Are you not able to travel with your kids and are concerned about their safety? There is a solution! With the KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy, your kids can fly alone safely. Sometimes you face an emergency and cannot accompany your children. To make things easier for you, KLM Airlines has special services for your child, allowing parents to drop off or pick up their children at the airport while with safety and security.

What is the KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

If your kid is traveling alone, it is very important to know about the rules and regulations. The KLM unaccompanied minor policy has outlined important guidelines, limitations, and fundamentals that parents and guardians should follow to ensure children traveling alone have a secure and enjoyable trip. Here is all the information you require before your child’s first flight with the airline unaccompanied.

  • According to KLM’s policy, children aged 5 to 14 must travel under the unaccompanied minor service.
  • All direct flights are eligible for the service.
  • Only flights operated by KLM, Air France, and Delta Air Lines permit transfers for kids flying alone.
  • The KLM airline frequently takes care of the child on board.
  • The charge for unaccompanied minors is not refundable. In case of a change in plan, parents or legal guardians may decide to rebook if they cancel the flight.
  • All necessary information must be correct when booking unaccompanied minors to travel easily.
  • Age verification is required at check-in. A passport or birth certificate can be produced to verify age.
  • Parents and guardians must have a government-issued ID when picking up and dropping off the child.
  • Unaccompanied minors are only permitted to fly on direct flights with KLM Airlines.
  • The parents or guardians must accompany the minor to the exit gate forty-five minutes before departure and wait until the plane takes off before leaving the airport.

How to Book KLM Unaccompanied Minor Ticket?

Suppose you want to book a ticket for your child and are looking for a simple way to reserve the ticket. Then, you can arrange an unaccompanied minor flight via the KLM website. The parent or guardian should book the ticket no less than 24 hours before the flight. This is to guarantee the well-being of their youngster. Follow the steps to book a ticket online:

  • To begin with, visit the airline’s website and select the search tab.
  • Second, enter 0 for the number of adults.
  • Next, select the number of children flying unaccompanied with KLM.
  • Further, book the preferred flight, then pay for any unaccompanied minor fees on the payment page.
  • Once the booking process is complete, you must complete an unaccompanied minor form.
  • To complete check-in, you must finally provide the certified form at the airport.

Documents required for KLM Unaccompanied Minor Service:

The guardian or the parent should carefully complete all the necessary paperwork before reaching the airport. The airlines will give a batch to your unaccompanied kid to wear throughout their journey for their safety. The staff will compile a folder with all the necessary identification cards and travel paperwork. The accompanying guardians or parents must present the following documents at check-in:

  • A passport or driver’s licence with a photo.
  • Specify the address as it appears on the ID.
  • The parents’/guardians’ telephone number for getting in touch.
  • Four printouts of the unaccompanied minor form.
  • At check-in, the parent’s travel approval paperwork will be available.

How does KLM Unaccompanied Minor Service Work?

If your child is flying alone, you can reserve their ticket on the KLM website using the necessary or optional Unaccompanied Minor service. You must book at least 24 hours before the departure. While your youngsters travel alone, the airline looks after their comfort and watches over them during the flight. KLM also ensures they board the right airplane and assist with delays or other problems.

  • KLM workers will accompany the youngster before takeoff, landing, and to and off the airplane. They’ll also go with your kid if there’s a delay.
  • The attendants will closely watch your child the entire time.
  • The airlines will look after and inform the parents if there are any alterations to the child’s flying schedule.
  • The kLM staff will personally transport the child to the person you have designated to pick them up after completing the trip.

Departure Time:

  • Bring your minor to the air terminal’s registration counter not less than 2.5 hours before the flight.
  • You should hold on until your kid’s flight has taken off before leaving the air terminal. Ensure the individual taking your child to the airport and you both have a legitimate form of identification.
  • Additionally, please send 4 printed, completed, and signed copies of the form listing the individuals picking up and dropping off your kid.
  • The parent or guardian and the individuals dropping off and picking up your child must sign all four forms.

During the Journey:

The KLM personnel will walk your youngster to their seat in the airplane before takeoff. The flight attendants will watch your child closely the entire time. They may also take them to a lounge for children traveling alone.

On Arrival:

At the time of arrival, an airline staff member will take your child to the arrivals hall so the designated adult may pick them up. They need to present proper identification that matches the data on the form they filled out. Keep in mind that they must sign the document before leaving.

How Much is the KLM Unaccompanied Minor fee?

To utilize airline unaccompanied minor service, you must purchase an adult ticketed rate and pay a service charge. The unaccompanied minor service fee ranges from $150 to $200 for direct flights. The cost of the connecting flight ranges from $250 to $350. If you book a round-trip, you must pay twice the fee.

The table below illustrates how the KLM unaccompanied minor cost:

Flights Direct Connecting
European  €100  €200- €250 
Intercontinental €150  €300 

Is Unaccompanied Minor Service optional for youth 15 – 17 years?

yes, Youngsters between 15 and 17 are exempt from the Unaccompanied Minor service requirement. They will be considered an adult passenger if you do not sign up for the service. If your child informs KLM staff about their age and seeks help for a flight delay or cancellation, the airline will gladly offer assistance. The guardians should book the KLM Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service to guarantee attentive care and consideration in the case of a flight delay.


After reading this blog, you will have complete information about the KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy. Now you can book a ticket for your kid and prepare all the necessary documents well in advance to ensure your child’s safety. Moreover, now you can send your minors unaccompanied on a KLM flight without worrying. Surely, the KLM airline will properly supervise your kid throughout the journey.