Do you forget to pick the preferred seats? You don’t need to worry and complete your Air Canada seat selection after the booking. Whether it’s a business trip, vacation, or a friend’s day out, you can find what exactly you need on your trip. 

If you want to choose the best seats, you must be aware of the seating options of your destination. In this article, you can effortlessly explore the detailed information on choosing the seats as per the Air Canada seat assignment available on their website. 

What are the Terms and Conditions for Air Canada seat selection?

It is essential to understand the seating rules so that you don’t need to pay any extra amount. To sit on the preferred seats, read out the Air Canada seat selection policy that suits best for you. 

  • You must be 18 years of age to choose the right seat for all the passengers in the itinerary. 
  • Within 24 hours of the purchase, you don’t need to pay any higher amount. 
  • For the exit row seats, you must be free from any disability to operate the safety regulations when needed. 
  • Passengers with pets in the cabin cannot sit on the exit rows. 
  • If airlines move you to another seat rather than the preferred seating, you can ask for a refund. 
  • Preferred seats are not available at the airport terminal during boarding. 
  • You can modify the seating to the lower price of preferred seating. 
  • However, you can cancel the seats up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • The seating prices are calculated as per the travel location, travel class, number of travelers, and the date of travel.

How do I pick my seats on Air Canada Flights?

When it comes to choosing the seats, you often get confused about the process and methods. You can proceed with the Air Canada seat selection process by the following options and find an amazing trip. 

Choose the seats at booking:

Passengers who want to book the flights can find the option to choose the seats as per the travel class. For selecting seats on Air Canada follow the simple steps. 

  • Open the online web page of Air Canada
  • Under the home screen, choose the book option. 
  • Provide the flight details like ticket type, travel dates, number of passengers, etc. 
  • Add the travel destination and search for the flights. 
  • From the given list, choose the appropriate flight.
  • On the seating assignment, pick the preferred seats for the journey. 
  • After this, enter the passenger information. 
  • At last, make the payment to complete the process. 
  • Air Canada sends you the confirmation mail. 

Select the seats after booking:

Once you make the reservation, you are eligible for Air Canada seat selection after booking, depending on availability. Look at the following steps for this. 

  • Head on to the Air Canada online site at 
  • Next, choose the My Bookings option from the top. 
  • Insert the reservation confirmation number and the passenger’s surname. 
  • You can view the itineraries that you have booked with the airlines. 
  • Choose the flight and tap on the seating button from the menu. 
  • Get the seating map to choose from as per the availability. 
  • Once you find the seats for all the passengers, go to the new page. 
  • Now, choose an additional service, like Air Canada Ticket Upgrade, or a wheelchair. 
  • In the end, Pay the fees, if any, and confirm the changes to the itinerary. 

How Much does Air Canada Charge for Seat Selection?

If you need the preferred seating, Air Canada charges a fee for seat selection. For example: seats closer to the front, exit rows, or seats at a specific area on the airline, will be charged.

However, the Air Canada seat selection fee may have changed based on various factors such as the route and type of seating. But if you have a booking with a higher class fare, you will get a free seat while economy class comes with no free seat selection.

Although you can pick the seats in advance for free or by paying certain fees as follows. 


Fare class 


Within Air Canda 

Basic Fares 

$14-60 (domestic)

Caribbean and Mexico 

Basic Fares 

$30-90 (international) 

Within Air Canada 

Standard Fares

$14-60 (domestic)

Within the US 

Standard Fares

$30-90 (international)

Business/ Premium Economy / Latitude / Comfort / Flex 


What are the different seat classes on Air Canada?

Air Canada understands travelers’ preferences and demands for flight reservations and seats. For this, they provide certain types of seats that you can get as per your choice. You can proceed for Air Canada select seats by the given options. 

Preferred seats:

  • Enjoy the extra space of up to 10 cm between your seats. 
  • You can get the extra knee space than the regular seat. 
  • You are allowed first to exit the plane and get into the seats. 
  • Elite members and passengers on the comfort fare are eligible for the preferred seats. 

Premium economy class:

  • These types of seats have greater recliners and larger seats than the economy class. 
  • A comfortable, ample space to stretch out. 
  • You can adjust your headrest with a comfortable pillow and blanket. 
  • The seat length is up to 96.5 cm or 38 inches so that you can fly in your comfort zone. 
  • The USB port for charging is on every seat, and you can take two free checked bags on the trip. 

Economy class:

  • This is the basic fare of Air Canada available in all the aircraft. You just need to sit back and feel relaxed on your journey with low-cost flight tickets.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the economy class is that you can enjoy more than 600 hours of preferred entertainment, TV shows, movies, and music albums. 
  • You can have a personal 22.6 cm touchscreen TV and on-seat power for charging. 

Business class:

Welcome to the business class and make your dream travel come true. Air Canada is the first airline to serve the best business class travel. 

  • Get the maple leaf lounges at every airport. 
  • Business classes are eligible for complimentary light snacks and beverages. 
  • Make your seat a cabin and get complete sleep throughout the journey. 
  • A full-service special check-in area is there at the airport. 
  • With the help of exclusive access lanes, speed up the security checking. 
  • Travelers can enjoy the all-inclusive meal tray, which includes dessert. 
  • Bar services are also there with a range of beverages.
  • Also, enjoy the 100 hours of top-rated entertainment. 

Can I Pick My Seat on Air Canada at Check-in Time?

Yes, seat selection at check-in time on Air Canada is possible. But as of now, the airline holds the online seat selection at check-in time. instead, the Air Canada assigns a random seat when passengers reach the airport. 

Moreover, if the passenger wants to move to a higher class for more comfort and to take advantage of extra legroom seats, the fee will be charged. 

How Early Can I Book My Seat on Air Canada?

When planning a trip with Air Canada, if you are wondering about How early can I book my seat on Air Canada? The answer to your query is to book as early as possible or book 330 days before the departure time

As, an early reservation, provides the best fares and preferred seating options, plus great flexibility and peace of mind when making a trip. 

How Much Time Before Does Air Canada Assign Seats?

Air Canada generally assigns the seat during the online check-in time, which is open 24 hours before the departure time. This means the passenger can choose their seats within 24 hours of the booking window.

Specific policies and practices regarding seat assignment may be applied that will be based on which type of ticket you have booked, whether you have a frequent flyer status and other factors. Thus, it is better to check the terms and conditions before choosing a seat or contact customer service for the same. 

Does Air Canada offer a Promo Code for Seat Selection? 

Looking for discounted fares on Air Canada? Go for the Air Canada seat selection promo code. For passengers, Air Canada offers various ways to find out the offers and deals. Some of the current options are as follows: 

  • 25% off on economy class base fares: This promo code is for passengers who have a domestic flight reservation, then these passengers can apply this code and avail of the discount for up to 25%. 
  • 10% off on seat selection: This, promo code may not be available on the website, but you may get other promotions or discounts, on the website. So, regularly keep an eye on Air Canada’s newsletter to stay updated on the new offers. 

To use these promo codes, enter the code while making the booking online through a website. Further to get more details on these promo codes follow their social media or subscribe to their email newsletters. 

How to Get Free Seat Selection on Air Canada?

For the free seat selection on Air Canada, you can either choose to book your flight with fares that include the free seat selection, so that you do not need to pay the charges. Or get the benefit from the frequent flyer status for free seat options and benefits. Here are some of the specific tips: 

Join Aeroplan and Get Elite Status

Sign up for Aeroplan, and join Canada’s frequent flyer program, that is Aeroplan. After that every time you take the flight you will earn points. Use these points to get the Aeroplan elite status. 

  • Included Benefit: Aeroplan elite status members can get the preferred seating with no extra cost, and offers benefits like prime seating with extra legroom. 

Book Latitude class, or comfort fares:

When booking your flight with latitude or fare classes, choose business or first class. 

  • Included benefit: These fare classes provide a free seat selection, including the preferred seating. 

Get free seats with children:

When booking a flight, inform the airline about your family travel, If you are traveling with children, provide your family travel details. 

  • Included benefit: the airline automatically assigns the seats together with families and children under 14 years old without paying any charges. 

Check-in 24 hours before the Departure time:

To get the free available seat, check-in online 24 hours before your scheduled departure. It will allow you to grab the seat from the remaining seats available during check-in. 

Check Promotion and special offers:

keep your eye on Air Canada promotions and offers, check the website regularly, and sign up for the Air Canada newsletters for the most up-to date details. 

Thus, by following the above pointers, passengers may increase their chances of getting free seats on Air Canada. For more details, always refer to the official website and read the terms and conditions for every seat. 

Can I Choose My Seat on Air Canada With Basic Economy Fares? 

Yes. Air Canada allows passengers to choose their seats with basic economy fares, but Air Canada basic economy seat selection comes with an additional fee. It is because, with basic economy fares, no advance and free seat selection is allowed.

Instead, the passenger has to pay the charges, which range from $14 to $60 for domestic flights, and $30 to $90 for international flights. 


Selecting a seat on Air Canada provides comfort and enhances the travel experience. whether making a reservation in advance or after booking passengers can easily select their seats online. While additional charges may apply for certain classes such as Basic Economy. Moreover, if you still need more help on Air Canada seat selection, reach out to the customer service team for help. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Does Air Canada let you choose your seat?

Yes, when booking on Air Canada, you can easily make the Air Canada advance seat selection,  during your booking time, and after booking, you can complete this process through official sources.

Which flights offer Preferred Seats on Air Canada?

Passengers can acquire the preferred seats according to their availability. These are the exit row seats that are available in the first few rows of the plane. 

Can anyone sit in an exit row?

Not everyone cannot sit in the exit rows due to safety reasons. There are seating restrictions for the exit rows that you can check on their website.

Can I use my Aeroplan points to purchase a Preferred Seat?

No, Air Canada does not allow you to get the preferred seats using the Aeroplane points. However, you can collect the points and use them in other flight purchases of the airlines. 

What happens if you don’t select a seat on Air Canada?

Passengers have the facility to choose the right seats on the journey according to availability. But due to some reason, you are unable to choose the seats till the departure. Air Canada provides random seats for free at the time of boarding.