Have you wondering about traveling in a group with your loved ones, and looking for the perfect airline? Then look no further than Delta Airlines allows passengers to get a hassle-free group Travel experience. Thus, go for the Delta Airlines Group Travel and make the most out of it.

Moreover, Delta Airlines provides an amazing discount on groups so that you can save more on your flights. So ahead, book your flight ticket with Delta and get all the benefits of group booking.

How to reserve Delta Airlines ticket for a group?

Delta Airlines offers 2 different ways to book group flight ticket. Let’s see the steps to booking a group flight with both ways.

Via Online

  • Visit the official site of Delta Airlines
  • Then, on the booking page, go to the Group Travel option.
  • Fill in the details in the given Field.
  • Proceed to the next step and fill in all the steps in the given Form.
  • Finally, submit the Delta group request form and wait for confirmation.
  • Once you get the email confirming your travel, check the details to see if it’s right or not.

Via Offline

You can book a Delta group flight tickets by calling, simply you have to do is dial the delta airlines phone number 800-532-4777 or 1-860-374-7569 and listen to the IVR options. Then Select the booking option as per your need and provide group travel details. The representative will ask you for additional details. Provide and make the payment to complete the booking

What is Delta Airlines Group Travel?

Group travel on Delta Airlines is very advantageous, as it offers an itinerary for a group of 10 people traveling together in the same group. With Group Travel, you will get flexible ticket options, help in managing your booking, and competitive fares.

Further, follow the below table to know when you can book a Group flight on Delta Airlines on various destinations to get the best deals.

Travel Destinations  Group booking Time 
Within US and Canada  240 Days before the scheduled departure
To the Caribbean  240 Days before the scheduled departure
To Central America  240 Days before the scheduled departure
To Asia Pacific  240 Days before the scheduled departure
To Europe and North Africa 331 Days before the scheduled departure
To South and West Africa 331 Days before the scheduled departure
To the Middle East 331 Days before the scheduled departure

For More assistance regarding the travel destination and time of group booking contact the Group Travel experts. The working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM TO 8 PM EST.

Delta Airlines Group Booking Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will be included in your group program if you make the booking with Delta Airlines. The airlines has a right to change any of the terms prior to any notice. However, the Group Booking Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • If a group consisting of 10 or more passengers traveling together does not meet the criteria, the booking will be canceled and the amount will be forfeited.
  • The booking details regarding the group are confidential between the agent and the group coordinator or group members. Therefore no information will be given to any of the passengers, and no changes are allowed on behalf of any of the group members.
  • The group tickets of Delta Airlines will not be eligible for the SkyMiles upgrade.
  • To book group travel, all the necessary documents are required. For example, passports, and visas.
  • Delta Airlines will not be liable to book group travel if the members do not provide the necessary documents.
  • Delta reserves the right to change the schedule without prior notice.
  • Group amenities or inclusion are subject to vary, and any upgrade or complimentary stay will be applied to the leader of the Group.
  • If you want to add a few more members or a single person, you need to pay the additional fee.
  • Delta Group flight booking is not subjected to SkyMiles. The person cannot book a flight ticket under this feature.

What are the Perks & Benefits Of Delta Group Booking?

Delta Airlines Group Travel provides the best benefits to its customers. The customer can avail of all the benefits while booking their flights, and these benefits are as follows:

  • Customized the Itinerary: If you are traveling with a group, then the airline executive will help you in making your reservation smooth. You can share the details with the executive, and he will guide you according to your preferences and needs.
  • Amazing Discounts: Delta Reservations will help you get the best discounts on Delta flights.
  • Easy Booking Process: The process of retrieving your group travel with Delta Airlines is so easy and can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Easy Payment and Transactions: With one payment method, you need to a single transaction to book a flight; this will help you avoid a hassle-free reservation.

Does Delta Airlines Offers Corporate Group Travel?

If you have a plan to travel in a group for business, then it takes work to use your Delta Meeting Network. Thus, Delta Airlines offers a Corporate group travel to around 300 destinations to have a meeting for up to 15 or more than 15 members.

You will get various benefits such as:

  • In-flight Amenities
  • Complimentary access
  • Preferred Seating
  • Priority Boarding

Can I Book Group Vacation Packages on Delta Airlines?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides group travel vacations, but it has a few conditions that every group can follow. For the group vacation packages booking there should be at least 10 members to be eligible for the promotion, further:

  • All the passengers should stay in the same hotel.
  • A minimum 3-night stay in the same hotel is required.

Here with the Vacation packages, you can save up to $250 on your booking. Further in the below-mentioned table few of the offers that you can avail of with Delta group vacation packages.

Vacation Packages Booking Amount  Savings 
On Flight Plus Hotels Bookings $7500 $250
On Flight Plus Hotels Bookings  $4000-$7499 $100
On Flight Plus Hotels Bookings  $2500-$3999 $50

Note: All the flights and a group traveling to Asia/Pacific destinations will require at least a 4-night hotel stay.

How Can I Plan a Group Vacation with Delta Airlines?

If you are wondering about planning a group vacation with Delta Airlines, you can simply do that by calling a customer service team at Delta Airlines, or by visiting the website. Moreover, Delta Airlines offers two different options to accommodate the group type. Thus, you can choose any of them to make your group vacation fun.

Flexible Getaway

Traditional Group Travel

Every group will save up to $225 for Delta vacations. 

Best for groups traveling together.

Best for those passengers looking for flexibility.

Easy payment and the cancellation policy

The Delta Airlines provides $100 to every group coordinator.

The group will earn extras, such as complimentary rooms, amenities, and upgrades.

Perfect for the family, and friends’ gateway.

Best for school trips, and spa-interested trips.

Let’s Compare Flexible Getaway and the Traditional Group Travel

The table below will provide you with a comparison between both the group gateway. So let’s find out the benefits and what you will get with both groups.


Flexible Getaway

Traditional Groups

The coordinator receives $100 per booking


Save up to $225 on every reservation


Varying Itinieries


Easy cancellation, and group protection plan



Dedicated service representatives



A name is not required when making a reservation.


Complimentary group pricing amends space


Flexible payment options


Name changes allowed


Thus, choose any of the above group vacations according to your budget.

Does Delta Airlines Give Discounts on Group Travel?

Delta Airlines is Always there to make travelers’ journeys an unforgettable experience. Therefore, it offers various services to help you in planning a hassle-free journey. Moreover, yes, you can get Discounts on group booking to save more. Thus, you can find a suitable deal for extra savings. However, there are various ways to get your discounts on Delta Flights.

Final Thoughts

Group Travel is the best option if you want to save more on your booking. Moreover, Delta Airlines offers various discounts on group bookings so that you can get a budget-friendly flight. Therefore book your Delta Airlines Group Travel and upgrade your travel experience with your loved one. Further, if you need any help dial 1 (800)-212-1212 or 1-860-374-7569 Delta Airlines customer service number and get (24/7) assistance on your Booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase the Group Vacation Package with Delta Airlines?

If you select a group vacation package with Delta Airlines, it will provide you with more flexibility, benefits, and more services. With Delta, you will get the best hotels, thousands of destinations, and countless activities.

What Destinations Does Delta Vacation Offer?

Delta offers vacations to any city in the US and Canada to more than 3000 destinations around the globe.

How do I get the best prices for my Delta Vacation?

Delta Airlines offers various ways to find the best deals on your vacation. Such as you can look for adult vacation packages, family-friendly vacation packages, and featured ones. With these packages, you will save more on your flights.