Have you missed your Delta flight and are worried about what will happen next? You can leave your worries as Delta Airlines missed flight policy is here to help you. There could be many reasons behind your missed flight such as sleep, accident, traffic, or airline mistake. So, the Delta’s missed flight policy helps the airline recognize the situation and provide you with options accordingly.

The airline will either provide you with a seat on the next flight or refund you in travel credit, depending on the situation. So, when you miss your flight, this blog will help you learn about the different alternatives you have depending on the situation.

What is Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

It can be heartbreaking when you miss a Delta Airlines flight right before the journey. All your plans can go in vain. But, you do not need to lose your mind as Delta Airlines has policies to save your ticket value. Therefore, go through the Delta missed flight rules below:

  • You should inform the Delta executive when you know about the missed flight.
  • However, you become a no-show when you fail to inform the airline and do not come to the airport.
  • Accordingly, Delta can keep the entire ticket amount with them.
  • Similarly, Delta provides you with reservations for upcoming flights for no fee when you have a genuine reason.
  • However, when you have a non-refundable ticket, then Delta may charge a cancellation fee. In addition, the airline provides the e-credit for the remaining amount.
  • Similarly, when you miss a flight on purpose, the airline may charge a rebooking fee.
  • You can immediately call a Delta representative once you miss the flight and request a place on the new flight.
  • As per Delta Airlines standby policy, it will put your name in the standby list for upcoming flights when you reach the airport in 2 hours of flight departure.
  • The airline will cancel the further itinerary when you are unable to catch a connecting flight.
  • The airline will provide you a full refund when you have a missed flight because of the airline, such as Flight delay, Technical issue or Any other reason.

What Are The Common Reasons for Missed Flights on Delta Airlines?

There can be endless reasons behind your missed Delta flight. However, some of them are common among every passenger. So, here are some possible reasons that can make you miss your flight:

  • Waking Delay: You may fail to catch your flight because of a delay in waking up. When you are busy packing your bags and forget to check the time to sleep, the chances that you will wake up on time, reduces. That further makes you reach the airport late.
  • Heavy Traffic: You may have left the house on time. But heavy traffic on the roads is the common reason that can make you late for the airport. Therefore, try to leave the house before time to avoid the delay.
  • Medical Emergency: It is possible to suffer from any health issue right before the flight. In that situation, you may fail to catch your flight on time.
  • Flight Delays: It is not always you who is the reason behind not boarding a flight on time. Sometimes you may encounter a flight delay from the airline that can result in missing your connected flight.
  • Bad Weather: Sometimes, nature becomes the reason behind the cancellation of your flight. Bad weather conditions can disrupt the functioning of flight, which can lead to missed flight.

What Should You Do When You Miss A Delta Flight?

It becomes a hectic situation when you miss your flight with Delta. You immediately look for alternative options to save your travel plans. So, consider the below options when you change your plan or are unable to catch your flight.

  • Reach Out to a Delta Representative: You should call Delta Reservations at 800-221-1212 once you are sure that you have missed or are going to miss your flight. Further, a representative will help you with the available options.
  • Get Name in the Standby List: As per Delta Airlines standby policy, the airline can list you for the standby flight if you reach the airport in 2 hours of the flight. So, do not worry if you have missed your flight. You can still make it if 2 hours are not finished from the departure.
  • Cancel The Flight: You can cancel your flight once you are aware that you can miss the flight. Therefore, you can cancel your Delta Airlines flight by visiting the official website or by calling its representative. The airline can also give you a refund, depending on the situation.

How Much Fee Delta Charge for Missed Flight?

Mostly, Delta Airlines charge a fee only when you purposely miss your flight. Otherwise there are no charges for not catching your flight. However, if you do not reach the airport or do not inform a representative, Delta Airlines keeps the ticket amount . So, you can consider that Delta missed flight fee in your case.

However, the airline gives you a place on another flight when you reach the airport 2 hours from the departure.

Delta Airlines Missed Connecting Flight Policy

Are you worried about your missed connecting flight? Then, you can leave this worry when you book your flight tickets with Delta Airlines. Therefore, you can do the following:

  • You can directly contact a Delta Airlines representative and request to get a place on the upcoming flight.
  • Further, Delta Airlines will rebook you when you have booked a ticket under a single reservation.
  • You can also talk to a representative at the help desk during the airport and share your concerns with him.

How to Rebook A Missed Delta Airlines Flight?

You can easily rebook yourself on Delta when you fail to catch your flight. The airline gives you many ways, including online and offline, to get placed on another flight. However, it is mandatory to cancel your reservation before you initiate the rebooking process.

Online via Website

  • Visit Delta Airlines website
  • Then, go to my trips section on the main page.
  • Further, select information related to flight.
  • Choose a flight option.
  • Then, click on “cancel your flight.”
  • Further, choose the other flight with seat availability.
  • Next, select your travel information.
  • Finally, make payment for the fare difference, if any.
  • Now, you are ready to board your flight.

Offline via Contact Number

  • Dial the Delta Airlines representative phone number
  • Then, listen to the IVR commands properly
  • Select a prompt matching your query.
  • Then, share your issue regarding the missed flight situation.
  • Further, a Delta agent will help you get on the next possible flight.

What Information Do I Need to Provide to Delta to Rebook A Missed Flight?

It is not a welcoming situation when you miss your Delta flight. Therefore, Delta allows you to rebook a flight to overcome this situation. However, you need to provide some necessary information before booking the upcoming flight. To learn about the information, check out the points below:

  • Booking Confirmation number: The first thing you have to do is to provide the booking confirmation number to the Delta agent. It helps the agent to retrieve your booking and look for the options for you.
  • Passenger Names: Further, you have to provide the passenger names for whom you need rebooking. Provide the correct name as per government ID like passport.
  • Contact Information: Similarly, provide the passenger contact details. Delta Airlines will send you all the notifications on this number. Therefore, provide the correct number if you do not want to miss a necessary update.
  • Flight Details: Provide travel information like missed flight dates, timings, number, seat type, fare type, etc. Accordingly, the Delta representative will look for the options available for you.
  • Reason Behind Missing a Flight: Further, share your reason for not catching the flight. It will help the representative in assessing the situation properly.
  • Payment Details: Finally, select the payment mode and provide the payment details like: Card number, CVV number and Expiry date to the agent.
  • Once you provide all the details mentioned above, you are ok with boarding the next plane.

Do You Get a Refund If You Miss A Delta Flight?

Delta Airlines is not responsible for giving you a refund. However, you can still get Delta Airlines missed flight refund when you fail to catch the flight because of an airline mistake. In other cases, you can request a refund when you have a valid reason, like

  • Accident,
  • Death of a relative,
  • Medical emergencies, etc.

Delta Airlines can provide you with a refund in the form of travel credit. Therefore, you can use those credits to book a journey in the future.

Lastly, please note that Delta Airlines can take around 7 to 10 business days to provide the refund.

Best Tips to Prevent Missing Your Delta Flight

Do you fear missing your Delta flight? Then, here are some useful tips that you can use to prevent missing your flight.

  • Arrive Early in Peak Season: You should choose to arrive early when you are planning to fly in peak season. It includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday, weekends, etc. Therefore, you can expect a rush during these times. However, arriving before time at the airport can save you.
  • Check in Early: It is better to check in online 24 hours before the fight. It saves you time at the airport. However, if it is not possible for you, complete your check in 30 minutes prior to flight.
  • Keep The Documents Handy: Read carefully all the document requirements and keep them in the appropriate place. The documents can be different as per the situation, which includes: Passport, Visa, Medical certificate etc.
  • Know Your Gate Number in Advance: Check out the gate number on your ticket. It happens sometimes when we do not check our gate number, which results in a late boarding process. Therefore, carefully look for the gate number and avoid delay in reaching the boarding gate. Delta Allows you to reach the gate a maximum of 10 minutes before the flight.

What Happens If You Do Not Show up for A Delta Flight?

Delta Airlines can cancel all the succeeding flights on your future trips with them. Therefore, you should either revoke your flight or report the airline when you are unable to catch it. In addition, the airline does not provide money back for not showing up.


Hopefully, you have got all the information on what to do when you miss your Delta flight. The first thing is always to inform the airline representative. However, it is necessary to go through the Delta Airlines missed flight policy for other options available to you, such as rebooking or requesting a refund. However, if you still find the process complicated, then getting in touch with a representative is a suitable option for you.


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