Did you forget to add your last name to your Finnair ticket? If you have made an error in your ticket or your name is changed due to legal reasons. Then you can always contact the Airline for Finnair change name on ticket. In this blog, you can find all the details regarding Finnair’s name change policy, procedure, and eligibility.

Finnair Change Name Policy

To effectively use Finnair’s name change option, following the specific guidelines is important. These policy terms universally apply to all ticket prices and service categories, regardless of flight details or travel destinations. These rules ensure a seamless name change process while providing clear directives for authorities to facilitate your request.

  • All reservations and service classes are eligible for name modifications when booking directly through official channels.
  • Name changes due to marriage or divorce are accepted. Required documents and certificates are necessary to validate these changes.
  • The name on your flight ticket must match your passport. Failing to meet this requirement will result in travel restrictions.
  • Some characters on your ticket, like ‘ä’ or ‘ö,’ might occasionally differ. No need to change them, as Finnair accepts these characters for travel without concern.
  • If you possess multiple first names, only the initial one should be used when purchasing a ticket.
  • The Finnair name change option is available for selected ticket types. Check the airline’s website to see if you’re eligible for online changes.
  • Transferring ticket ownership to another person is not allowed. Modifying the reservation’s name for this purpose is prohibited.
  • A predetermined fee is applicable for utilizing the name change service, which includes service charges.

Eligibility for the Finnair Name Change on Ticket

Finnair permits passengers to change the names on their tickets under specific conditions. These conditions include correcting typos, dealing with legal name changes, and adjusting names due to marriage or divorce. The policy stipulates that name changes come with fees, influenced by factors such as fare class, destination, and the type of change requested.

  • Marriage or Divorce: Finnair accommodates name changes resulting from marriage or divorce. Travelers must provide supporting documents like marriage certificates or divorce decrees to request this change.
  • Legal Name Changes: Passengers who have legally changed their names can update their tickets by submitting appropriate documentation. A nominal fee might apply based on the situation and timing.
  • Spelling Correction: Passengers can easily correct minor spelling errors on their tickets without facing stringent restrictions. The correction should align with the name on official identification documents like passports.

Documents Required for Finnair Name Change

Passengers are advised to gather and provide the following documents to facilitate their request for a name change. These documents are essential to verify identity and streamline the name change process. Finnair requires these documents for verification to ensure a seamless name change procedure.

  • Individuals who have experienced a recent marriage or divorce must furnish a marriage certificate and decree.
  • A copy of valid legal identification, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • Passengers who recently went through a legal name change should present relevant legal documentation.
  • When making a name correction, passengers must align with the details on their passports. Changes should be made at least 48 to 72 hours before the scheduled departure.

How to Finnair change Name on Ticket Online?

If you have made any mistake in your name, then it is essential to correct it. You need to correct all the details in your ticket before boarding. Otherwise, the airlines may deny boarding. To initiate a name change with Finnair through their online platform, follow these steps:

  • First, access the “Manage Booking” section on Finnair’s website to handle the name adjustment.
  • Further, locate your booking by entering your reference and the passenger’s last name.
  • Then, choose the passenger’s name that requires correction.
  • Enter the accurate name, ensuring it matches the details on your government-issued photo ID.
  • Next, double-check the modified information.
  • Lastly, pay the specified Finnair name change fee and confirm the updated booking.

How do I make Finnair name change/correction via Customer Service?

You may contact the representative if you need help changing your name online. If your ticket payment involves Finnair Plus points, cash, or upgrades, you can contact Finnair’s customer service for name changes. Here’s how to change your name offline:

  • First, connect with Finnair’s customer service and indicate your intention to rectify the name on the ticket.
  • Provide essential flight details, including your reservation number.
  • Then, inform the agents about the specific name discrepancies to facilitate accurate adjustments. Present relevant documentation if your last name has changed due to marriage or divorce.
  • Further, adhere to Finnair’s name change policy, paying the applicable fee and fare difference.
  • Lastly, the airline representatives will confirm the modifications once the name change request is processed.

Points to remember for Finnair Name Change:

To successfully change the name on your flight ticket, make sure you follow these conditions closely. Always double-check the availability and the potential fare differences before confirming any changes.  If you’re considering changing the name on your Finnair flight ticket, keep these points in mind:

  •  Finnair does allow passengers to swap their tickets, but this change is subject to a fee.
  • You should have bought the ticket from Finnair using their official platforms, such as the mobile app or the Finnair Customer Service. Alternatively, you’re still eligible if you purchased via an agency.
  • When choosing a new flight, ensure seats on that specific flight are available. This ensures you can complete the name change successfully.
  • If the seats aren’t available on your original flight, you can change either the travel date or the time of your flight. But do remember, if you need to make these changes.
  • You must pay Finnair’s change penalty or the regular name change fee. Also, be aware that there might be an applicable fare difference based on the new flight you select.

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