Did you lose your item on the Delta Flight? Now want to claim it or want to get back your lost item, don’t Worry, As Delta Airlines lost and found option will help you in getting back your lost items. 

Further, in this blog, we will explore the in and out of how to get back your items from Delta Airlines. So without a further delay let’s dive into the details.

What to do If I lost the Items on the Delta Plane?

While leaving a Delta Flight, if you realize that you have lost the item. Then there are things you should do, and these are as follows:

  • Contact Delta lost and found number 800-325-8224 or 404-209-3043 or 1-860-374-7569
  • Provide detailed information such as the description, features, and the place.
  • Check found items, as Delta Airlines has a lost and found inventory. So check them to see if your lost item is recovered or not.
  • If your item is recovered, file a compensation claim.
  • If you have travel insurance, check if the lost items are covered by this policy.

Further, if you lost your item on the plane, then lost and found department will check the plane and inform you about your lost item. So be relaxed if you lose anything, as customer service agents will help you with this.

How Can I Recover the Items that are Lost at the Airport?

If you lost the item at the Airport, like any place such as security checkpoints, or any other location within the Airport, then here are a few ways which you use to recover your lost item. These are as follows:

  • Inform the lost and Found Agent at the Airport
  • Share the details of your lost items
  • Request them to check the lounge, gate, or security area,
  • Inform the gate agent or check the Baggage claim area.
  • Provide details like the date of the lost luggage, particular features, seating place, etc.

If you lost the Item at the TSA

  • Go to the TSA lost and found help Desk (this is different from the Lost and Found desk of Delta Airlines)
  • Call the TSA Using a phone number or visit their official website.

How Can I Submit the Delta Baggage Claim?

If you are experiencing a problem with lost luggage, you claim for it. Make sure you have a File reference number ready, as you will require it while baggage claim. However, for the claim, you have to submit the Delta Airlines lost and found online form. The steps are:

  • Fill out the online form by following the instructions.
  • Provide the Supporting documents of your lost luggage.
  • Share the details of your itinerary and the items that you want to recover.
  • Enter your last name, first name, and your File reference number.
  • By entering all the details, complete the claim form and submit it.

Note: The File Reference number is an 8-10 digit code. Which will be provided by Delta agent with whom you reported your lost luggage.

What Can I do If I Lose the Item From Delta Checked Baggage?

If you find out that the item you have lost is from the checked bags, then you can report the Missing item immediately. To do this, you have to contact the Delta Airlines customer service executive.

    • Report the missing item to the Delta representative on 8003258224. 
    • Report Within 24 hours of your domestic flight.
    • And for the international flight, report 7 days before your Flight. 
    • After reporting, the Delta Delta representative provides you with a reference number.

    So, submit the claim within 30 days from the date of the report. 

    Can I Get a Delayed Bag Fee Rebate on Delta Airlines?

    Yes, you can, If you have paid for your checked bags and had one Delta reservation, you will be eligible for the rebate as an Electronic Travel voucher. The amount will be paid to you within 12 hours of claiming the delays. The Electronic Travel voucher (ETCV) will be issued according to the bag you have paid. 

    For Instance: If you paid for multiple checked bags, and one of any your bags is delayed, you can get the ETCV for the first bag fee. If you find that your 2 bags are delayed, you will get the ETCV for the first bag, and for the second, you will get the Fee. 

    Note: The rebate will be sent to you through email and you should apply it using the Application Form. 

    Will Delta be Reimbursed If My Bag is Delayed? 

    Yes. If your bag is delayed, and you did not receive it, even though you have paid for it. Then, you are entitled to expense the reimbursements due to the delay in getting your bags.

    Expense Reimbursement Details

    • The minimum expense is generally determined as $50 for the first 5 days of the delayed bag.
    • From the final claim settlement, Your reimbursement amount will be deducted if your bag is not located. 
    • To receive the expense reimbursement, you have to submit the claim form.
    • You must have all the receipts of the expenses incurred by the delay.

    Delta Airlines Declare the Baggage Value: 

    Liability for loss, delay, and baggage is limited. So, Here are the details:

    Types of Liability 

    Liability Limit

    Domestic Liability 

    $3800 per ticket passenger 

    International Liability limit (governed by the Warsaw Convention)

    $9.07 ib. up to $640 per bag (US dollars)

    International Liability Limit (governed by the Montreal Convention)

    1288 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) Per ticketed Passenger

    Note: SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is an international monetary Fund unit of the currency. These units will be converted according to the US Dollars. 

    How Much Will Delta Give Compensation for Lost Baggage?

    As you know you can claim the Compensation, let’s check out how much you will get a lost baggage compensation within the US, Canada, and Mexico.

    Delta Lost Baggage Compensation  Distance of the Flight 
    Upto 1000 USD  Flight covering up to 1500 KM 
    Upto 1500 USD  Flight covering more than 1500 KM but less than 3500 KM 
    Up to 2000 USD  All flight covering 3500 KM 

    For international flights

    Delta Lost Baggage Compensation  Distance of the Flight 
    Upto 1525 USD  Flight covering up to 1500 KM 
    Upto 1875 USD  Flight covering more than 1500 KM but less than 3500 KM 
    Upto 3875 USD  All flights covering 3500 KM 

    What Should I do If I Lose the Unchecked Items on Delta Airlines? 

    If you lose the unchecked item anywhere in the airport, such as onboard, delta gate area, or the Delta SkyClub, then Delta Airlines will make every effort to provide your missed items. But when you lose the item, please report it to TSA Security for your lost unchecked items. 

    Or you can use the lost item form to fill out the issue. And for any item that is left at TSA security checkpoints, you can call 866-289-9673 on this number and get the Help.

    Bottom Line

    In short, when you lost your luggage or anything is missing while you are traveling with Delta Airlines, then do not think about it, As Delta has a Lost and Found service that helps you with getting back your lost items. Moreover, if you need more help regarding the Delta Airlines lost and found, damaged, or delayed baggage you can reach out to the Delta Airlines customer team for help.


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