American Airlines provides you easy access to its Inflight entertainment service. You just need connectivity to wi-fi that you can get by clicking on ( on your device.

You will feel happy to hear that with American Airlines inflight entertainment services, you can do much more now. American Airlines is continuously improving its services for passengers.

Therefore, the airline is now making wi-fi services more accessible. If you are an AAdvantage member, you can use your miles to purchase wi-fi services. So, you can stay connected to your loved ones, stream your favorite shows, and play online games even while on board.

You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi on some American Airlines domestic aircrafts. So, if you want to know more about inflight entertainment and increased accessibility on American Airlines, read the information below.

What Does American Airlines Inflight Entertainment Include?

American Airlines always makes efforts to make the journey entertaining for its passengers. That is why it provides various inflight entertainment services, which include the following:

Free Entertainment

Under this, you can access the American Airlines Inflight entertainment services for free. Therefore, you can enjoy free movies, music, and TV shows on all devices. Apart from that, these services are available on all American Airlines flights through access to wi-fi.

Apple Services

You can use Apple TV+ and Apple Music for free. However, it only has a validity of 2 months.

  • Apple TV+: You can access the best Apple originals for free through inflight Wi-Fi services. Therefore, you can redeem the offer now and start streaming ad-free Apple originals on your American flight.
  • Apple Music: You can choose from 30k playlists and 100 million songs by your favorite singers. You do not need an internet connection to access the songs. Besides that, existing Apple users can access the songs by logging in with their Apple ID.

Note: 2 Months free subscription is available for new users only. Apart from that, Apple Music is available on Viasat-enabled flights only.


With American Airlines inflight entertainment app, you can access the lifestyle section t hat gives you an opportunity to learn while on board with Rosetta Stone and Skillshare.

  • Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone allows you to enjoy your love for learning a language on board. You can learn new languages, phrases, proverbs, etc.
  • Skill Share: With SkillShare, you can develop new skills or improve existing ones by learning from the best video tutorials.


American Airlines takes care of the interests of passengers of every age. Therefore, it offers kids-friendly movies and shows on the app. It also includes HOMER, which provides educational entertainment for kids, such as reading stories, listening to music, exploring the magic of science, etc.

How Do I Connect to American Airlines In-Flight Entertainment?

Before connecting to American Airlines inflight entertainment service, you need to check few points:

  • Does your flight have wi-fi connection?
  • Check your boarding pass for the services it includes.

Once you get the answer to the above two questions, use the following steps to connect to in-flight entertainment on American Airlines.

  • Open your device (Phone, Tablet, or Laptop)
  • Then, put them on flight mode.
  • Further, click on wi-fi icon,
  • Tap on “” option.
  • Once connected, start streaming your favorite shows or movies.

Note: You can also visit if you are not redirected to the entertainment page.

Do You Have to Pay for Inflight Entertainment on American Airlines?

Yes. You have to pay for American Airlines inflight entertainment services. However, American Airlines also provides 2 months free subscription to new users.

After 2 months, you can access the wi-fi for as low as $10. American Airlines allows you to buy a wi-fi subscription for a maximum of 2 devices.

Therefore, you need to pay the following charges depending on the number of devices:

Monthly Charges

  • For 1 device: $49.95
  • For 2 device: $59.95

Annual Charges 

  • For 1 device: $599
  • For 2 device: $699

Does American Have Free Inflight Entertainment?

Yes, you can access InFlight entertainment for the first two months for free. You can stream endless movies, TV shows, music and more without any cost. Therefore, you must check the American Airlines inflight entertainment schedule and select from the neverending options.

Does American Airlines Have TV Screens on Seats?

No. American Airlines does not provide TV screens on seats in most of the domestic flights. The reason is, American Airlines is making efforts towards affordable flight options for its passengers. However, you can still enjoy these TV screens on some American Airlines domestic flights. Therefore, check it in advance before booking a flight for you.

Does American Airlines Provide Headphones?

Yes. American Airlines provides noise-cancellation headphones for free on all flights. You can also enjoy a personal entertainment system, including large monitors when you demand it from the airline.

Are Snacks Free on American?

American Airlines provides free snack options like Biscoff cookies, Pretzels, etc, on flights of over 250 miles. You can also enjoy fresh coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, and juices. However, not all snacks are free on American Airlines. Therefore, check out the prices, if you want to add a specific snack to your ticket.

Note: You can also get non-alcoholic drinks on request on flights under 250 miles.

Do You Need an American Airlines App for Inflight Entertainment?

Yes. You need to download the American Airlines app, as the airline continuously adds movies and TV shows in different genres every month. You can check all of them in one place by downloading the application.

Can You Watch Movies for Free on American Airlines?

Yes. You can take advantage of free inflight entertainment service on American Airlines. Under that, American Airlines provides a library of free movies, music and TV shows. Therefore, you can access them on all devices(tablet, smartphone, or laptop).


So, American Airlines no longer lets you feel bored during your journey. Therefore, you can browse your favorite movies, music, and TV shows and make your travel more interesting. You can access the American Airlines inflight entertainment services through an app or by visiting Further, you can connect with an American Airlines representative if you have any queries.


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