If you are unable to reach the airport on time due to personal reasons or any emergencies, even though you have pre-planned everything, you still miss your flight. Missing a flight can be a stressful experience, but Frontier airlines missed flight policy is here to help you reduce some of that stress. Frontier may offer to rebook you on the next available flight without any extra charge. Check out the policy in detail, the rebooking process, cost and what you can do if you missed your flight.

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What Happens If I Miss the Frontier Flight?

There are a few situations that you may face, and these are:

  • Your overall flight (connecting and first flight) gets cancelled.
  • You will not get any refund if you miss the flight because of your reasons.
  • The Airline put you on the list of the standby.
  • And if you miss your connecting flight you can get a refund.

What are the different situations Of Missing Frontier Flights?

There are various situations in which passengers may face missed flight situations, and these situations are:

Flight Delay

If you miss a connecting flight due to a previous flight delay occurring when a scheduled flight fails to depart or arrive on time., the airline is typically responsible for rebooking you on the next available flight to your final destination at no additional cost.

Bad Weather

A flight delay due to bad weather occurs including thunderstorms, heavy rain, snowstorms, fog, strong winds, or any other conditions that pose a safety risk to air travel. In this situation Frontier airlines imposes a severe weather plan, which helps the passenger to rebook their flight without any charges.

Heavy Traffic

Some passengers may face a situation in which they miss a flight because of heavy traffic, and if they inform the Airline in advance then the airline will rebook them.

Plan Change:

If the passenger changes their plan and doesn’t show up at the Airport at the right time. This situation is simply controllable. then the airline will cancel your flight and will not rebook your Flight.

Thus, the list goes on, and there may be controllable and uncontrollable situations in which passengers miss their flight. However, if you face any of the above situations, you should inform the Airline.

What to do if you missed a Frontier flight?

If you’ve missed a Frontier flight, don’t panic. Check out the following highlights if you miss the flight, and know what you can do.

  • The first and most important thing you should inform the airline.
  • If you inform the airline in advance, then you will get a refund.
  • You can request the airline to rebook the flight when you missed the flight.
  • If you purchased travel insurance, review your policy to see if it covers missed flights and what the process is for filing a claim.
  • And, if you miss your connecting flight, then you can reach out to the airport staff. Then, an airline representative will help you in rebooking for the next flight.
  • You might be able to get on a standby list for the next available flight to your destination. However, standby is not guaranteed, and you may have to wait for an extended period.

What Happens If I Miss the Frontier Connecting Flights?

Nothing major will happen if you miss your Frontier connecting flight. So if you miss any of your flights, Frontier Airlines will rebook you on the next flight if the reason is unavoidable.

However, if you miss the Frontier connecting flight because of personal reasons like falling asleep, then the airline will not rebook you on the next flight. But you can ask them to help you and convenience them to rebook a flight.

How Can You Rebook Frontier Airlines Missed Flight?

Passengers can rebook their flight in two different ways: one is online, and the other is offline. Thus, if you want to know the process, continue to read:

Online Method:

  • Visit the Website of Frontier www.flyfrontier.com
  • Then go to Manage My Booking OPTION.
  • Tap on that and enter the Frontier Airlines Booking, details like
  • Number of passengers, travel date, and destination.
  • Then select one way or Round Trip.
  • After that, check all the details once again and
  • When all is done, you need to pay the fee.
  • At last, you will get the confirmation on your email address.

Offline Method:

If you are unsure of the online method, use the offline method, as this one is very simple. You just need to call customer service using the Frontier Airlines Phone Number 855-981-4544 or 1-860-374-7569, so let’s check the steps:

  • Visit the Official website of Frontier Airlines.
  • For the offline method, you have to contact customer service using the Phone Number.
  • Then, once connected, Dial the Number and Listen to the IVR options.
  • And then tell the representative of your missing flight reason.
  • Now, request he/she to rebook your Flight to the same destination.
  • If he agrees, proceed with the booking by Providing the booking details.
  • Now, at last, make the payment and get the confirmation on your ID.

Understanding the Missed Flight Policy of Frontier Airlines

Before making a rebooking and asking for a refund, you should know the Frontier Missed Flight Policy and what are all the things that you can follow:

  • If the passenger misses the flight because of a situation that is not in their control, then Frontier Airline will help you rebook your flight for the same destination.
  • And, If the passenger misses the flight because of their fault, but they have completed the check-in process, then they can rebook themselves on the next flight.
  • When the passenger cannot reach the Airport at the same time as the departure day, then the Airline will consider them under the No show Policy.
  • Thus, to avoid a no-show, the passenger should have reached the Airport in advance and Informed the Airline about it.
  • The Airline Provides a refund to those passenger passengers who have a valid reason for missing their flight.
  • And, in case of rebooking the flight, the passenger has to pay the fee to change the flight.

Frontier Airlines No Show Policy

If you fail to board or check in within the given period, that is 60 minutes before check-in and 20 minutes before boarding. Then Spirit Airlines marks you as a No show. According to the Frontier Airlines No Show Policy, all flight tickets including the return flight will also be treated as a No show. And then passengers have to pay some charges if they fail to reach the airport on time.

Will I get a Refund on Frontier Airlines Missed Flight?

Yes! Getting a missed flight refund from Frontier airlines depends on various situations. Let’s check out the reasons when and when you do not get the refund.

When you get the Missed Flight Refund:

  • If you miss the flight because of an emergency or the death of a family member.
  • And you miss the flight because of the flight cancellation and delay.

When you Cannot get the Missed Flight Refund:

  • When you miss the flight and do not inform the Airline.
  • The non-refundable flight you have booked and missed the flight.

Does Frontier Airlines Charge for Missing a Flight?

If you miss the flight that you are planning way before your scheduled departure, then you do not have to pay any fee if you inform the Airline earlier, the Airline charges a no-show or Frontier airlines missed flight fee, only unused credits may vary, also if you cancel your ticket or fail to reach the airport then your remaining amount will be forfeited.

Summing It Up

That’s all About the Frontier Airlines Missed Flight, We hope by following the above details your queries may get resolved. However, do not think about if you miss your flight, as we face unavoidable situations that are beyond our control, you just have to inform the Airline immediately and get a rebooking on to the Next flight.

Moreover, if you still face any queries, you can simply reach out to the Customer service team and request them to rebook you or get your refund as well.


What happens if you don’t show up for a Frontier Airlines flight?

If you don’t show up for the flight within the required time, your flight ticket will be deemed as a no-show. And any subsequent flight on the same itinerary will be canceled without any refund.

Do Frontier Airlines compensate for missed flights?

No. frontier airline does not compensate for missed frontier, beyond the uncontrollable events. Thus, Frontier Airlines rebook you onto the next flight.

What happens if I don’t make my Frontier flight?

If you do not make a reservation for your Frontier Airlines, the airline will cancel your flight. However if you inform them earlier or before your scheduled departure, the frontier airline will rebook you on the next available flight.

Does Frontier charge for a missed flight?

Yes. if you miss your Frontier flight, the airline will charge a fee, the charges will depend on the fare class, and duration of the booking.