Check-in at the Airport with all your luggage can be difficult, especially when you are traveling with your friends or family. To avoid this JetBlue offers various options to check in. By checking in early, you will save more time. However, it is important to take some time to read and understand the JetBlue Airlines check in policy by following the details provided below.

JetBlue Airlines Check-in Policy

The JetBlue Airways check in rules has various terms and conditions, which you need to follow before making the check-in. If you are check-in in online, offline, or at the Airport you can see the below-mentioned points.

  • You can check in online 24 hours before your flight.
  • For domestic flights, Jetblue advises checking in at the Airport 2 hours before the flight time. And 3 hours before the international flight. Passengers can check in using the Mobile app, which provides a virtual way of checking in and providing boarding cards.
  • For travelers who prefer to check in at the Airport, JetBlue has a self-kiosk service option that starts 3 hours before the scheduled time.
  • After check-in, passengers can go through the security screening that involves the carry-on luggage or going through the body scanner.

After you have an idea of the check-in policy, you can determine the mode of check-in that you want to check according to your preference and understand the process by going through the details mentioned below.

What are the Different Ways to Check in With JetBlue?

As mentioned earlier, JetBlue has various options through which you can check in easily in your comfort or by visiting the Airport directly. So, let’s find out all the ways step by step.

By Online

You can use the web check-in option to get your boarding pass handy. But as per the check-in policy, you will only check in online once you have the confirmed booking. Thus, the following are the steps to check in online:

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue Airways.
  • Go to the check-in option and select that.
  • Now, enter your details, like your first name, confirm the booking number, and then tap on Proceed.
  • Now you have to attach the travel documents.
  • Review the details of your web check-in.
  • On the next steps, make the payment and get your boarding pass.
  • Download it and print it out later, as you will require it at the boarding time.

If required, add Extras In advance.

While check-in you can add the discounted bags, and chairs, make changes in your seat and even get more extra legroom seats.

To add the extras, confirm the details of your reservation.

Go to the manage trip option, add your booking, tap on it, and then select from the link.

  • Upgrade your seat using the seat link.
  • Add the checked bags or even pets using the Bags and Extras Link.
  • Add the wheelchair and service request through the Travelers Details link.

If you require to change your email address or want to make any further changes, contact the customer service team of JetBlue.

Who Will be Eligible for the Online check-in on JetBlue?

The following are types of passengers that Jetblue does not allow the rhythm to check in through the online check-in mode.

  • Passengers who paid for the checked bags.
  • Passengers traveling with 10 or more passengers.
  • Passengers who are traveling to/from Cuba.

Through the Mobile App

Passengers can check in through a Mobile Application. The Mobile Check at JetBlue starts 24 hours before the departure time for both domestic and International flights.

For the Mobile check-in, follow the simple steps:

  • Login into your JetBlue Account
  • Tap on the check-in tab and fill in the details.
  • Tap to continue and generate the boarding pass.
  • Once done, make the payment and download the Boarding Pass.

Through Customer Service:

Passengers can call customer service to check-in. Just dial the number, and the executive will pick up your number and request them for check-in. Provide your booking details and make the payment.

Once done you can request them to send you your boarding pass too. Because you will need it at the time of boarding.

Through the Airport

If you need to check in bags or want to have questions, consider check-in through the Airport. Visit the Airport Counter and communicate with the Live person at the Airport. Request them to check in and get the Boarding pass.

Once you have shared your details, make the payment and get the boarding pass quickly.

Through the Self Kiosk

If you can check in online, JetBlue has a Self-service kiosk, which is located at the Airport. Through this, you can:

  • Scan the passport to access your booking.
  • Then print the boarding pass and the baggage tags.
  • Pay for the checked bags if required.
  • Choose a new seat if available.

After printing the bag tags and boarding pass, drop your luggage at the baggage desk.

Tags Your Bags like

Once you print out your boarding pass and bag tags, whether you have previously checked it or not don’t forget to remove the old tags.

  • Most of the Airport, you just need to scan the boarding pass at the kiosk.
  • But, if you checked bags at home, you can proceed directly to the bag drop counter.

And if you check in your bags late, JetBlue is not liable for the delivery of bags or providing you with the late check bags.

Does JetBlue Airways offer the Curbside Check in?

Yes. JetBlue offers Curbside check-in which is available only few Airports. With the curbside check-in, you can check in and drop off your bags without entering the Terminal. To request the curbside check, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Reach the Departure terminal of the JetBlue.
  • Then, check for the curbside check-in.
  • Provide your Government ID and the confirmation number at the curbside check-in desk.
  • Then provide the boarding pass, and make the payment.

Once all is done, print out the boarding pass and save it. Because it will be required at the time of boarding.

What is the JetBlue Priority Check-in?

JetBlue Airways offers various benefits to a few of the groups to board the flight before their actual time, or before the other passengers. The Priority check-in of JetBlue is for the Mosaic and Mint customers, and those who are boarding with Group A can get the extra space.

How Early Can I Check in for JetBlue Airways?

JetBlue allows the passenger to check in for the flight for up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. And the check-in can be done by both online and Offline methods. Make sure to have all the details handy so that you can skip the last-minute hassle.

The further table provides the details on the opening and closing times of the check-in according to different modes of check-in options.

Mode of check-in  Check-in time starts  Check-in closing time for the domestic flight Check-in closing time for the domestic flight 
Online check in 24 hours Before 40 minute before 60 minute before
Mobile check in 24 hours Before 40 minute before 60 minute before
Airport Check in 3 hours Before 30 minute before 60 minute before
Airport self-kiosk check-in 3 hours Before 40 minute before 60 minute before
Airport Curbside check-in 6 hours Before 40 minute before 60 minute before

Bottom Line

Using the above information, you will easily check In for your Flight. Don’t forget to check out the JetBlue Airlines check in policy before Proceeding with the check-in Process as it will help you understand the ways of check-in, fee, and time so that you do not face any issues.

However, if you require any further help, reach out to Customer Service, or you can contact us as we have a dedicated team who are there to help you 24*7. so contact us and get your query resolved in no time. Happy Travel!


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