Do you want to explore several destinations by booking only one ticket? If your answer is yes, then you can choose Lufthansa Multi-city reservations. Lufthansa maintains an extensive network. It links 220 destinations across Germany and around the world. Therefore, you can book a multiple-stop flight with Lufthansa without any problem. You may read this blog in detail to book multi-stop flights with Lufthansa.

Do you want to explore several destinations by booking only one ticket? If your answer is yes then you can choose Lufthansa Multi-city reservations. You may read this blog in detail to book multi-stop flights with Lufthansa.

Terms & Conditions of Lufthansa Airlines Multi City:

The passengers looking forward to booking Lufthansa multiple destination flights can derive the full benefit by knowing the Lufthansa multi-city policy.

  • The passenger can use Lufthansa’s multi-city search tool. The tickets bought through Lufthansa can’t be assigned to someone else.
  • Only flights operated by Lufthansa (recognized by the aircraft code ‘LF’) are covered by the Lufthansa multi-city strategy.
  • Travelers should pay a small charge while changing their flights, which fluctuates due to the changing demand and the fare chosen. All tickets stay valid for a year from the date they were given.
  • You must inform a Lufthansa airline representative if you cancel a particular segment of your booked itinerary.
  • In such cases, the fare will be determined based on the day you booked your ticket.
  • However, you may be subject to the updated terms if you wish to extend your stay in any major cities.

What are Lufthansa Multi-City Flights?

Lufthansa’s Multi-City flights use advanced features, enabling travelers to embark on worldwide journeys with greater flexibility. Rather than a traditional round-trip ticket, this innovative tool lets you book flights with multiple stops, expanding your travel horizons.

  • Lufthansa’s multi-city flights offer the convenience of connecting different cities seamlessly.
  • You can explore various destinations by booking flights involving several cities while paying a single fare.
  • Furthermore, the multi-city booking option provides the opportunity for stopovers. It allows you to visit additional cities within your travel plan or even return to a different airport. 
  • It allows travelers to create personalized multi-destination journeys.

How to book Lufthansa multi-city Flights?

Lufthansa provides an ease to booking multi-stop flights. It is very easy to book a multiple-destination flight. You may use the online or the offline method that suits you the best. Here are the procedures in detail. You may check out and use any of the preferred methods.

Book Multi-City Flights on the Website:

  • First, open the Lufthansa website using a secure browser.
  • Navigate to the flight search option and switch from round trip to multi-city.
  • Then, input the departure and arrival destinations for Lufthansa flights and the corresponding dates.
  • Add more destinations by clicking the “add flight” button.
  • Then, select your preferred travel class and specify the number of passengers.
  • Decide on the level of fare flexibility you want.
  • Furthermore, click the “search flights” button for suitable flight options.
  • Follow the subsequent steps as prompted to confirm your reservation.

Booking through Customer Service:

  • Dial the official customer service number: 1 (800) 645-3880.
  • Then, choose your preferred language and press the appropriate key to connect with a representative.
  • After waiting, a representative will connect with you.
  • Request to book a multi-city reservation on Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Provide details about your destinations, number of passengers, preferred travel class, etc.
  • Further, follow the representative’s instructions and make the payment.
  • The live agent will proceed to book your ticket and provide you with a confirmation code.
  • You can ask about the latest offers by calling customer service. Booking in advance can save you up to 50% on standard airfare.
  • Lastly, note that some exclusive deals are only available when booking directly through airline reservations.

When is the Best Time to Reserve Lufthansa Multi City Flights?

If you’re reserving multi-city trips with Lufthansa, timing can significantly influence the cost. Opting for a multi-city booking with Lufthansa often opens doors to attractive offers. If you book a flight early, you can get budget-friendly deals. You may also reserve flights to multiple destinations.

  • Lufthansa consistently provides one-way and round-trip flight ticket deals throughout the entire year.
  • Suppose you’re planning a domestic multi-city journey with Lufthansa. In that case, mid-year is a favorable time to explore and secure better fares.
  • Timing is a vital variable to save on multi-city trips with Lufthansa. By understanding the best times to book, you can improve your possibilities of reaching the most reasonable and affordable choices for your multi-city travel.

Benefits of Lufthansa Multi-city:

Going to your desired destination is like a dream come true. Beyond this, the benefits are increased by the numerous offers and discounts available for these multi-city tickets with Lufthansa.

  • The primary motive behind choosing Lufthansa’s multi-city option is its cost-effectiveness, time-saving benefits, and overall affordability.
  • Long-haul flights take on a new level of enjoyment with Lufthansa’s multi-stop flight options.
  • The prospect of extended journeys becomes more comfortable and luxurious, erasing the stress commonly associated with them.
  • Opting for multi-city reservations becomes especially advantageous when you plan to fly with different airlines while aiming for an affordable price range.
  • The opportunity to access fantastic deals for diverse destinations is a remarkable advantage when you use the advantageous multi-city flight option.
  • Through Lufthansa’s multi-city option, you can traverse multiple locations by paying a reasonable fare to the airline.


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