Do you forget to pick the preferred seats? You don’t need to take more tension and complete the Air Canada seat selection after the booking. Whether it’s a business trip, vacation, or a friend’s day out, you can find what you exactly need on your trip. 

If you want to choose the best seats, you must be aware of the seating options of your destination. In this article, you can effortlessly explore the detailed information on choosing the seats as per the seat assignment available on their website. 

How do I choose my seats on Air Canada?

When it comes to choosing the seats, you often get confused about the process and methods. You can proceed with the Air Canada seat selection by the following options and find an amazing trip. 

Choose the seats at booking:

Travelers who book the flight ticket find the option to choose the seats as per the travel class. For the Air Canada advance seat selection, follow the simple steps. 

  • Open the online web page of Air Canada at
  • Under the home screen, choose the book option. 
  • Provide the flight details like ticket type, travel dates, number of passengers, etc. 
  • Add the travel destination and search for the flights. 
  • From the given list, choose the appropriate flight.
  • On the seating assignment, pick the preferred seats for the journey. 
  • After this, enter the passenger information. 
  • At last, make the payment to complete the process. 
  • Air Canada sends you the confirmation mail. 

Select the seats after booking:

Once you make the reservation, you are eligible for Air Canada seat selection after booking, depending on availability. Look at the following steps for this. 

  • Head on to the Air Canada online site at
  • Next, choose the My Bookings option from the top. 
  • Insert the reservation confirmation number and the passenger’s surname. 
  • You can view the itineraries that you have booked with the airlines. 
  • Choose the flight and tap on the seating button from the menu. 
  • Get the seating map to choose from as per the availability. 
  • Once you find the seats for all the passengers, go to the new page. 
  • Pay the fees, if any, and confirm the changes to the itinerary. 

Pick the seats at check-in:

Before taking the flight, it is essential to obtain the boarding pass having the correct seats and baggage information. You can move further for Air Canada select seats at check-in without any extra charge. For this, you make sure that, you must be there at the airport at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure. 

How soon can I book my seat on Air Canada?

Don’t know how to select the seats? You can book your seats by the several ways and time. Here is the information on the Air Canada free seat selection for your trip. 

  • Get the best seats on every flight of Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and air Canada Rouge. 
  • Choosing the seats are available at the time of booking. 
  • Obtain the seats anytime after the flight reservation. 
  • You can complete the check-in upto 24 hours before the flight online and choose the appropriate seats. 
  • For the preferred seating, you need to pay some fees but can be completed in advance only. 
  • Airport representatives are also there at the terminal for the seats. 

What are the different seat classes on Air Canada?

Air Canada understands travelers’ preferences and demands for flight reservations and seats. For this, they provide certain types of seats that you can get as per your choice. You can proceed for Air Canada select seats by the given options. 

Preferred seats:

  • Enjoy the extra space of up to 10 cm between your seats. 
  • You can get the extra knee space than the regular seat. 
  • You are allowed first to exit the plane and get into the seats. 
  • Elite members and passengers on the comfort fare are eligible for the preferred seats. 

Premium economy class:

  • These types of seats have greater recliners and larger seats than the economy class. 
  • A comfortable, ample space to stretch out. 
  • You can adjust your headrest with a comfortable pillow and blanket. 
  • The seat length is upto 96.5 cm or 38 inches so that you can fly in your comfort zone. 
  • USB port for charging is on every seat, and you can take two free checked bags on the travel. 

Economy class:

  • This is the basic fare of Air Canada available in all the aircraft. You just need to sit back and feel relaxed on your journey with low-cost flight tickets.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the economy class is that you can enjoy more than 600 hours of preferred entertainment, TV shows, movies, and music albums. 
  • You can have a personal 22.6 cm touchscreen TV and on-seat power for charging. 

Business class:

Welcome to the business class and make your dream travel come true. Air Canada is the first airline to serve the best business class travel. 

  • Get the maple leaf lounges at every airport. 
  • Business class are eligible for the complimentary light snacks and beverages. 
  • Make your seat a cabin and get complete sleep throughout the journey. 
  • A full-service special check-in area is there at the airport. 
  • With the help of exclusive access lanes, speed up the security checking. 
  • Travelers can enjoy the all-inclusive meal tray, which includes the dessert. 
  • Bar services are also there with a range of beverages.
  • Also, enjoy the 100 hours of top-rated entertainment. 

What are the terms and conditions for Air Canada seat selection?

It is essential to understand the seating rules so that you dont need to pay any extra amount. To sit on the preferred seats, read out the Air Canada seat selection policy that suits best for you. 

  • You must be 18 years of age to choose the right seat for all the passengers in the itinerary. 
  • Within 24 hours of the purchase, you don’t need to pay any higher amount. 
  • For the exit row seats, you must be free from any disability to operate the safety regulations when needed. 
  • Passengers with pets in the cabin cannot sit on the exit rows. 
  • If airlines move you to another seat rather than the preferred seating, you can ask for a refund. 
  • Preferred seats are not available at the airport terminal during boarding. 
  • You can modify the seating to the lower price of preferred seating. 
  • However, you can cancel the seats upto 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • The seating prices are calculated as per the travel location, travel class, number of travelers, and the date of travel.

Do you have to pay to select seats Air Canada? 

Want to get the aisle or the window seat? At the flight check-in, you can opt for the Air Canada seat selection free of charge. Although you can pick the seats in advance for free or by paying certain fees as follows. 

Standard Seat – Window or aisle, you decide.
Basic fare$14 – $60  for flight Within Canada / Canada-U.S.$30 – $60 CAD/USD for flights in the Caribbean and Mexico.$30 – $90 CAD/USD for International Flights.
Standard fare$14 – $60 for flights Within Canada / Canada-U.S.$30 – $90 for select international destinations.Complimentary for All other itineraries.
Business Class / Premium Economy / Latitude / Comfort / Flex fares:Complimentary

How much take time Air Canada assign seats?

You can choose your seats as you complete the flight reservation. Within 24 hours of the purchase, you are also free to select the seats. As per Air Canada 24 hours seat selection, you must have purchased the itinerary a week prior to the scheduled departure. However, you don’t need to pay any fees for the remaining standard seats at your destination. 


If you are stuck in any of the above situations, you can simply contact the customer service team. You need to connect to the Air Canada seat selection toll-free number at 1-860-374-7569 and listen to the IVR prompts. They are professional in their work and help you to choose the right seat of your choice so that you don’t need to pay extra. 

Frequently asked questions:

Does Air Canada let you choose your seat?

Yes, when booking on Air Canada, you can easily select the best seat available during your booking time, in advance, and after booking, you can complete this process through official sources.

Which flights offer Preferred Seats on Air Canada?

Passengers can acquire the preferred seats according to their availability. These are the exit row seats that are available in the first few rows of the plane. 

Can anyone sit in an exit row?

No everyone cannot sit in the exit rows due to safety reasons. There are seating restrictions for the exit rows that you can check on their website.

Can I use my Aeroplan points to purchase a Preferred Seat?

No, Air Canada does not allow you to get the preferred seats using the Aeroplane points. However, you can collect the points and use them in other flight purchases of the airlines. 

What happens if you don’t select a seat on Air Canada?

Passengers have the facility to choose the right seats on the journey according to availability. But due to some reason, you are unable to choose the seats till the departure. Air Canada provides random seats for free at the time of boarding.


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