Missing a flight is a nightmare for every traveler. It is a situation that no traveler ever wants to go through. However, there are times when we miss our flight due to unforeseen circumstances. The reason for missing the flight could be you or the Airline.  If you have booked your flight with KLM, rescheduling your flight is possible. Moreover, to rebook your KLM missed flight, it is of the utmost importance for the passengers to study missed flight conditions to know if they are eligible for it.

KLM Missed Flight Policy

If you’re curious about the rules and regulations for a missed KLM connecting flight, check the policy given below:

  • The airlines will book an alternative flight if you miss your connecting flight due to the delay of your prior flight.
  • KLM Airlines is liable for the missed connection flight and will provide you with compensation in the form of a rebooking or a refund if there is a baggage delay. You will be able to claim the luggage before the connecting flight’s scheduled time for boarding.
  • If a person misses a connecting flight, KLM Airlines will compensate them.
  • The “Self-transfer flight” passenger will not be entitled to airline reimbursement for missing their connection.
  • Imagine you miss your connecting flight because of bad weather. If that happens, an airline employee will assist you in reserving a seat on the subsequent flight or, if necessary, arrange accommodations at the airport.

Therefore, you must consider some KLM missed flight policies when you miss your connection.

How can I Rebook My Missed KLM Flight?

You can do it online if you are looking for the easiest method to reschedule your missed connecting flight. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the KLM missed flight rebooking procedure:

  • First, go to the KLM Airlines website and click “My Trips” to access the window.
  • Then, enter your travel information to access the itinerary or sign in with the relevant account.
  • Further, your booked itinerary will open on the screen, where you must tap the “Rebook” button.
  • Fill in the required information in the provided columns, and a list of available flights will appear on the screen. You may have to pay rebooking fees or other additional flight costs.
  • At last, the rebooking for your missed flight will then be completed.

What Happens If KLM Airline Makes You Miss Your Flight?

Your flight will automatically be scheduled on the next flight if you miss a KLM connection because of the airline due to weather, or you can request a refund.

You are eligible for a reschedule or refund for the following cases:

  • If an airline employee’s negligence caused you to miss your flight, the airline will reschedule you on the next available alternate flight to the same destination and time. The airlines will ensure that you take off at the originally scheduled time.
  • The Airline will provide a waiting area and refreshments.
  • If the substitute flight doesn’t meet your needs, you can continue with a travel credit, which you can use whenever you want to make new reservations.
  • If the management was at fault for your missing the flight, you might also choose compensation.

Compensation and Reimbursement for a Missed KLM Flight:

It’s necessary to keep in mind that KLM often doesn’t offer reimbursement or compensation for KLM missed flights due to personal reasons. However, in certain situations, you can be qualified for compensation or refund if your delayed flight was due to a delay, cancellation, or rescheduling brought on by KLM.

Please review KLM’s regulations and procedures for compensation for missing flights to assess your eligibility. You must follow the requirements and procedure for getting reimbursement or compensation. For additional information, get in touch with KLM’s customer service or visit their official website.

KLM Compensation Form for Missed Flight:

After missing your connecting flight, you should complete a KLM missed connection compensation form to get reimbursement from the airline. Passengers can access the compensation form online, fill it out with the appropriate information, and attach supporting documentation for verification. KLM will then reimburse you within a few business days.

  • Firstly, go to the KLM website using your device.
  • Secondly, select the “Refunds and Compensation” tab on the directed page after clicking the “All contact options” tab on the website.
  • Further, the KLM compensation form will now appear on your screen, and you must choose the justification for your claim.
  • Additionally, add the flight information to the indicated columns.
  • Add the contact information and the passenger details,
  • Finally, click “Submit” to send KLM Airlines your reimbursement request.

KLM Delay Flight Compensation Policy:

Your flight must meet three essential criteria in order to be eligible for compensation for travel delays:

  • Delay that is more than three hours.
  • No unforeseen events, such as stormy weather, airport strikes, or other delays, caused your flight to be delayed.
  • You left from a European Union airport or took a flight operated by an EU airline.

You can contact the help desk for klm delayed flight missed connection and seek assistance with the rebooking if you are unable to rebook your missed trip via the online process. The customer service representative from KLM will make the reservations and find you the best alternatives for the flight you missed. However, you must pay the fees through an online method.

When can KLM Refuse Compensation?

The airline can refuse compensation in extraordinary circumstances. The airline would not be at fault for the delay in these situations.  If the carrier could not prevent the delay, expecting them to compensate you would be unreasonable. Some are airport personnel strikes, bad weather conditions, runway closures, and control tower restrictions.

However, technical issues and wildcat strikes do not qualify as exceptional circumstances. KLM would be responsible for preventing and fixing mechanical problems with their aircraft. For this reason, passengers have the right to compensation whenever a technical issue causes a delay to a KLM flight.


Missing a flight can be an upsetting experience, but after reading this blog, you can sort out a way and reschedule your missed KLM flight. Now, you know whom to contact and how to rebook your flight and request a refund.  However, you can always look forward to KLM’s customer service for assistance if you have further queries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens When You Miss Connecting Flights with KLM?

If you have missed your next flight as a result of a delay or other unforeseeable events.  You will immediately be assigned to another flight, so don’t worry. The airlines will also notify you about the information about your new flight.

How do I Rebook a Missed Flight on KLM?

You can rebook your missed flight by calling 1 (800) 618-0104 or +1-860-374-7569 and kindly explaining the situation. You may also ask the representative for the next flight or compensation as desired.

Does KLM Charge for Missed Flights?

Suppose you miss your KLM flight due to unavoidable events like a flight delay or cancellation. In that case, KLM may rebook you on a later trip at no additional cost. However, this may be subject to availability.

Can you Get Compensation if you Miss your Flight?

Though there isn’t a particular category for missed connections, you can still file a claim for compensation if the airline’s flight delay, cancellation, or denied boarding resulted in you missing your connecting flight.

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