Missing a flight can sometimes become very stressful, especially for those who are unsure about the next step to take, depending on the Missed flight Situation, passengers might be eligible to rebook a flight, to get a full refund or credit vouchers for Future Flights.

However, in this guide, we will see the in-depth details of Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy, Terms and Conditions, Fee, etc, and to understand what happens if you miss your flight and what action you will take.

What Happens if I Miss My Spirit Airlines Flight?

If you are looking for the details on what happens if you miss your flight, you can also initiate the refund, rebook process using Spirit Airlines skipped flight Policy.

Mentioned some key points will help in understanding the process:

  • If you missed spirit flight because of any particular reasons, the Airlines will allow the passengers to stand by.
  • If you have arrived at the Airport after your scheduled departure that is after 2 hours, then the Airlines will accommodate you for another flight.
  • Passengers have to pay the fee for missing a flight if done intentionally, or if want to rebook their flights.

What is the Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy

If you can not make it to your scheduled departure due to unavoidable reasons, Spirit Airlines missing flight policy will help you by providing a range of suggestions.

The Missed flight policy includes Terms and conditions regarding rebooking, eligibility, and Refund. Here are some of these.

  • This policy allows you to rebook your flight for the same.
  • If you arrive at the airport after 2 hours of scheduled departure, Spirit Airlines will put you on the standby list.
  • The Airline will refund you if you arrive late for the Boarding.
  • If you arrive at the Airport after the flight rebooking within 2 hours, then you can get the compensation.
  • In the end, customers can book a flight using a new flight and have to pay a fee if they haven’t arrived at the Airport to catch their connecting flight.

Thus, with the help of the Spirit Missed Flight Policy, you can quickly conclude the missed flight policies hassle-free. You can also contact the airport staff to get immediate and appropriate help.

How do I Rebook Spirit Airlines Missed Flight?

If you miss your flight, don’t worry the Spirit Airlines does allows passengers to rebook their flights. The process is very easy to rebook your flight, here is the mentioned below to booking process:

Online Method to Rebook a Flight

  • Visit the official page of Spirit Airlines.
  • Then, go to the My Trip section.
  • Enter your flight details, such as your last name, Flight reservation number, etc.
  • After entering the details, you will get the rebooking tab; once you select it, you can select your new ticket at your convenience.
  • Then, book your flight, and afterward, pay the fee if applicable.
  • Finally, Spirit Airlines will send you a new booking ticket with your registration ID.

Offline Method to Rebook Your Flight

If you need help with the offline method, you can contact the spirit airlines reservations at 1 (855) 728-3555 / 1-860-374-7569(OTA) or 844-989-7283 and their customer executive will provide you with available details on your next flight. After completing the process, you might have to pay the charges, with the administration fee, and you will get the customer service number on the official site.

What is the Spirit Airlines No Show Passenger Policy?

Have you missed your flight, and looking for the details on Spirit Airlines No Show policy? Then the term mentioned below will help you understand the No Show Policy:

  • If you not reach the Airport on time, spirit Airlines’ no-show policy makes sure that your flight may be cancel Instantly.
  • If you arrive late at the airport, your ticket fare will be forfeited, and you will not be able to get your refund Amount.
  • If the Flight is canceled because of not showing at the Airport, the passenger will rebook or Reschedule a flight.
  • To reschedule your flight you can get in touch with Airport customer service.

You can contact the Airlines at any time to learn about the no-show policy of Spirit Airlines.

How Much is the Sprit Airlines Missed Flight Fee?

If you have missed your Spirit Airlines flight, and now looking for the details on the Missed Flight fee, then the mentioned points will help you with the same:

  • If your flight is missed because of personal reasons, the Airlines will provide you the option of rebooking, that you can do by paying the $200.
  • Moreover, if you reach the Airport at least 2 hours before departure time, avail yourself of the rebooking flight policy.
  • The missed flight fee may also be change, according to the destination and type of ticket.

Thus, Rebook the flight, and fly to your chosen destination hassle-free by paying the fee for your missed flight. Please note that the Airlines will never provide a refund for the missed flight. You can either get a travel credit or get a refund.

What should I do after missing my Spirit Airlines flight?

If you have missed your Spirit Airlines flight, do these things to avoid paying the missed flight fee:

  • First thing, inform the airline as soon as possible.
  • Rebook your missed flight to upcoming available flights.
  • To rebook the missed flight, reach the airport or help desk at least 2 hours prior to departure.
  • In case you missed the flight because of bad weather or any emergency, ensure informing the airline.
  • Spirit will either rebook you or provide for a refund.

Note: Beware, if you miss the flight without informing the airline, you may get charged a fee.

What Happens If I Miss My Spirit Airlines Connecting Flight?

If you have booked a connecting Flight and missed any of the connections, you should understand what will be your options about Missed Connecting Flight,  Some of them are as follows:

  • This is to understand, how you can now get to your destination on time without wasting a single minute.
  • If you arrive late to board, then you will not allowed to get the rest of your Flight, in such a case you can apply for a Refund.
  • Also, If you Missed your connecting flight because of the Airlines, then you claim for Refund.

Thus, to get your missed flight Refund visit the Airlines Website or contact the Customer Service team, you can also ask them if they can rebook you on another Flight.

can I get refund on a Spirit airline missing flight?

If you miss the flight but you are a Premium member or a frequent flyer, then you are eligible to get a full refund. But if you booked the flight with non-refundable fares, then there will be no refund.

Spirit sends the refund amount to the original mode of payment, if you qualify for one. Further, if you have utilised any miles or points, it will be refunded as well. Moreover, when the airline proceeds with your refund, it will be shown to you within 7-8 working days.

What Is Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Refund Policy?

If you have missed your flight because of late Arrival at the Airport, and the Airlines took off without having you on Board, then you might find yourself with a very disorganized travel plan, Now you might be wondering what to do now.

Let’s find out by understanding the Spirit Airlines Refund PolicyHere are a few important things to understand:

  • If the flight gets missed because of inevitable reasons, then in such case you will get the refund amount.
  • If you have booked a Non-refundable flight ticket, ensure that you will not get any refund amount.
  • If any unavoidable circumstances happen, such as the death of a family member then, yes you will get the refund, simply apply for it by calling the Airlines, or by providing proof.
  • If your Flight gets delayed because the Airlines Ends, then in that case you will also get a Refund, or the Airlines might give you, future travel credits.

What does Spirit do if you miss your flight?

If you have missed your flight with Spirit Airlines, here is what the airline can do and what consequences you might face:

  • When you miss the flight without informing the airline, Spirit Airlines will cancel your flight.
  • But, if you inform the airline before your scheduled departure, the airline will rebook you onto the next flight.
  • On non-refundable flights, Spirit Airlines will not provide a refund.
  • Spirit Airlines will reimburse you in some specific circumstances, like death in a family or a change in plan.
  • The airline will not reimburse your entire booking fee if you do not reach the airport on time.

Thus, it is important to know that Spirit Airlines has a strict missed flight policy. However, when you miss the flight, they may charge. So, it’s better to inform them as early as possible to avoid the cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Policy on Skipped Flight Segments

Skipping a flight segment has been around for ages, but airlines don’t like this practice. Spirit too, has got some written literature to protect itself against such practices exercised by travelers. Here are a few highlights of Spirit Airlines missed flight policy for you:

  • If you try to skip a leg of the itinerary, you are violating the airline’s rules, and it will show that you are cheating with the system.
  • Whether or not you agree with Spirit Airlines’ pricing practices, the airline has a right to punish those who skip the segment.
  • Fares apply to transportation between the airport through the intermediate cities.
  • Reservation may not be issued or accepted after skipping the leg.
  • Getting a new reservation without the intention to travel is strictly prohibited.

Further, the passenger may face consequences like closing of their loyalty accounts or cancelling of the return flight tickets, or the airline may take a legal action.

What are the Reasons You Might Miss Your Spirit Flight

Here are a few conditions that may cause you to miss your flight with Spirit Airlines, these are as follows:

  • Because of Weather: If bad weather conditions happen, for instance, Hurricanes, storms, etc., it may affect the departure time or lead to Delays in the flight.
  • Transportation or Traffic Delays: While reaching the Airport you may face traffic that causes the delay in Flight. In such cases, the Airline will put you on the standby List.
  • Airlines Schedule Changes: Sometimes, changes in the schedules will also lead you to miss your flight. If the changes happen from the airlines end, then this will result in conflicts with your Travel Plans.
  • Personal Emergencies: Sometimes, personal emergencies that require instant attention may happen, which will lead you to miss your flights.

Thus, if you face any of the issues mentioned above, then the Airlines Will refund you the amount or issue the Travel Vouchers.


Thus, in case of a missed Flight, it is important to know about Spirit Airlines Missed Policy and Reach out to the customer service team instantly. You can reach out to us at Traveltipspot, we have a dedicated and experienced customer service team representative who will assist you and resolve your Query in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Refund on Spirit Airlines Missed Flight?

Yes, you can get a refund if you miss your Spirit Airlines flight, but it depends on the type of ticket you purchased and the circumstances of why you missed your flight.

What happens If I Miss My Spirit Airlines Connecting Flights?

If you miss your connecting flight due to any reason, such as a delay in flight or bad weather conditions, then the Airlines will Rebook You on another Flight.

How will I get a Spirit Airlines refund for a missed flight due to a delay?

If you Missed your flight due to flight delay, you will get a refund. Simply call the Airlines customer service team, and reebok yourself.

What happens If I miss my Spirit Airlines due to illness?

If you miss your flight due to illness, you can apply for a refund amount. If necessary, provide valid documents or proof to claim your Refund from the Airlines.

Is Spirit Airlines refunding me if I miss my flights due to the weather?

Yes, you will be eligible to get a refund if the flight is missed due to weather; in such cases, you can apply for a refund online or using offline methods.

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