Do you Want to upgrade your seat on American Airlines? If yes, you’ve to need to know about how to upgrade seats on American Airlines. The seats American Airlines are designed to ensure the passengers get the best experience while flying. So upgrade your seats without extra pay and enhance the journey to a new level.

Whether upgrading to a lie-flat seat for extra legroom, passengers can select their seats as per their preferences. However, passengers have to pay the fee to upgrade the seats, but their comfort will be unmatched.

How to Upgrade a Seat on American Airlines?

If you are looking to get more comfort while flying, then upgrading a seat can be a good choice. Thus, let’s check the steps and methods through which you can easily upgrade seats on AA:

  • Log in to your account, and check if you have the AA systemwide upgrades available.
  • Then, call the AAdvantage status service desk to check the availability of the upgrade; if it’s available, the amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • If the upgrade is not available at the time of booking, the airlines will waitlist your upgrade request,

Note: The list will be confirmed as per the order.

  • Status Level
  • Upgrade Level
  • 12 month Rolling Loyalty Points

If your upgrade class and the Loyalty Points are the same, the airline will look at the booking number and date or time of the request to prioritize your upgrade.

Upgrade With Miles

  • AA seat Upgrade with Miles option provides benefits to passengers who are not elite members, and if you are one, you can redeem your AAdvantage Miles.
  • If you have the AAdvantage Miles and you have booked your flight with cash (no award tickets), you can upgrade the seat with Miles.

Upgrade through Business Extra

  • As an Award option, American Airlines offers upgrade Certificates for Preferred seats.
  • Small businesses can their customers with this benefit.

SystemWide Upgrades (SWUs)

  • You will get 2 SWUs while booking and other rewards, such as bonus miles, and Admirals club access; thus, use them to upgrade.
  • If you have Rewards points from 250000 to 5000000, you will get the SWUS as a Reward option.

*And systemwide upgrades are subject to availability.

Upgrade Using Complimentary Upgrades

Those who are a member of the AAdvantage Program will get complimentary upgrades on flights From Mexico, Canada, the US, and even the Caribbean.

Note: Those who have an AAdvantage Program or elite status membership can use complimentary upgrades to have one companion traveling on the same flights.

Upgrade with British Avios 

  • If the booking is done with cash, use Avios to upgrade.
  • Direct upgrade from business class to economy class using Avios to upgrade the seat is not possible.

Things to Know About American Airlines Seat Upgrade

As per the American Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy If you are Upgrading a seat you can enjoy the higher cabin class seats and services. However, there are a few things that can help you upgrade your seat easily:

  • To upgrade the seat use your AAdvantage Miles given by the AA.
  • Upgrades are valid to the next cabin and valid for the one-way Trip with a maximum of the 3 segments.
  • The Basic economy and Award tickets cannot be upgraded.
  • The full fare economy booked in Y fares can be eligible for Upgrade.
  • The Non-elite members can not take advantage of the Mile upgrade.

How much do I pay for an upgrade on American Airlines?

To upgrade a seat on American Airlines you have to pay certain amount of fee, the fee varies according to the various factors such as the class and fare types. However if you’re upgrading your seat the upgrade amount ranges between $75 to $175. let’s take a look at how much seat upgrade cost on American Airlines according your cabin class:

Class Redeem Miles Fee
Economy Class Around 15000 Miles $75
Full Fare Premium Economy 5000 Miles $125 to $150
Discount Business Economy Around 15000 Miles $175
Full Fare Business Around 15000 Miles $150

Can I Upgrade American Airlines Seat After Purchase?

Yes, If you are unable to upgrade your seat at the time of the American Airlines flight booking, you can do that after booking. For that, make sure you have AA systemwide upgrades available, and then, if they are available, you can click on the link to find seat upgrade availability. You can also make a Request by calling customer service to upgrade your desired seats.

Can I Upgrade a Seat on American Airlines After Check-in?

While traveling with American Airlines and using the AA Seat Upgrade feature, you will get legroom seats, luggage access, and lounge access. If you wondering if will you get, a seat upgrade after checking then the answer is yes, for that, you must connect with the American Airlines representative at 800-433-7300, and the representative will cancel your AA flight and provides you with a new flight, further, follow the steps:

  • To apply for an upgrade without paying a fee, you need to do it within 24 hours; in that case, you only need to pay the fare difference.
  • After 24 hours, you have to pay the amount to upgrade your seat.
  • If you have travel insurance you do not need to pay the amount to upgrade.

Note: while applying for the seat Upgrade, you cannot modify the Date or Timing of the flight; you only have the option to upgrade your Ticket.

Who Gets the AA Seat Upgrade first?

On almost every flight, those who have paid for them in dollars or miles in advance will get the seat upgrade first, or those who have a Frequent Flyer Program or an elite membership will get the complimentary seat upgrades.

Note: There are a few exceptions, so don’t rely on the free seat Upgrade by just asking for it.


In conclusion, American Airlines Seat Upgrade, if you have an elite status of AA, can get the seat upgrade easily and quickly. However, do not worry if you don’t have the same; you can book a flight and upgrade it with miles or cash. Moreover, if you need further assistance, contact customer service at 800-433-7300 for help, and enjoy the flight to the fullest.