Upgrade your Travel with the Help of the Seat Upgrade option on WestJet. By doing this, you can enjoy Extra legroom, big seats, and amazing inflight services that will make your travel smooth. Whether you are Travelling for leisure or a business trip, the Westjet seat upgrade option ensures a relaxing and comfortable journey. So, if you are interested in Upgrading your Seat, continue to read further.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Westjet Upgrade?

There are various Terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind if you want to upgrade Your Seat on Westjet. The conditions are:

  • Eligibility: Basic Fares are not eligible for the upgrade.
  • Fee: The fee is based on the lag segment and the nonrefundable flight ticket. If you paid that amount, you cannot get a refund.
  • Seat Space and Amenities: premium seats on the WestJet that are operated by the WestJet link and Westjet Encore will not get extra legroom or space.
  • Baggage Allowance: if you are upgrading to premium Class, then your baggage remains the same as the original booking.
  • Refund: if you purchase the upgrade outside the check-in, then you can request a refund by filling out the refund request.

What Types of Seat Upgrades Westjet Have?

WestJet offers various upgrade options to Provide preferences and budgets, the types of Upgrades are:

  • Bid Upgrade: This Bidding Upgrade option on WestJet Allows the passenger to upgrade their flight. By entering the amount, and if it is eligible, you will get the Upgrade.
  • Upgrade when Check-in: Another option passengers can get is a seat upgrade. When check-in, WestJet offers a Seat Upgrade at the check-in Counter.
  • Reward Upgrade: if you are a member of WestJet Rewards, then you will have the opportunity to get the Upgrade. Depending on the status and the availability of the seats, you can get a free and discounted upgrade.

So, these options will help you to make the right decision for a better seat upgrade in the higher Class.

How Does the Bid Upgrade Work on WestJet? 

To get the Westjet seat upgrade using a WestJet Bid, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On the WestJet Website, choose the My Trip Option
  • Then tap on it and Find the Bid Upagrde option.
  • Click on that and enter your reservation number and last name.
  • Tap on the place offer and check the eligibility.
  • Choose the desired upgrade option for the offer.
  • Now, adjust the slide to specify the amount.
  • Fill in the necessary details along with the contact and payment info.
  • Double-check all the things, and submit your offer.

Now, you will get the confirmation, and if the offer is not accepted by the Airlines you are allowed to modify it or cancel it until 75 hours of your booking.

Note: The Airline will send you an email 72 hours before the flight, this will help you in knowing whether your offer is accepted or not.

Eligibility: WestJet Bid For the Flight Upgrades is not accepted on the following Circumstances:

  • Those who have basic fares
  • For the Unaccompanied Minor Passengers
  • The flight booking includes codeshares or interline agreements

Refund: when your upgrade is confirmed, there is a WestJet Refund Policy for the situations.

  • If the flight is involuntarily rescheduled and Westjet is unable to accommodate your upgrade on the new flight. If your flight is cancelled and you cannot choose to rebook it.

If your flight is cancelled and you cannot choose to rebook it.

How Can I Upgrade My WestJet Seat at the Time of Check-in?

To upgrade your Seat at the time of Check-in, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the website and access the online check-in.
  • Enter the required details.
  • If you have a multiple flight, you can select which one you want to upgrade.
  • Once you enter the details, explore the seat map.
  • Now, select the Seat you like to upgrade.
  • And now make the payment.

The Westjet seat upgrade Policy allows the possibility of enhancing the Travel Journey. Whether you are dreaming of more comfortable seats or exclusive amenities, you will get all these.

Seat Upgrade with WestJet Rewards:

If you have a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Member, then you can get a Seat Upgrade:

Other than placing the offers to get your seat upgrade, you can pay the amount to upgrade it between 48 to 24 hours before your Flight. This can be done easily by calling the Airline. WestJet Reward Upgrade is also available on the Website when you sign in to the WestJet App. And Note that, the Upgrade to the Premium class is not applicable for to From Asia and Europe.

Does WestJet have a Complimentary Upgrade?

Yes, there is a WestJet Complimentary Upgrade. For this, there are many conditions that may Apply:

  • Eligibility: Gold, Silver, and Platinum are eligible for Complimentary seat upgrades.
  • Travel Restrictions: premium classes are applicable to all the Airlines and the destinations with WestJet.
  • Single booking: Complimentary upgrades are valid for Single personal booking only. 

Below is the overview of the complimentary seat upgrade

Membership TierComplimentary Upgrades prior to check-inEligible Fares for UpgradesPriority
Silver Economy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)EconoFlex fares (Y,B,M)x (Y,B, M)Eligible
Gold Economy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)EconoFlex (Y, B, M)Higher Priority
Platinum Economy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)EconoFlex (Y, B, M) Econo (H, Q, N, S, X, T, K, L)Highest Priority

How Much is the Fee for the WestJet Seat Upgrade?

WestJet allows passengers to upgrade their Seats by paying a Westjet seat upgrade Fee, so if you want an Upgrade you can do that by the following fees are mentioned Below:

  • The Fee for selecting a basic fare at the check-in time is 5 to 118 CAD.
  • The fee for selecting an exit row ranges from 10 to 118 CAD.
  • The Econo fare charges 5-59 CAD for the standard seat selection.
  • The Fee for preferred and Exit row for the Econo Fares is 10-118 CAD.

Can I get a Free Seat Upgrade on Westjet?

  • The passengers of WestJet can select their seats at any time using the Manage My Trip option.
  • The fee for the flight seat selection depends on the types of tickets you have booked.
  • When you do not choose the Seat before, you can get a free seat at the time of Check-in.

Benefits of WestJet Flight Upgrade:

There are various benefits one can get while upgrading the WestJet seats.

  • Premium Amenities: the passengers will get cozy blankets and, pillows, and headphones. The WestJet seat Upgrade enhances overall travel and provides more comfort.
  • More Baggage Allowance: A WestJet upgrade allows the passengers to carry more baggage, this will allow the passengers to bring more items on board.
  • Priority services: With a WestJet, Flight Upgrade you will have the excess of the check-in counter, Priority Boarding, and baggage handling.
  • Enhance Comfort: with an Upgrade, the passenger will get extra legroom, and wider seats, as well as the Seat Reclining options.

Is WestJet Seat Selection Refundable?

The refund of the WestJet seat Upgrade or section can only be refundable within 24 hours or by cancelling the complete itinerary, which is made 2 hours before your board time. The non-refundable seats are refundable only in some cases, such as if you change the itinerary to lower flight fares or you select the seats on the same flight to lower Class.

Are Premium Seats on WestJet Worth it?

Yes, they are worth it because while upgrading your seats on WestJet, you will get extra legroom, more seat space, and an amazing light environment, and the Airline will also provide complimentary food and drinks.

Bottom Line

Upgrading a seat on WestJet enhances your overall Travel experience, whether you want more comfort, exclusive amenities, and amazing flight services with seamless travel. Moreover, if you need further help regarding the Westjet seat upgrade, you can reach the customer service team and get your desired help.