Change in flight is the last thing that passengers want before their departure. Still, you may need to make changes in your flight sometimes. It can become a stressful situation for you. However, with Alaska Airlines change flight policy, you can easily make the changes. 

Alaska Airlines has kept its flight change process pretty simple. Therefore, by understanding its policy, you can learn how to modify an Alaska Airlines flight and the fees associated with it.

Get a brief knowledge of how different fare classes such as Saver, Main, and First can make a difference in a change fee. You can not make changes in flight when you have purchased a Saver fare. Still, you can receive a refund in travel credits( 50 percent ticket amount). 

So, if you want to learn more, then the article below will guide you.

Alaska Airlines Policy on Changing Flights

Do you want to change a flight on Alaska Airlines? You must understand that modifying your flight depends on your ticket type. Further, you should consider the Alaska Airlines flight flight policy to make the modifications.

  • Alaska Airlines allows you to make changes for free. However, you should complete that within 24-hour of making the reservation. 
  • Similarly, you can change flight online through the website, by calling the representative, or at the airport. 
  • Alaska Airlines only asks for a fare difference when you change flights with Main or First Class fares. 
  • Further, Alaska Airlines does not allow changes in Saver fares. 
  • However, you can cancel them for a full refund and make the rebooking. 
  • A full refund is possible only when you cancel within 24 hours of ticket booking.

Alaska Airlines 24-hour Flight Change Policy

Alaska Airlines has a 24-hour flight change policy. Under that, you can make changes to your ticket for no cost when you meet the below requirements:

  • When you complete the flight change process within 24-hour of ticket reservation.
  • When seven days are there in flight departure. 
  • However, you need to pay a flight change fee for the Main or First Class fare when you change it after a 24-hour grace period. 

Alaska Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

Alaska Airlines allows you to make changes to flight same-day. Therefore, keep the following points in mind:

  • Alaska Airlines may ask you to pay a fee between $25 and $50. 
  • However, you may not be required to pay a fare difference in that situation. 
  • You can only change the same-day flight at the time of check-in. 
  • Similarly, you can request the change only before the current flight departure. 
  • It is mandatory to keep the origin and destination the same on the new flight.

Other Relevant Policies

  • You can use the existing flight travel credit to make the changes, still you need to pay the fare difference.
  • However, if the travel credit exceeds the price, then the airline will either issue future travel credit or a refund based on your ticket terms. 
  • Similarly, you can not change a flight when you buy a Saver fare. Rather, you can cancel it and buy a fresh ticket.
  • Further, the airline will give you a full refund. But you need to cancel it in a 24-hour window.

How to Make Changes to Alaska Airlines Flight?

You can change your flight with Alaska Airlines with much ease. However, it depends on the fare class you choose. Accordingly, you follow the below instructions.

Process to Change Flight for Main or First Class Fares

  • Login with your details on the Alaska Airlines website.
  • Search for the booking confirmation number and surname. 
  • Then, click on the flight you want to change.
  • Further, select a new flight.
  • Pay for the fare difference, if any 
  • Alaska Airlines will send an email with changed flight details. 

Process to Do Flight Change for Companion Fares

  • Visit Alaska Airlines official website.
  • Enter your login details 
  • Further, check out your booking confirmation number and surname.
  • Next, click on the “Change Flight” option.
  • Then, pick a flight that you want to modify.
  • Further, choose a new flight 
  • Alaska Airlines will apply the companion discount to your new reservation.
  • Now, make the payment for the fare difference, if any.

Note: Alaska Airlines issues you the travel credit if you paid in excess for your previous flight. 

Change Flight Process for Booking Made using Partner Award

  • First, visit the “Manage reservation” page on the official website.
  • Further, type the passenger’s last name and
  • Then, enter the confirmation code or e-ticket number
  • Next, click on “Continue” button.
  • Select the award ticket 
  • Click on change flight and 
  • Proceed further with the guided process. 
  • Eventually, you will get the changes in your email. 

Note: You can easily change most of the Alaska partner award flights online free of cost. 

Besides that, if you want to change flights for a group ticket, then contact 1-800-445-4435.

When Can I Change Flight Online at Alaska Airlines?

You can change flight online at Alaska Airlines only when you meet the following requirements:

  • When you do not purchase Saver or government fares. Further, you can make the modifications if you have not checked-in yet. 
  • Beside that, you can access the flight change option online only when you have not more than seven passengers in your group booking.
  • You can not use the flight change option when you have more than 8 segments in the journey.

However, you can contact Alaska Airlines reservations(1-800-252-7522) when you can not make the changes online. Further, talk to its friendly representatives who will assist you in the process.

How to Change Flights on Alaska Airlines App?

Alaska Airlines also provides you with an application to easily change your flight. Therefore, you need to follow the below process to change flights using the Alaska app.

  • Download and open the Alaska Airlines app on your device.
  • Then, enter the login details, like the booking number and last name.
  • Similarly, go to “manage my booking” section.
  • Choose a flight for which you need modifications.
  • Click on “Change Flight” option.
  • Search for new flights,
  • Then, choose the suitable option and
  • Make the payment, if any.

You will get a notification on the app and on the registered email for updated ticket details.

How Do I Call an Alaska Airlines Agent to Change My Flight?

If you are unable to change a flight online, then you can contact Alaska Airlines change flight phone number 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522) or 1-860-374-7569. The airline provides real-time assistance. Therefore, you can ask any question related to Alaska Airlines change flight from its agent. The person will tell you about all the possible options. 

How Much Does it Cost to Change Alaska Flights?

Alaska Airlines removes the change flight fee on Main and First Class fares. However, when you buy a Saver fare, you can not modify your flight. In that case, the only way to change a flight is to cancel and rebook the flight. 

However, if you have further concerns about Alaska Airlines flight change fee, then pay attention to the following points:

  • You can skip the above ‘change fee’ by leveraging the below elite memberships:
  • Further, in case of same-day flight change, Alaska Airlines charges $25 to $50. However, the airline may not ask for the difference in fare. 
  • Similarly, the airline’s no-show policy provides future credit only when you change flights before departure. 
  • Alaska Airlines may not charge you a fee. However, you need to pay the difference in the fare.
    • -MVP Gold
    • -MVP Gold 75K
    • -MVP Gold 100K MileagePlan
    • -American AAdvantage Concierge Key
    • -Executive Platinum 
    • -Platinum Pro membership 
  • Similarly, you can not make flight changes when exercising Saver fares.
  • However, Alaska Airlines can offer a full refund if you complete the cancellation within 24-hour of booking. Also ensure, 7 days must be remaining for departure. 
  • As per the updated policies, you can get 50 percent of your Saver fares ticket back when you cancel it no less than 14 days before flight departure.

Can I Change My Flight Date on Alaska Airlines?

Yes. Alaska Airlines allows you to modify the date on your flight ticket. However, you may need to pay for the difference in fare. Therefore, you need to follow the below steps: 

  • Visit Alaska Airlines website
  • Enter your credentials to login your account
  • Then, go to the “My Account” option 
  • Further, select the flight for which you want to change the date.
  • Click on the “Request Date Change”. 
  • Then, make the necessary changes.
  • Tap on the submit button.
  • Make a payment, if applicable. 
  • You will get the confirmation mail from Alaska Airlines.

Can I Change the Flight Timing on Alaska Airlines?

You can make changes to your flight timing. However, you can make the changes only during the check-in process. You can change the flight time to earlier or later hours on the same day. Further, you can request a change in flight timing by following ways:

  • You can apply for a change in flight timing by visiting the airline website.
  • Further, you can also make the changes by downloading the mobile application. 
  • You can contact Alaska Airlines agent or airport customer service to change flight timings.

Can I Change My Flight After Check in on Alaska Airlines? 

No. Alaska Airlines does not allow making changes online after check-in. Rather, you can contact Alaska Airlines representatives(1-800-252-7522) and take help for changing flights. Moreover, the airline always recommends you to contact its agent prior to flight departure. It further helps you secure your ticket amount.


So, you must have got the understanding of Alaska Airlines change flight policy from above. Therefore, you can easily change your flight without losing its ticket value. The airline provides you with multiple ways to change flights. You can choose the one you like. If you still have a query related to flight changes, you can always talk to an Alaska representative or connect with us at 1-860-374-7569 (OTA).


Can I change my Alaska flight for free?

Yes. You can change your Alaska flight for free. For that, you should make the changes within 24-hour of reserving the ticket. You can do it for free for same-day flight change when you have the following membership:MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, MVP Gold 100K MileagePlan, American AAdvantage Concierge Key, Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro membership 

Can I use miles to change an Alaska Airlines flight?

Yes. You can use the miles to change an Alaska Airlines flight. Further, you may need to pay the excess amount if your miles are not sufficient.

How many times can I change Alaska flights?

You can change your Alaska flights as many times as you need. However, the above policies are applicable when it comes to the ‘change flight fee’. Also, you may need to pay the fare difference every time you make the flight change.


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