Does American Airlines Allow Pregnant Women to Fly?

Yes, American Airlines allow pregnant women on board. However, you need to follow American Airlines pregnancy policy to board the flight in a secure way. Accordingly, you need to provide a medical certificate if 4 weeks are remaining in your pregnancy. The document must state that you are fit to board a flight.

When it comes to pregnant women, the airline has the responsibility of two persons. Therefore, American Airlines takes additional measures to provide a safe environment for the new life and its mother. Therefore, knowing rules and regulations in advance can help you skip any inconvenience throughout the journey.

So, if you want to learn more about AA pregnancy policy & rules, the information below will help you.

What are the American Airlines Pregnant Women Travel Rules?

American Airlines asks for a medical certificate from your physician when 4 weeks remain in your pregnancy. However, airline rules can differ depending on domestic and international flight types. Therefore, check out the rules below.

Guidelines for Domestic Flights:

  • American Airlines does not allow you to board a domestic flight in the following situation
  • When your domestic flight duration is less than 5 hours and.
  • When you want to travel seven days before or later than your delivery date.
  • However, if you still want to travel for an important reason, then you can do the following:
  • You can get permission from your physician or special assistance representative.
  • Further, your physician will receive a medical form from the special assistance representative.
  • Lastly, your physician will fill out the form prior to your flight.

Guidelines for International Flights or Overseas Travel:

As per American Airlines pregnancy policy on international flights, you need to get permission from a special assistance representative. Apart from that, you should take care of the below requirements:

  • American Airlines representative will ask for a medical certificate if 4 weeks remain in your pregnancy due date. However, it must not be dated in excess of 48 hours.
  • You should submit the medical form filled out by your physician when you have to travel within seven days prior to or after the delivery date.

How many weeks Pregnant can you fly with American Airlines?

American Airlines allows pregnant women to board the flight four weeks before the pregnancy due date. In that case, you do not need to provide the medical documents. However, that does not mean you can not board an American flight within 4 weeks before your due date. But you need to provide the documents mentioned in the American Airlines policy on pregnancy.

How to Reserve a Seat for Pregnant Women on American Airlines?

You can easily reserve a seat for pregnant women from American Airlines official website or by calling its representative. However, you may need to provide the required documents supporting the same. Therefore, follow the step-by-step process below.

Book a seat through the website:

  • Visit the American Airlines webpage
  • Go to the “manage booking” section.
  • Then, choose the booking for which you need seat selection.
  • Add a seat as per your comfort.
  • Further, provide the documents if applicable.
  • The airline representative will send you an email for booking confirmation.

Book a seat through phone:

You can call the American Airlines customer service(800-433-7300) and talk with an executive. You can request to them for reserve a seat for a pregnant woman. Further, the representative will help you choose the perfect seat.

Note: You can also select a seat for a pregnant woman at the airport. However, the representative can ask for valid documents. Provide them and complete the seat selection process.

Which is the best seat on American Airlines flight for a Pregnant Lady?

For a pregnant lady, the airline always suggests booking an AISLE seat. It is an excellent option in many ways. Therefore, go through the below points that make an aisle seat a better option than others.

  • Choosing an aisle seat provides physical and mental comfort
  • You can easily go to the restroom without disturbing other passengers.
  • Further, it gives you freedom to walk around, which prevents the risk of blood clotting.

Note: You can wear compression socks to prevent blood clots during flight.

Does American Airlines give boarding priorities to Pregnant Women?

Yes, American Airlines provides pre-boarding to pregnant women. Therefore, complete your check-in and reach the boarding gate. Once you reach the gate, explain your pregnancy condition to the gate agent. Further, the agent will let you board the flight before others. Thereafter, you are all set for a wonderful flight experience.


So, you can consider the American Airlines pregnancy policy above while booking the flight ticket. It will help you avoid inconvenience during the journey. Further, you can follow the step-by-step process stated in the article to choose a perfect seat for a pregnant lady. Last but not the least, you can have a word with an American Airlines representative to know more about its policies.


Does American Airlines allow a 7 month pregnant woman to take the international flight?

Yes. A 7-month pregnant woman can take an American Airlines international flight. As per the airline policy, the pregnant woman can travel without a medical certificate when her pregnancy due date has more than 4 weeks left.

Is it necessary to inform American Airlines about my pregnancy?

Yes. You need to inform the American Airline prior to flight or when you plan to travel. It will help the airline to make the necessary arrangements for your safety.

For how long into the pregnancy American Airlines allows a pregnant woman to board the flight?

You can fly up to 8 months without documentation on American Airlines. However, after that, you need to submit a medical form filled by your physician. It should clearly mention that you are fit to board the flight.


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