When you are Planning a Trip with Delta Airlines, knowing the baggage fee is important. As Delta Airlines has various fare options, and each option has a baggage allowance and fee. However, in this blog, we will look into Delta Airlines Baggage Fees and help you see how you can avoid that Fee. 

But before diving into the fee and further details, let’s first check the Delta Airlines baggage Policy. 

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

The Delta Airlines Baggage Policy, helps you provide exact knowledge about the Delta Baggage and fee. Like which bag has a fee and which does not. So, this policy includes the following.

  • Carry-on Baggage: 1 carry-on item and 1 personal item, both free of cost.
  • Checked Baggage: The fee is Applicable per bag increase.
  • Oversized and Overweight Bags: The Fee is applicable according to the weight of the bag. 
  • Sports Equipment: A few items may require a fee. 

Note: check the Delta Website for the excess Baggage fee restrictions, if you are traveling to or from Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

Delta Airlines Baggage Fees 2024

Delta Airlines allows passengers to bring a carry-on bag and one personal item for free, even when traveling in economy class. However, for the checked bags, the fee you will pay will depend on the type of fare you have booked your flight with. 

All the baggage fees will be applicable for all the tickets, as Delta increases baggage fees for checked bags from $30 to $35 for the First Bag, and the second checked bags it increased from $40 to $45. 

However, if your ticket is booked much earlier, then you can check the previously checked bag fee for more information.

However, here are some rules that you need to follow 

  • Excessive and overweight Baggage: check before flying how much you are allowed to carry, plus the fee to bring the excessive bags depends on your destinations.
  • Military Baggage: Delta said to Military Personnel you serve us, and we are happy to serve you. So, review the bags that are allowed for Military personnel. 
  • Special requirements: If you want to bring special requirements like Musical instruments, Sporting and medical equipment. 
  • Prohibited items: for the safety of the passengers, delta Airlines banned some items like flammables, aerosols, and batteries. 

Delta Baggage Allowance: 

Delta Airlines offers multiple fare types, that is the Basic Economy, Delta Comfort Plus, Main Cabin, and Delta One. Each type comes with a baggage allowance, and it ranges from no free bags to various checked bags. 

Baggage Fee For Domestic Flights

  • Those who are traveling with Economy fares will not get the free checked bags. They have to pay the fee for each bag. 
  • For the Main Cabin and Delta Comfort Plus, Delta Airlines provides one free checked bag. However, a fee is applied if you add extra bags. 
  • Passengers with the Delta One fare can get multiple free checked bags. 

Baggage Fee for International Flights 

The baggage fee for international flights on Delta Airlines can vary based on the fare types, destination, and routes. Generally, international flights allow the fee for checked bags, with the fee for additional bags.

What is Delta Standard Checked Bag Fee? 

The checked bags become more expensive the more you bring with you. When flying with Delta Airlines domestically in comfort plus or Main Cabin class. You will pay $35 for the first bag and the second bag $45, you will need to pay. 

For the international destinations the checked bag fee depends on where you are flying to. However below we have mentioned the table that will help you understand how much you need to pay for your standard checked bags.

How much does Delta Airlines Charge for Excess Baggage? 

If you are already to bring more than 2 checked bags then you are going to pay the Delta Air Lines Baggage Fees for domestic travel Delta Airlines charges $150 for the third bag AND $200 per bag after a maximum of 10 bags. 

What is Delta’s Overweight Baggage Fee? 

The Delta Airlines checked bags are subjected to weight restriction. Each bag cannot exceed 50 pounds with no fee. Domestic bags weighing between 51 to 70 pounds will incur the $100 fee.

As Delta Increases the checked bags fee, let’s compare the recent and Earlier fees for better comparison.

Delta Baggage Fees Comparison: Then and Now 

Baggage TypeRecent FeeEarlier Fee
First Checked Bag$35$30
Second Checked Bag$45$45
Additional Bags$150Varies by Fare Type and Route
Overweight/Oversized Bags51 to 71 IBS ( Fee: $109)71 to 100 IBS ( Fee: $200)Varies by Fare Type and Route

Are there fees for sports equipment on Delta Airlines?

Yes. You can bring the sports equipment with you, but there is a standard checked baggage fee that applies, and it is based on the cabin, routes, and no checked bags. Sports equipment and special items are considered checked bags. The overweight baggage fee applies to bags that exceed 50 Lbs. And it cannot exceed 292 cm. 

How Can I Avoid the Delta Airlines Baggage Fees? 

If you want to avoid the Baggage fee on Delta Airlines, here are a few ways through which you can avoid the fee.

  • Fly with Premium Cabin: Delta Airlines offers 2 checked bags for those traveling with a Premium Economy, so if you are traveling with a huge luggage compare the price with various classes and choose one to avoid the fee. 
  • Use the Active Military Benefits: The Military personnel receive the 5 checked bags for free when they are flying with the basic economy or the Delta Comfort Plus. So, use the status to avoid the fee.
  • Upgrade the Fares: try to upgrade the fare class, the fares that include the free checked bags, such as the Delta Comfort Plus, and Main Cabin. 
  • Join the Delta Loyalty Program: The Delta Loyalty Program, like SkyMiles members, can get a baggage fee waiver or discounts on the baggage fee according to their elite status. 
  • Pack light: Pack the luggage less, and consider the Carry-on bags to avoid the Fee. 
  • Get the Delta Airlines Credit Card: to avoid the fee, use the Delta Airlines credit card that offers Free checked bags. For example, the passenger can get the $200 credit with the Platinum card from American Express and the Business Platinum card. You have to select 1 Airline to stick to it.


Knowing the Baggage fee is important for Budget travelers. By knowing the policies, you can avoid Delta Air Lines Baggage Fees for a smooth travel experience, whether you are traveling to international or domestic destinations. However, if you still have a Query regarding the fee or Policies, you can reach out to us and have an open conversation with our dedicated support team to resolve your issue.


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