seats are at the back of the plane. The fee is $30 per flight.

Is it possible to get a refund on the seat selection from KLM?

Yes. KLM provides a refund for the seat selection on the Economy Comfort seats, seats in a row of 2, seats with extra legroom, or the front seats if you have made a refund request within 24 hours after you have selected a seat. Further, you will get the refund when:

  • Your flight has been cancelled
  • The type of the KLM Flight is changed.
  • You change your flight and purchase the same seat for the new flight.
  • You change your flight and the same seat type is not available on the New flight.


Thus, if you want to fly to your destination with comfort, take benefit of the KLM Seat selection. You can additionally now select the extra legroom seats, or want to sit on a particular seat, then go ahead and select your seat. Moreover, if you have any further issues, call the customer service team and get your queries resolved.

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