Sudden changes in travel plans are common in our busy lives. That may require you to cancel your flight ticket. But do you know if you can rebook the flight? American Airlines rebooking facility offers you a simplified platform to complete the process in a few clicks.

You can contact the American Airlines customer service and take guidance from its representative. However, first, you need to fulfil all the requirements to be eligible for rebooking. Here, you will get all the details related to reschedule policy with Aa and its charges.

How to Rebook American Airlines Flight?

Are you looking for a flight cancellation with American Airlines and want to reschedule it? You are at the right place. The airlines provide multiple ways to reschedule a flight online or offline. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the process. Follow simple ways to get placed on another flight. 

Through Website

  • Visit AA’s official website:
  • Further, click on “manage your trip.”
  • Select the canceled flight.
  • Similarly, enter details like first name/surname, booking number, etc. 
  • Further, check your flight credit details on the page
  • Find your trip on for a new flight.
  • Similarly, choose a new flight.
  • Enter your canceled ticket number and confirmation code on the payment page. For this, you can check your email. 
  • Apply for flight credit on the payment page. In addition, pay the remaining, if any, applicable through a credit card. 
  • You can use other payment options as well.
  • Finally, the Airline sent confirmation for the Aa flight in your email. 

Through Phone Number

Passengers can contact the American Airlines rebooking number (1-800-433-7300). Further, pay attention to IVR guidelines and talk to a representative. The agent will guide the flight rescheduling process. 

Through Live Chat 

Passengers who have a shortage of time can reschedule their next flight through live chat. They need to visit the American official website and select the “live chat” option. Similarly, type your message in the chat box and send it. The airline representative will immediately respond to your query on rebooking.

Through American App

Passengers can also use the American Airlines app to reschedule their plane tickets. Therefore, they need to download the applications. Further, visit the canceled booking and follow the guidelines to book the next flight. 

Social Media 

American provides an active response on social media platforms. Therefore, passengers can share their concerns on all social media handles. Send a message on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and get immediate feedback. 


Passengers can simply reach out to airlines by sending an Email. Therefore, they can get the email ID on 

Note-: American makes every effort to improve its customer service. However, Passengers need to call American Airlines customer service when they can not wait for the response. 

What is American Airlines Rebooking Policy?

American Airlines allows passengers to rebook a flight by visiting or through American Airlines customer service. But, it is possible only when you do not get a flight on the day of cancellation.

You can rebook a ticket if no option is available when you change a flight.

The airlines provide free rescheduling when passengers do not get a seat in the next available flight. 

Note-: American Airlines allows rebooking only at cost. Hence, contact its agent to learn about the flight policy.

What is the Rebooking Cost of a Flight with American Airlines?

Rescheduling your American flight requires a payment up to $750. So, whenever you change your flight schedule, you need to pay the American Airlines rebooking fee. However, the fee depends on the destination and date of travel.

  • Fee for refundable ticket: Not Available
  • Fee for Nonrefundable ticket: Between $250 and $750. 

If you are still having difficulty learning about the fee, contact Aa customer service. Apart from that, you can also contact the Airline through live chat, social media, or Email ID. 

How Long Does Take to Time Rebook a Flight?

Passengers can make changes in flight within 24 hours of booking up to 2 days prior to flight departure. Therefore, the Airline does not charge any change fee. That, too, is possible when a passenger buys an unrestricted fare ticket. 

Note-: Please contact the reservation number of American Airlines to learn more about the flight change.

American Airlines Rebook Rules For Flight Delay

In case of delayed or canceled flights from Aa, passengers get tickets within the flight with available seats. When you reject the condition to change your American Airlines flight, you get a full refund. So, do not worry if the Airline:

  • Cancel your flight or
  • Delayed the flight 

What is American Airlines’ Missed Flight Rebooking Policy?

American Airlines launched a new 15-minute rescheduling policy. Under this, the Airline helps the passengers who missed their flight by a few minutes. American Airlines allows them to rebook on the next flight with available seats. Apart from this, passengers do not need to pay any cost. 

American Airlines Rebooking Terms for Bad Weather Conditions

American Airlines provides free rescheduling on the next flight with seats available when it cancels the booking. Therefore, you can enjoy the flight without any fee. In addition, get a full refund when you do not want to change your flight. You can enjoy this even with nonrefundable tickets. 

The same condition is applicable when the first flight or connecting flight is canceled due to bad weather. The Airline does not charge a fee for placing you on a different flight.

Note-: When you have a doubt about your future travel, contact customer service − American Airlines—the Airline helps to provide solutions in every possible way. 

Does American Airlines Have Automatic Rebooking?

Yes. When your American Airlines reservations are cancelled or delayed, making you miss the original flight, airlines automatically rebook you on the next flight. 

Apart from this, American Airlines changes the baggage routing when you complete the reservation on a new flight. Therefore, you can check your reservation or flight number on

  • Official website
  • American Airlines mobile application and
  • Contacting – customer service – American, before flight departs. 

Note-: You can also contact the agent for cheaper flights on American Airlines. 

Will American Change My Flight for Free?

Yes. When you travel on American Airlines with unrestricted fares, you get a refund for the full ticket. Also, you can change your airport ticket without paying any fee. But it is subject to seat availability on the later flight. However, an additional collection of fares may apply.


Passengers can easily reschedule a flight a few days prior to departure. American Airlines allows free rebooking when you make it within 24 hours from the time of booking. Even when you reach the airport within 15 minutes of missing your flight, American Airlines saves you. It provides you with a place on the upcoming flight. 


Can I reschedule a flight with American Airlines?

Yes. You can easily manage trips online by visiting American Airlines’ official website. Apart from this, you can contact customer service operated by American. 

Will American Airlines rebook you if you miss a connection?

Yes. American Airlines provides free reservations on another flight when it cancels the flight. Similarly, when you miss your connection, airlines give you a reservation in any class of service if applicable. 

Does American Airlines have a no-change fee?

The Airline charges no fee when you make changes within 24 hours when you first buy your ticket.