When it comes to Air travel, traveling with luxury and comfort can be our priority. But there are times when you book your flight for a specific class, and after that, your plan suddenly changes, and you want to upgrade your seat. Well, with the Air Canada seat upgrade, you can easily select your preferred seat as per your choices and comfort.

So, if you want to upgrade your seats, you can continue to read this further. In this article, we will see all the details of Air Canada seat upgrades, whether you want to upgrade to Premium Economy or First Class, this article will cover everything. So, continue to read further.

Seat Upgrade Features of Air Canada

Air Canada provides an Upgrade feature, which one can check before making the upgrade. These features will also help them to save time and effort:

  • The feature allows the passenger to make any changes in the seat at the time of check-in.
  • To upgrade the seats, you can pay the amount or use credits for a smooth process.
  • You can add various facilities to your booking while making an upgrade.
  • The upgrade seat option allows the passenger to make any special request as well, and the process can be done both online and offline.

What is the Seat Upgrade Policy of Air Canada?

When you upgrade the seat, as per the policy, the Airline will send the confirmation within 2 hours of the request you have made. A few routes take more time, and few are eligible for instant upgrades.

When the upgrade process is complete and the Airline confirms it then, it is nonrefundable or non-transferable. And if you want to upgrade your seat with multiple segments, make sure to upgrade them separately.

Eligibility of the Seat Upgrade

Another thing to do before making the upgrade is to check the eligibility, and the eligibility is as follows:

All the passengers are not eligible for a seat upgrade from basic economy to signature. Air Canada considers a few factors when upgrading the seats:

  • Fare class: those who are looking for a flight ticket to India, should have flexible fare class.
  • Seat Availability: the passengers should have the confirmed seats in the economy to be eligible for an upgrade.
  • Flight availability: the upgrades are available, and not all the flights have business or first-class seats.

What are the Air Canada Upgrade options?

While thinking of upgrading the seats on Air Canada, it is important to check the upgrade options available, and the Airline offers the following options.

  • Paid Upgrades: For the seat upgrade, passengers can pay the business or the signatures class before the flight or pay at the Airport. And the fee will depend on the type of ticket you have chosen and the class.
  • Bid Upgrades: If the passenger makes the upgrade option to business or signature class, the Airline will offer and inform the Passengers if they accept their bid.
  • Miles Upgrade: To upgrade the seats on Air Canada, passengers can use the Aeroplane Miles.

How can I Upgrade the Seat on Air Canada?

There are various ways through which you can upgrade your seat, all the ways we have mentioned underneath, so read further and get the details step by step:

Upgrade Through website:

For choosing the seat upgrade through the website, you can visit the website, and find the upgrade option, which can be available on the Manage My Booking option. So, by selecting this and entering the right details, you will easily upgrade your seat.

Upgrade through Phone Number:

Other than visiting the website, you can upgrade your seats by calling the Airline representative, and then proceed the process.

  • Dial the contact number of Air Canada.
  • After that, choose the language.
  • And listen to the IVR carefully.

The IVR options are as follows:

  • To book the Flight, Press 1
  • To reschedule your flight, Press 2
  • For the cancellation of a flight, Press 3
  • And To speak with a Representative, Press 4

After that, the representative will connect you and provide you with available options, and then you can pick your choice and make a payment to complete it.

Through the Airport Help Desk

If you fail to upgrade seats by using the website or by calling the airline, then you have the option to upgrade it at the Airport with the help desk; you can reach the help desk and speak with an agent and request him to upgrade your seat.

Provide him with relevant details of your booking and which class you want to upgrade your seat to.

How Much is the Cost of Seat Upgrade on Air Canada?

The fee for seat upgrades varies from destination to destination, but it is always better to know the rules of fares. The fees for both domestic and international flights are different. You can also use the coupons to upgrade the seats, and it will help you to save more. However, for the relevant Air Canada seat Upgrade fee, visit the website or check out the table mentioned below:

Seat Upgrade Cost for Business Class

Note: the mentioned prices in UDS are only for One-way flights:

OriginDestination Upgrade class From Upgrade to From Upgrade cost in USD
Honolulu TorontoEconomyBusiness261
MontrealFord Lauderdale Economy Premium Economy156
MontrealVancouverPremium EconomyBusiness399
TorontoLas VegasEconomyBusiness825
TorontoTel AvivPremium EconomyBusiness764
VancouverMontrealEconomyPremium Economy247

Why I Cannot Upgrade My Seat on Air Canada?

As we mentioned earlier, to upgrade the seats, you should be eligible for a seat upgrade; the team staff will decide if you are eligible or not, based on various factors, such as cabin class or availability. The other reason is time. To get the upgrade, you need to reach the Airport on time because the upgrade starts 48 hours before your flight departure.

Is It worth Upgrading the Seats on Air Canada?

The seat upgrade on Air Canada is worth every Penney because the Airline provides various facilities at the airport and on Flights as well. Such as the priority check-in food, entertainment, etc., so if you upgrade the seat, you will get these facilities.

Bottom Line

That’s all about the Air Canada seat upgrade, and we hope by following the details mentioned above, you can easily upgrade your seat, whether you want to upgrade it from basic economy to Premium class or First class. However, if you want to know more about you can call the customer service and get the help. The customer service works 24/7 to help all customers whenever they need help.

So, make a call and get your seat upgrade in no time. Happy Travel!

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